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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for replying. I hope there's no gluten sneaking in anymore! This fatigue is insane, I have been sleeping 12-14 hours a night and with 3 small kids that's too much!. My doctor recommended a low glycemic index diet as well as gluten free because of feeling hypoglycemic at times. Something along the lines of an effective pancreas hitting sugar with a high dose of insulin causing it to fall too quickly. The strange thing about being diagnosed with celiac is that my symptoms were not gut related. My biggest complaints are memory loss, anxiety and strange feelings in my head. Along with no get up and go, joint and muscle pain, mouth problems, hair loss and weight loss. I actually spent the last 7 years trying to figure out and being told it was all anxiety. I am just really hoping that my issues are all caused by celiac and not something else. On another note, does anyone have any supplements or vitamins they recommend? I was taking 2 centrum forte a day as per my psychiatrists recommendation for hair loss but recently stopped because I find them hard on my stomach.
  2. Hi everyone. I had a positive blood test for celiac come back about 2 months ago. I had a endoscopy done the end of June. I just got a copy of the results and I have a follow up appointment next week. The biopsy results are mild intraepithelial lymphocytes, chronic inflammation and mild villous atrophy. After my blood test came back positive, I was told to trial a gluten free diet immediately after the endoscopy. I eliminated all gluten from my house and after a few mishaps in the beginning, I believe I have been gluten free for 2 weeks now. I know not to expect to feel better immediately but what I didn't expect was to get an entire list of new symptoms. Since my appointment isn't until next week, I wanted to see if anyone else experienced this. I did not have any gut issues until after I went gluten free. Since eliminating gluten I am super bloated everyday, my belly gurgles all the time, and I have a burning feeling in my stomach. I also get extremely dizzy when I am trying to do my gardening, (ie sitting down weeding and standing up). My gums are getting worse, my fatigue has increased and numerous others. This on top of my other symptoms is driving me insane. Has anyone else experienced new and worsening symptoms? If so how long until they started to calm down?
  3. I went to the doctor yesterday and was told that I would need a gastroscopy to confirm celiac. She said since my antibodies were a weak positive I should eat as much gluten as I can before. As soon as the gastroscopy is over I should start a strict gluten free diet and a low GI diet. I had a choice between 2 doctors and I made my choice base on my lack of trust in the one doctor. I found out last night my choice doctor is taking the entire summer off! I have to call the office on Monday and see if I can get in before he leaves, if not I have to wait until September. I could of course call my doctor and ask for the referral to be switched to this other doctor. My question is would you wait an entire summer for a doctor (that you never met) to do a simple procedure or would you just go with the other doctor. I had him as my doctor when I was pregnant with my daughter and he's not bad I just don't think he was that thorough. Does the doctor do a report? Or is the "footage" sent to a pathologist.
  4. I read so many posts about normally or mostly normal endoscopic results. Do doctors ever diagnose solely off of bloodwork? I know this sounds stupid but I feel like if it is celiacd then I'm going to need a firm diagnosis. Without an actual diagnosis I doubt I will be able to get anyone to take me seriously, especially when I read about the extent of cross contamination. I told my husband about my blood results and how the positive IgA could possibly mean celiac. His response was you don't have silly yak. He's supportive of me and I love him but after 7 years of no diagnosis he refuses to believe something might actually be wrong. That and the fact that I down play how I feel most of the time. More then anything I think I would need a diagnosis for my own peace of mind. I have been "fired" by 2 doctors this year and the last one actually yelled me and that took away the remainder of my fight. If this big flare up didn't start then I don't think I would have kept looking. Another questions.. Can symptoms of celiac come and go? I think this big flare up of whatever this is is coming to an end. I am greatful for that but you would think if it was all caused by celiac it would be consistant. Despite eating cracker chips (with wheat, barley and rye) last night and a bagel for breakfast this am I feel pretty decent today. Some minor brain fog, sore gums, minor aches, but I was able to get up at 6:30 am and stay up today. Did you have worst days with no rhyme or reason before diagnosis?
  5. Years Of Searching

    I am in canada, but my number comes in around 250 all the time with the range being >150 pmol/L. My ferritin is always between 30-40 with a range of 15-200 ug/L. I eat alot of red meat and green vegetables. Vitamin D hasn't been tested in 4 years but when it was it was 94.
  6. Years Of Searching

    Thank you! Actually thyroid was my first route and with my numbers I'm not sure even my great new doctor would agree to a trial. My present numbers "while in a giant flare up of symptoms" are Tsh- 2.37. (0.2-4.0) Thyroxine free 10.3 (7.5-21.1) Free t3 5.0 (3.5-6.5) Tsh receptor antibody <0.30. (<1.75 Anti-thyroglobulin <20 (<40) Anti tpo (in april) <10 (<50) Anti dsdna 7 (<120) ENA screen negative Everything else is normal as well I have normal ferritin, and vit b12. It could be better but def still in that normal range. Magnesium is good, calcium is good. I have finally found a doctor who is thorough and willing to listen so I'm hoping this is a means to an end. I also have sun sensitivity, and strange skim issues. The worst by far is the head is the head issues though. Thanks again for the help
  7. Years Of Searching

    Thank you for your reply! If I have finally found an answer then I will be extatic. Even if it wil be very difficult, I will finally have an answer and be able to get better. My memory has gotten so bad lately! I have my thyroid function tested numerous times, and while my numbers aren't ideal they are still within range. Also all my antibody tests are neg (tpo, tgab and TSI) so even if mild hypothyroidism were at play it would be secondary I would think. My eyebrows are falling out all over, the outer edge and the inner edge. I also should add that my CBC, liver function and kidney function were normal. I also had a normal CRP and sed rate. They also tested for anti ds DNA and ENA which were neg. Since I have a long list of symptoms, I don't have a clue what's going on. This is the first test that's shown anything to date. I also get chest pain, but that is suspected to be muscle. I bruise really easy, and have bad scarring acne that came from nowhere. Whatever this is, it's in my family, undiagnosed. The only gut issues I've had are chronic constipation but I never thought anything of it since its been that way since I can remember (my daughter was born like this too). No matter what I eat it doesn't really help. There was a few times where I remember lying awake at night with this strange gut pain where it hurt so bad I didn't want to move, but that was only a few times so I thought nothing of it. I also get this gassy feeling in occasion but no gas comes. Other then that my gut seems pretty inactive (literally). Honestly through out this search, celiac never crosse s my mind . I didn't think it could affect my head! Thanks for the reply... Hoping for answers on Friday.
  8. Please bare with me, this is going to be a long post. I am here in search of opinions. I have been unwell for at least 6 years, maybe most of life but most noticeable the last 6 years. Over these years I have had an increase in symptoms and after numerous doctors visits I was told its all anxiety. My symptoms include weight loss, hair loss (head and eyebrows), memory loss, cognitive disfunction, anxiety, I get this feeling of having a cloudy head, can't think, going to pass out feelings sometimes after eating sometimes not, joint pain and stiff joints, swollen fingers and puffy face in the morning, dark circles under my eyes, bloodshot eyes, tiered, headaches, swollen glands in my throat, severely inflammed gums and sore mouth. My sympoms seem to come and go but I never really feel 100%. At my wits end last week in serious pain again I went to the doctor with a list of tests. I actually found a caring doctor who decided to take me on. One of the tests was anti-transglutaminase IgA. I have never heard of this one before and since it was high I decided to google it which led me here. It says on the form 8.6 with a range of <7.0 so its a weak positive. Other then that I have a positive ANA but that's it everything else looks good. I see the doctor on Friday and assume more tests will be ordered. My question is does such a weak positive mean anything? Can IgA be indicative of anything else? Can celiac cause all these symptoms that come and go? Thanks in advance