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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I don't know if gluten-free has helped also, but cutting out milk and refined foods and all cane sugar products worked for me. I did this last May and have only had trivial bits of hey fever since. I have some dairy now but will cut it out again if needed when the change of season hits.
  2. Hi! My baby is about to turn 1, tomorrow we have his appointment. He has had gluten for a month (I am celiac). He has had no visible signs of celiac and enjoying oats and puffed wheat often. For baby one I wanted the genetics test but was told he should be on gluten for a month then get tested for a reaction of the gluten (I can't remember the test names). However this doesn't tell me if he could get celiac in the future. Anyway, would love to know what others recommend I should or shouldn't get the baby tested for with his 1 year blood work. Are there any resources available I could show his doctor? Their doctor is happy to read extra information etc. Thanks. Typed with a 2 year old grabbing phone, sorry about mistakes.
  3. Weight Gain

    Often when Celiacs go gluten free their body finally starts taking the nutrients in and the calories, well not spending so much time on the toilet! So you need to be careful of your calorie intake, that's all and you will be fine
  4. No Doctor hasn't replied yet to my email, I researched it on the vitamin D council website http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/ They said (as did my lactation consultant) D3 is better, I can't remember why. I also know its absorbed better with fish oil, so I take them together plus trying to eat wild salmon often amongst other things. I give my young children D3 yum drops by jarrow.
  5. I have cholesterol issues (slightly high, good and bad) and that's barely touching animal products, just genetics (from the non celiac side also) something I try and control by a very strict diet so I can breastfeed. Anyone recommend a vitamin D3 drops? Thanks for all the posts!
  6. Thanks everyone. I was taking prenatals, fish oil and getting midday sun for 20 minutes when I was below 20, then got up to 29 on prescription vit D, but the doctors don't seem as worries about my levels as I am, but I know breastfeeding especially I really need to get them up (and hope some of my joint pain disappears). Anyway I have been researching also on the vitamin d council website and will take 5000ui a day. Thanks everyone.
  7. Hi! I've been diagnosed for a long time and its well controlled. The last 3.5 years I've been pregnant and/or breastfeeding, 2 c-sections and my body is struggling a little. I'm having trouble with vitamin D levels, my new doctor (like my old doctor) just keep telling me to take 1000iu of vitamin D, but I already do plus good food, however my numbers are about 20 and I want them much higher, especially as my 10 month old still nurses regularly and isn't eating a huge amount yet. Anyone know more about what sort if levels I can take? Thank you!
  8. Did you have any luck finding a doctor? I'm at baldwin park and want to find a doctor who knows more.
  9. I am not sure about that test, but you seem worried about bacterial issues. What really worked for me was taking probiotics and getting on a refined food free diet for a month. Especially no can sugar and low fruits/other sugar.
  10. Hi! I have just joined this forum and it looks great! I have been diagnosed with Celiac for many years and been fairly gluten free since I was a kid. Last Sept I had baby 2 (mid 30s) and as I did with baby 1 struggled with knee pain post partum. I saw my doctor and requested a vitamin D blood test and was low, I went on prescription vitamin Ds and it improved. I retested and was over the minimum amount(35), so she is not concerned (although I am breastfeeding and I have read it should be higher (50)). I am now taking vitamin D and calcium supplements, eating a great diet and still have the following main symptoms: one knee needs cracking often (hurts if I don't), worse in morning. toes hurt a lot in the morning, I need to stretch them/move them for a couple of minutes before trying to walk. groins sometimes fill awkward, every now and then one side will slightly fail me and I nearly fall (not badly just need to readjust). Does anyone know how quickly vitamin D levels can drop again, how often I should get tested? Anything else I should get tested for? My doctor did say it is unlikely to be arthritis at my age, but there is no point testing at this stage anyway as I am breastfeeding and that would involve xrays and then nothing could be done anyway. I used to live in Australia and bone density tests were done every second year on celiacs, my doctor said here it is not done, just calcium blood tests. I do know my bones were slightly fragile (at 30 they looked more like those over a 40 year old) however I haven't had any broken bones or other issues. After writing this, my feeling is I need to find a doctor who knows more about Celiac also! Thank you!
  11. Going refined food free has really helped me! Originally I was not eating natural sugars also, but now I've been able to introduce fruit etc back into my diet. Originally I was only eating: vegetables, beans, nuts, eggs, wholegrains (no breads or yeasted things), (eg corn tortillas, making my own wholegrain muffins or pancakes), fresh meats, one serve of fruit a day (blueberries, raseberries, strawberries or a small apple), unsweetened almond milk. So no other fruits, fried foods, white rice, sugar, dairy etc Now I still don't eat non whole grains, white rice, cane sugar etc, processed packaged type food, but do eat fruit and to make things sweet I use agave or stevia. I am feeling great and much healthier, no illnesses in the last few months since going on the diet. Trying to eat plenty of wild salmon, veggies, peppers, have stayed off the dairy mainly because my breastfed baby gets issues from it. Hope things improve soon for you, I highly recommend trying a refined sugar free diet!
  12. Congratulations on your new baby and breastfeeding. I thankfully have had enough milk and haven't needed to supplement (apart from both kids needed formula on day 1 in the hospital). Do remember ANY breastmilk helps and YOU are giving your baby 100% of what you can, don't feel you are letting your baby down. A few things I have learned along the way: Peppermint, sage and parsley reduce milk supply as do antihistamines, so it is good to stay clear of these. When ever possible feed baby skin to skin (if it's cold put a blanket over both of you), so in otherwords, strip baby to diaper and you take your top off, this is meant to stimulate milk supply. Drink lots and lots of water, this can make a big difference!