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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. So in a couple of months I'll be out of town for the first time since I cut out gluten and I'm pretty nervous. I'll be staying in a hotel on the Vegas strip, without a car, so I'll be pretty limited to just eating at the restaurants nearby. I have the find me gluten-free app on my phone, but I'd really like to hear some suggestions from people who've been there on this site as well. I'm kinda worried that everyone is going to suggest salads as well. My body doesnt do too well with leafy greens or raw veggies, so as much as I love salads, I don't want to trust them to keep me feeling good while I'm there. So does anybody have some good go to places to eat in Vegas, preferable in walking distance of the strip?
  2. Red Robin... Yuuummmmm!

    It does NOT contain gluten. I used to work at a Red Robin and many cooks and servers were confused about that because the seasoning used to not be on the gluten free menu, but was added back a couple years ago. Red Robin is very up to date about their allergy menu, and updates it regularly. If they can't guarentee something, they won't put it on the menu, but the current allergy menus say the seasoning is okay. Cooks and servers however, got used to saying it wasn't safe and kept saying it. It drove me crazy when I worked there! I eat it everytime I'm there though and have never reacted. Its also left off fries to make it easier to identify which are allergy fries and which aren't, because its an easy difference to spot.
  3. I don't know about McDonald's, but when I was a teenager I did work at BK, and even though they had dedicated fryers, I wouldn't trust the frys. Too large of a risk of CC. When they get busy and start swinging baskets around, its almost guaranteed that something like a chicken tender or onion ring will end up on the fry said. Not to mention oil from other fryers might get drained and put back on the fry side, or simply splash over. Too big of a risk in my opinion.
  4. Hi, guys. So I've been gluten free for about a year. I wasn't officially diagnosed with celiac; my family doctor told me to go off gluten before I got the endoscopy, after a strongly positive blood test, and by the time I took one it, I was feeling better enough that I wasn't willing to go back on gluten. I'm very careful about the foods I consume, and have recognized certain things that still give me problems. Eggs, for instance. I can eat them in small amounts, but to many to often will inflame my insides and cause me horrid pain. The foods that really seem to bother me besides gluten though seem kind of weird to me. Hard cider is something that I've recently realized causes me a lot of problems. All the gluten free websites praise hard ciders, but it seems like every time I drink them I get diarrhea for the rest of the night. At first I thought it was just Angry Orchard, and it took me awhile to get to that conclusion. Generally, when my stomach is a little iffy and I don't want to go out, I'd invite my friends over and grab a six pack of Angry Orchard for myself. I always got diarrhea by the end of the night. Finally, when I drank it once or twice without any previous stomach worrying, I realized that it was the problem. I swore it off, but someone convinced me to give another gluten free cider a go, just to make sure. Same thing. Lettuce and salads are another big thing that bother me. I love vegetables, and salads, and I'm very conscious of washing my veggies and keeping them away from cross contamination. They still seem to bother me though, especially dark leafy greens, though even iceburg lettuce can bother me occasionally. I won't always get diarrhea, but I will experience loose stools and pass undigested bits of vegetables. Considering salads and veggies are one of the quickest, easiest things for me to eat throughout the day, I find this really troubling. I can't really afford to go to a doctor and get further testing done, I'm a broke college student and my parents gave about all they could running me through the doctor rounds last year. I just want to know, is this a common problem with those with celiac? Do others experience these problems, and what could I do to ease them? The cider is easy enough to just stay away from, but salads? Any advice?
  5. Still Not Taken Seriously?

    As a waitress and fellow celiac, I'm kind of scared by everyone saying they get salads when they go out. Salads are some of the most likely things to be contaminated! In every restaurant I've worked the station that the salads are made is the same place they make wraps, appetizers, and possibly sandwiches. And when they're busy their hands that have touched flour tortillas and fried food go right in the lettuce and other veggies. It depends on the restaurant, of course, but I see enough that I'd never eat a salad at any place I've worked.
  6. So I've been gluten free for about four months now, and generally I feel really good, better than I have in a very long time. I've been glutened several times since going gluten free, and so far every time I've had the same reaction each time (diarrhea the next day and a wonky stomach plus occasional diarrhea for the following three to four days) and been able to trace it back to the food that got me. Last night though I got hit by sudden diarrhea, and for the life I've me I can't figure out what could have caused it. The day before all I ate was quinoa Mac and cheese with tuna and mixed nuts. I also took some cold medicine because I'd been having a sore throat. None of the ingredients on anything contained gluten, and I'm fairly certain there was no cross contamination. How do I know if I was glutened or got diarrhea for another reason? Could I be reacting to the quinoa?
  7. I did already receive blood test while on gluten. Everything was normal except my Dga IgA came back as a 38. From everything I've read, this leads me to believe celiac is very likely, but my GI insists that my other levels should be elevated as well, and because my biopsy was negative he pretty much dismissed the idea completely, even though I informed him I'd gone off gluten beforehand.
  8. I'm not sure how many biopsies were taken, and my doctor really doesn't seem to know much about celiac. I purposely didnt eat gluten for the biopsy, because my symptoms had improved a bit and I didn't want to risk getting more severe symptoms again. If my lactose intolerance were being caused by going gluten free, would a test still come back as positive for lactose intolerance, or would I actually have to have an ongoing intolerance? I definately eat dairy products a lot, on a daily basis for the most part, so I suppose that could explain while I'm still getting symptoms. It seems strange to me though that I only occasionally get diarrhea, and it doesn't seem to have any correlation with what I eat. One day I'll be fine after eating something and a week later I'll get diarrhea. It's incredibly frustrating.
  9. So I received the results of my biopsy today, which my doctor said showed no signs of celiac disease, which is kind of disappointing, but expected, as I've been off gluten for almost two months. He said the next thing he wanted me to do was test for lactose intolerance. After reading up on lactose it really doesn't sound like it fits my symptoms though. For everyday of the last few days I've had severe abdominal cramps when I eat and before I have bowel movements, loose stool, occasional diarrhea, and occasional bloody stool. I'll admit I eat a fair share of dairy, but I've never really notice a correlation. In fact the thing that's been easiest on my stomach since going gluten free has been dairy based soup. Would lactose intolerance cause symptoms this severe? I really don't think I should rule out celiac, and lactose intolerance doesn't seem to be much of a fit.
  10. So I went in to have my first endoscopy and biopsy today, and after my experience with the GI doctor I'm pretty upset and I'm not sure what to do. Ill start by saying that I did not do a gluten challenge, I just couldn't stand it, but I figured the procedure was worth getting anyway. I don't quite remember my conversation with the GI doctor, as I was still pretty out of it, but I just spoke to my mother, who was incredibly angry with how the man spoke to me. Apparently he said everything looked normal, but we're waiting on the results of the biopsy. I explained to him why I did not do the gluten challenge, and told him from the research I've done I've been under the impression that a DGP IgA of 38 was a pretty solid celiac indicator. He told me not to jump to conclusions and said something along the lines of it being a fad diet. His nurse told me two weeks ago that if my other levels weren't elevated that it was inconclusive. I then told him that if my biopsy came back negative I would like a colonoscopy, and he told me that he didnt think that it would be necessary. I'm so angry. I'm still having problems and I just want them solved. I don't know what to do at this point. Obviously I'm waiting for the biopsy results, but I think I really need a new GI. I don't even know where to began finding one who understands celiac disease though. None of the doctors I've spoken with seem to take it seriously at all. What am I supposed to do?
  11. I'm experiencing the same problem as you. My doctors said to go gluten free, and after a month in they told me to go back on it for testing. There's no way I'm doing it either, I'm still not feeling completely better yet but my progress is still pretty good. I decided to get the endoscopy anyway. Whether or not I get an accurate celiac diagnosis, the end result is the same, no more gluten. And maybe they'll spot some other problems as well, because my digestive tract is quite obviously still having problems. I'd say definitely do the test, worse case scenario is that it'll be inconclusive, but you could still possibly get some answers.
  12. So since I e gone gluten free about a month ago I've been takin the probiotic acuflora. While buying it I knew little to nothing about probiotics, and I still don't really, except that some are better than others. I just grabbed the cheapest one I could find. I'm still having a very sensitive tummy though, and I'm prone to diarrhea every three or four days. I know there are a lot of other factors in play and healing takes time, but which probiotics will set me on the best path? I've heard Culturelle is good for diarrhea sufferers. Does it come in pill form, or is it yogurt? How much should I be expecting to spend?
  13. I've decided I'm definitely not going back on gluten for this test. Even without it I've suffered from diarrhea and abdominal pain this last week, which is starting to ease up finally. I'm just not willing to put myself through the beginning healing process again. I've been taking nortryptline lately, which has been helping with the diarrhea a lot. It was originally prescribed to me a year ago when my doctors diagnosed IBS, and though it stops working if I use it too regularly, it helps if I take it every other week or so. Is anyone else hear familiar with this drug? Is it harmful if its used by someone with celiac?
  14. I've actually never even talked to the actual GI. I was refered there by my family doctor and my appointment ended up being with the nurse practitioner. She consulted with him while I was there, but didnt let me speak with him personally. I asked if they could rush the endoscopy bit she said that they were booked until July 10th, which is when I'm scheduled. I don't even think I have enough time to eat the proper amount of gluten for it to really show. I'm pretty frustrated with all of my doctors at this point.
  15. Do you think the GI would be willing to do an endoscopy while I'm not on gluten? They seemed very insistent that I do this even as I explained my doubts and how this we be considering how much I work. I can't afford to miss that much and my managers will only be so understanding. I'm worried I I tell them I'm not on gluten they just won't do it. But on the other hand if I don't tell them I might get misdiagnosed and they won't do it again. I just really don't want to risk gluten. I'm scheduled to work five doubles for the next few weeks, and I just can't do that if I'm throwing up or plagued by diarrhea.