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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. And today it's a hangover. I drank too much. Alcohol always seems like a good idea to me at the time until the next day and I'm hurting.
  2. Thanks for the welcome. Let me know what kind you try and how it is.
  3. Thanks for the welcome.... Yeah I agree. I was kind of left with few options so I tried. It was better than what I had expected but it didn't blow me away either. The fruit flavoring was subtle though.
  4. I'm having gluten-free beer tonight. Liquid dinner. I bought two different kinds. Redbridge & New Planet Raspberry Ale. This is my first time ever trying or even hearing of the NP Ale. From what I just read online it's not bad however it apparently doesn't taste much like beer. I guess it has more of a fruity flavor.
  5. I've read so much that I often forget which symptoms are associated with any particular condition. Can low B12 cause sporadic electro-shock type sensations? I used to get that a lot. It was as if someone jolted my body with low voltage. If I remember correctly B12 can sometimes help with that.
  6. I'm kind of in the same boat as you. I have severe brain fog and memory problems and I too have not been diagnosed. In my experience the symptoms can often have a delayed reaction after you eat something with gluten. When I read this I got really depressed.
  7. For what it's worth here is a link to an article (below) where I found that severe night sweats can possibly lead to such conditons. This is all new to me so I can't confirm the accuracy one way or another. It would seem to me that the effects could easily vary from person to person according to their diet and regular potassium intake. If your body is already depleted of a particualr mineral or nutrient due to poor eating habits then perhaps heavy sweating might affect you much more so than another person? I have to say that I'm a male so obviously menopause doesn't apply. But I have endured consecutive nights of severe sweating where my clothes and bedding were drenched just as explained in the article. Sometimes I would feel so degyhdrated that my eyelids literally felt as if they were glued to my eyeballs and it actually hurt to open them. I would often wake up with a tremendous thirst and sometimes terrible headaches like a hangover. And a hangover is basically caused by dehydration due to the overuse of alcohol. http://www.ehow.com/about_6647696_menopause_-night-sweats-potassium-deficiency.html I didn't realize that night sweats weren't typically associated with gluten issues? That's good to know. Maybe I am on the wrong path? I thought I once read that when you first go gluten-free your body can initially go through a withdrawal phase and sort of a detoxification process which can manifest in the form of night sweats? Is it not true that when you have celiac disease your damaged intestines aren't able to differeniate the essesntials from the waste products during digestion? That's what causes the malabsorption of nutrients. That's why it would seem to me that night sweats would only make matters worse as you could sweat out what little you have left. As far as how long I've been gluten-free it has only been a couple of weeks now. I'm in an experimental phase. When I stopped eating gluten the first major symptom that I noticed right away were night sweats so I just assumed a connection. It could be just a coincidence but it doesn't seem so. It seems to have helped my complexion quite a bit as well. Interestingly enough I just found this thread from this very forum. I'll have to browse through that thread and see what can be found. http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/7242-night-sweats/ It has been hard but I have really cut back on aspirin. Thanks for the wishes of good health and likewise to yourself. Also thanks for the input.
  8. I think I should really try to avoid anything like that which is going to make my digestive system more acidic and most likely aggravate GERD.
  9. Does anyone have any knowledge or suggestions related to aspirin usage and how it might affect someone with a gluten problem? Should you be avoiding aspirin altogether or can you take certain kinds like for example say ibuporofen? I have been taking a lot of aspirin for a long period of time now and I have since become quite concerned about how it could be interacting with my intestines/leaky gut as well as the long term effects in general. I've read that too much aspirin can potentially increase the risk of blindness as well as cause other conditons such as aluminum toxicity. I wonder if there is even a viable natural alternative to aspirin? I suffer from terrible night sweats, migraines and chronic sinus inflammation especially at night and most of the time aspirin is the only thing that can give me any kind of relief. What good is it though if it's just causing me irreparable harm in other ways? I've tried Feverfew but I had no luck with that at all. Potassium/magensium seems to help me with the night sweats and Red Marine algae helps sometimes with the inflammation. These problems like night sweats which we often consider to be merely symptoms of celiac disease/gluten intolerance can also create additional problems of their own. I didn't know that night sweats can lead to deficiencies of many crucial nutrients such as potassium/magnesium/calcium/iron/zinc which can then wreak havoc upon your system. And it's a double threat because not only are you not absorbing nutrients propelrly due to your leaky gut but also because you're losing them through the skin as a result of the profuse sweating. Excessive vomitting and diarhea can only have an adverse impact as well. I believe that's why this issue is such a difficlt one to tackle because it's so multi-faceted and self-propagating. I have also been drinking vanilla almond milk mixed with whey protein powder (labelled as gluten-free) which tastes great and makes for a quick and easy snack when in a pinch. Has anyone else had any experience with it?
  10. I'm going through this process of always being alone myself. My gluten problem is basically a self-diagnosed one seeing as how I cannot find a doctor who is willing to cooperate or seriously address my concerns. Most of the time I've been prescribed anti-depressants as the catch-all solution with the tacit implication that I'm otherwise perfectly healthy. I usually walk away feeling like a hypochondriac with imagined symptoms when deep down inside I know that I am not such a case. I have begun to doubt myself and my own intuitions and instincts which I've learned to rely on throughout my life. I sometimes wonder if maybe this really is just a manifestation of deep depression? But then I go back to the research and all of the signs keep pointing back to the same place and that is of course a gluten problem. Beyond the issue of being unable to get officially diagnosed lies the troubles of having friends and family not believing you either. The people closest to me will never accept that there's something truly wrong with me until I can provide them with sort of professional documentation to back it up. This has caused me to withdraw and isolate myself and it has a cascading effect which spans every potential relationship in my life. How do I explain my physical and emotional symptoms to anyone without proof? I'm deeply embarrassed of my forgetfulness, night sweats, stomach always gurgling etc. It has destroyed my confidence and has left me feeling inadequate and undesirable as a person. I have passed many up social opportunities in my life because of this and people's perceptions of me are so skewed as a result. It's amazing how people will jump to conclusions. No I'm not a closeted gay person because I'm introverted and choose to remain alone. I'm a tortured soul with no outlet for relief.