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  1. I bought the Fagor 8-quart one (Amazon). It's a stovetop cooker, which gives you the option to brown your meat in the pan. It's good to do this before you add other ingredients and turn on the pressure. At least, that's what I've heard/read. I didn't realize it when I ordered it, but the Fagor one is from Spain.... I saw good reviews of this model and also watched YouTube video of a chef showing different model stovetop pressure cookers. From what I've seen/heard, these pots are relatively safe. I've never seen one used! My mom told me she used to use one, but I don't ever remember seeing her use it.
  2. I've ordered a stove-top pressure cooker, as a dear friend was telling me how much her family enjoys the meals she cooks in it. I'm hoping she'll give me some of their favorite recipes....and thought I'd write here and see if anyone here uses one of these gadgets. I'm hoping to use it for beans, meat, veggies, etc. I should receive the new pot next week sometime. I googled it and read only one website, where the author said that in Spain, these pots are REALLY popular! Anyone have any great, tasty, favorite, nutritious pressure cooker recipes or websites to recommend? (Any or all of the above adjectives, doesn't have to be all of them!)
  3. Hi, this sounds like a horrible ordeal for you! I get really mad when I hear this kind of story. Why did the doctor do sooooooo many tests all at once on him, he was only 2 years old!!! I know, it's good you have those results. It just seems like way too many tests at once. What is a "latent celiac" that you have listed under your post? Thanks for sharing your story.
  4. Hi StephanieL and Shadowicewolf, So here's the history -- my daughter has had rashes and hives for a number of years. She also had stomach aches, never seemed like much because she didn't complain a lot. All got A LOT worse the past year, then we got the Celiac diagnosis in April. When she first started getting the rashes and hives, we went to pediatrician, who sent us to allergist. This first allergist tested with skin test and found her to be possibly allergic to walnuts -- not a high level of response -- plus some environmentals. We didn't test for very many allergens. Our current GI felt we should follow up on the nuts. When my daughter ate peanut butter -- this was before the celiac diagnosis -- she got hives. Funny coincidence (not!) she was eating the peanut butter on regular bread. So far all the "experts" we've seen seem to dismiss dermatitis herpetiformus. Like my daughter, I've had skin issues a lot in my life (my rashes look different from hers). These people don't want to give a DH diagnosis or seem unable to do so. I don't understand that at all! My daughter hasn't eaten any peanuts or walnuts in at least a year, I think maybe longer. Now that we're off gluten and trying to gain weight, it would be super great to be able to give her foods with ALL nuts (she current eats almonds, pecans, and cashews, and I only give her the ones that are not processed with peanuts)..... I feel that it's not necessary to do more allergy tests. I think the blood test should be enough. However, I'm not an expert on this. I searched the internet a little and found nothing helpful on this topic. I also feel that my daughter has had A LOT of tests since April, and I'd prefer to not do more right now....she's waiting for the results, can hardly wait to eat some peanut butter and some "KIND" brand snack bars....and I'm not sure she'll understand the need for a skin prick test. I mean, I don't understand the need for this additional test, so how can I even explain it to her! (And part of me says the "need" is because testing is what these doctors do well!) One thought I have is to re-introduce the nuts slowly and see if there's a skin reaction. We're currently on a dairy-free course of action, started it a few days ago and will soon start re-introducing dairy products, slowly one for 3 days, so I'm thinking maybe we should just wait a little longer on the nuts, and then re-introduce them the same way we're doing the dairy foods. What do you think?
  5. My 12-year old daughter had blood tests for common food allergens, and we're lucky because all came back "below detection" or negative. This means -- I think -- that she's not allergic to peanuts, etc (the things on the list).... However, now the allergist is asking for us to do the skin prick tests. I can't understand why this is needed -- isn't the blood test definitive enough? What will/could we learn from the skin tests -- is it necessary? If you've had any of these or your child has, would like to hear from you. Thanks!
  6. Probiotics seem very complicated to me. I took my 12 year old daughter to a nutritionist on Saturday, and she said that one should only take probiotics for a short period of time, for example, for 2-3 weeks after being on an antibiotic. My daughter was taking 2 different probiotics which the pediatric GI had proscribed, and my daughter was continuing to have stomach aches. The nutritionist said she thought the stomach aches might be from the probiotics. We're now off the probiotics and totally off dairy. We'll be off dairy for 1-3 weeks and see what happens. If all stomach symptoms go away, then we'll start dairy really really slowly - the nutritionist gave us a way to gradually add back the dairy foods, starting with the ones that are most easily tolerated. We're also keeping a food diary. Here's what to put in your diary -- meal, time of day, location, amounts of the foods you eat, and any pain. I'm already finding this diary helpful to look at. I think including all of these details are really important. We'd tried a diary before and didn't put amounts and also didn't write down if there was any pain... My daughter also had some blood tests for vitamin levels and so on. I think these are a good idea if they help you see what's going on. If your child is constipated frequently and/or diarrhea frequently, other issues will possibly creep in such as anemia...important to watch out for this. Good luck!
  7. I think you need water the most, and that hand-wipes are better than nothing. Hand sanitizer doesn't work. I like the idea posted above, about a soapy wet washcloth in a ziplock bag. You really, really need to rinse with water. I have a related question which I think is kind of weird.... I've noticed that a lot of liquid hand soaps have Vitamin E in them. Some (maybe most?) Vitamin E comes from wheat gluten -- so what does that mean for us? For example, if I'm at a friend's house and wash my hands with this type of soap, do I now have gluten on my hands???!!!! Confusing!
  8. We are gluten free since this past May 1st -- however along the way we kept finding out that gluten was in something we just ate (mayonnaise)...I think we may "finally" be gluten free. My daughter turned 12 a few days ago. She had a positive antibodies blood test and has one of the Celiac genes. I refuse and keep refusing to do a biopsy. She has had symptoms: rashes, stomach aches, nausea...to the point where she stopped eating her lunches at school (I didn't know what was happening) and then she started eating less at dinner too. Last year she started getting a lot of headaches (probably because she wasn't eating enough!) There are some behavioral issues as well, although I wonder if some of them are hormonal. Had problems with pediatrician last year from Nov to April, and switched pediatricians after the tests in April. For us, going gluten-free has meant weight gain after almost 2 years of no weight gain....and growth in height too. She still has stomach aches and headaches, but overall feels much better and seems stronger and healthier. Still underweight but not as underweight as she was 6 months ago!
  9. At their website (http://www.lundberg.com/products/wg_entrees.aspx) they list 11 flavors of these kinds of rice -- I hope I can find them! My daughter misses Rice Pilaf (which has orzo made from wheat).... I find the Lundberg products to be high quality overall. :-)
  10. Canker Sores

    I'd like to hear any remedies, too! My daughter says she has these mouth sores a lot, and I found out that Anbesol has gluten in it. So we have nothing now. How do you know if it's the toothpaste? I thought that all toothpaste is gluten-free. If it's not, I gotta go check them all right away before anyone brushes their teeth tonight!!!! Can anyone recommend gluten-free zinc lozenges? That sounds like a good idea -- are there any side effects to these? Thanks!
  11. It's sort of different for adults, I believe, but I'm going to tell you a little about my 11-yr-old daughter. She was diagnosed with a low positive blood test in late April this year....we took her off gluten immediately. (Of course, I'm still figuring out about gluten in some foods!!! For the most part, she is on a gluten-free diet -- we find it difficult to avoid cross-contamination in processed foods) At any rate, we have NOT done a biopsy. She's 15 lbs underweight. I feel that we already know that she has Celiac. She (and I) both have one of the Celiac genes. I believe we have to trust ourselves and our understanding of our own bodies. Since she stopped eating gluten, the transformation in my daughter is tangible. My mom, husband, and I all see huge improvement in her health and her behavior, even though she is still getting stomach aches (from gluten). My current hope is to start working with a new nutritionist, someone who was recommended to us by the GI doc. Our current nutritionist is not well-versed in children or Celiac. We need someone who can help us with the Celiac and with the need to gain weight. I'm waiting for approval from insurance company. I think that a good nutritionist is vital for Celiacs, and that our medical community needs to come up with a more humane "gold standard" for confirming Celiac. That's my 2 cents' worth, and I'm very opinionated on this! I hope I don't offend anyone. Did you have a genetic blood test?
  12. Hi, I'm so glad and appreciative that you said this about the "tiniest amount." It kind of disgusts me that the medical community doesn't know this about the heightened sensitivity -- I feel fairly certain that my daughter's symptoms right now are not a set-back....just another glutening. I'm not rushing her to the doctor now for a biopsy, etc. I feel strongly that the medical community needs to come up with a new "gold standard" for Celiac disease. There's no way I'm going to put her through a gluten-challenge, and I also feel that removing pieces of her small intestine is a poor way to determine the disease. One of my biggest challenges is to get her to drink more fluids. I think that contributes greatly to her headaches. I'm doing my best to stay calm and to relax and get enough sleep, etc. We have a family wedding to go to in a week, and I'm starting to try to figure out how to handle the food aspect. One thought is to not even go to the reception, just go to the ceremony! :-)
  13. Thanks for writing, psawyer. I see your point, and will read your info about customer serve answers. I wonder, though -- isn't it best to find Certified gluten-free products, if they're available? I mean, the CVS brand/generic is gluten-free (once they check the log# for you). Isn't that better?
  14. We had another rough night (last night) and day today. I know I can come here and sort of rant and rave a little. It's so frustrating, and at this point, I'm struggling to keep up with my job. I sent a message to my daughter's GI doctor....although I like this doctor more than the first one we went to, I'm still really annoyed about how these doctors think/work. I hardly talk with the doctor, but she has a "patient portal" where I can send her messages. My daughter has one of the 2 genes, she had a positive (only low positive) blood test, and she seems to be improving on a gluten-free diet. We do not want to do the endoscopy....and the GI doctor is again asking for it. The doc says my daughter's symptoms are not "typical" and that she wants to do endoscopy, colonoscopy, and radiology. TOO much and too invasive! I like this doctor because she immediately proscribed probiotics, however I still am against these procedures in my daughter, partly because my daughter is still underweight, and because she's so anxious. It seems that these tests have a potential negative result given that we've been gluten-free since May 1. Even though we have some accidental ingestion, it's way way way less gluten than she used to eat, and we are making slow, but steady progress in learning what not to eat. This past week we learned not to drink certain teas, plus we also found out about spices and I got rid of all my old spices. I'm exhausted and have hives on my back (possibly dermatitis herpetiformous???!!!) I have the same Celiac gene as my daughter! I'd like to go to the dermatologist to have a skin biopsy for Celiac! No time though. :-( I am struggling to keep myself positive seeing how my daughter feels. I know it was gluten again, and I am trying so hard to be more vigilant or to figure it out, and it's so frustrating because I feel like I keep missing a detail. I feel like I have the Celiac "brain fog" that I've read about here!!!
  15. I'm curious how long "withdrawal" symptoms can last....does anyone know? Also, do they sometimes recur if you get glutened? I see all kinds of behavior in my daughter, and it's tough to figure it out. (She's almost 12.)