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  1. thyroid cancer only affect thyroid function in fewer cases. most times people have it and have no thyroid malfunction at all. i would still get it checked, i had thyroid cancer four years ago and the process to get it removed isn't as bad as you might scare yourself to be. If you are to get it removed, make sure the surgeon is a specialist- you don't want to end up with a raspy voice or a big incision. gluten intolerance/celiac is most definitely related to papillary thyroid cancer. wishing you the best and hopefully it's just your lymph nodes fighting off a minor infection
  2. Portugal isn't the best place to find gluten free bread unless you speak portuguese. You could always go to one of the small bakeries and ask if their "Broa" is only made with cornmeal or if it has wheat too, but you would run too big of a risk of cross contamination (wouldn't do it). Luckily at restaurants in the beach area you always have grilled fish with veggies and potatos as options on the menu. The food there (in most cases) is very close to nature so you can distinguish everything that's in it for the most part. i wish you the best and enjoy your trip!