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  1. I too have sleep problems, but never thought it related to the gluten intollerance. I have mild sleep apnea, caused by weight gain, caused by not getting enough sleep. Can anyone say "viscous circle"?? I don't have the leg movement disorder, but I do have a form of PLMS - Periodic Leg Movement Syndrome. The difference for me is that it is my arms that move and twitch. I've had to sleep studies done and I take Mirapex before bed. Mirapex is Dopamine. Dopamine is something that the brain produces that slows down communication between the brain and the nervous system. I take a VERY low dose, but it is enough to stop the twitching. Now I'm waiting to see if my insurance company will cover an oral device to help stop the sleep apnea. Is there a "big sigh" smiley icon??
  2. I believe they have modified food starch which doesn't say much. Sometimes MFS bothers me and other times it doesn't. Who knows what they do to modify it.