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  1. Don't Forget The Enzymes: Because

    Thanks for reminder - I have been slacking off in taking my enzymes lately, and my probiotics too.  Sometimes I can't tell how well supplements are working or if it is a waste of effort and money, so I stop on purpose to test myself.   Then I slack off and feel worse and I do not know why it takes me so long to get back on track.  Strangely I think it's old mlm feeling that I don't want to be dependent on supplements, when clearly they are helping significantly.
  2. Thanks for listening and the input. After more hours of searching, I found my answer - 23andme for $110. I am fully aware I'll have to parse the info myself, that's fine. Plus I can doink around with methylation, ancestry and tons of other interesting tidbits for way cheaper than I woulda paid for any of them individually. It's not perfect, I'm sure the accuracy of the specialized tests is greater, but I can justify $110 for proly as good of info plus more, so this is a happy medium for me. Their FDA kerfuffle does not concern me. The minor possible cons I considered are privacy and accuracy [http://liorpachter.wordpress.com/2013/11/30/23andme-genotypes-are-all-wrong/] My kit is on it's way and turnaround is anywhere from 4-8 weeks, I'll report back if anyone is interested. It's silly, I agree, to test for a maybe possible probability only, yet I feel happier and a sense of relief now that I found a way to do this cheap. So if nothing else, while I'm waiting for results maybe all I gain is a little calm of "I am moving forward in a productive way". Whatever the results will not change how I'm living, but maybe this will distract me enough while I wait for some real test that will settle it. My attitude going 100% gluten-free was, I can do this for 10 years and within that time they'll proly figure out better testing w/o the gluten challenge. I'm two years in, I finally within the last few months began to feel better finally finally. Which is worse: the incessant tedium of everything is poison paranoia and years later find out it wasn't necessary *OR* to not be 100% careful and years later discover I was damaging my health all along? I've never purposefully glutened myself, I figured I'd screw up eventually, but out of the 6-7 times I considered myself glutened, only two were positive/yes there was actual gluten, the rest were possible cross contamination or a food not specifically labeled accurately. I have contemplated doing a DIY double blind placebo challenge, knowing I'd have to do it when I could afford the 3 day slam/2 week recovery. What if I'm putting myself and my husband thru all this meticulousness for nothing? What if I'm wrong? What if I doubt myself because of all the stupid stupid doctors that told me it was all in my head for the past 9 years? /offtopicventrantinmyownthread Append to first post - Kimball no longer does testing, they rolled that test to LabCorp and I found Celiac Disease DNA for $250 that tests HLA-DQA1*05, HLA-DQB1*02 and HLA-DQB1*0302, so that looks suspiciously like private labeled Quest
  3. OK so I've spend the last few days immersed in learning how the genetic tests work and I'm weighing the pros/cons My doc is willing to write any paperwork claiming medical necessity, yet I'm not sure it's worth the hassle. More than likely my insurance would only possibly cover Quest in-network and they don't actually tell you your results, they just give a positive/negative for HLA DQ2/8 http://www.questdiagnostics.com/testcenter/testguide.action?dc=TS_HLA_Celiac So I'm inclined to go with Enterolab, just the genetic test for $150 since that's the easiest and cheapest option, and would yield the same beta only results as Quest. My out-of-network deductible is $600 and I've racked up zero toward it this year so I'd pay full price anyway for any other lab. somewhere on thefooddoc.com Laboratories in the U.S. that are known to offer complete alpha and beta subunit genetic testing include Kimball Genetics, Prometheus, and LabCorp. Bonfils, Quest and Enterolab only test for the beta subunit portions and may miss part of a minor alpha subunit that carries a risk of celiac disease. then enterolab counters that citing "linkage disequilibrium" https://www.enterolab.com/StaticPages/TestToOrder.aspx#Genetic_testing and I will dig for my sources if anyone needs them, I cut & pasted bunches just for my own info So the real question is, for any of you that were in celiac limbo, already gluten-free and unable to test or challenge, did the genetic test help? Like mentally/peace of mind wise? Or if anyone has hints on how they got insurance to pay or what you paid thru any of the above labs, that'd be great. I found older info stating Kimball was ~$395, Prometheus $440 but maybe cash discount or pay up front discounts available.
  4. Vacation To Shared Kitchen - Avoiding Cc

    Thank you both so much, I get a little spazzy trying to think of everything I think I should be thinking of ! I've eaten out side my house less than five times in 22 months so I'm sheltered (hermit? paranoid? LOL) glutenfreeliac - spot on - I have been so self focused over this, yes my parents are super wonderful and thank you for the reminder to let them know how much I appreciate their willingness to help. I was born in 1971 so technically their parental tenure could have ended in 1989! : wink : I am lucky to have had their support always. They've dabbled in gluten-free for themselves, just not 100% NatureChick - steel wool, nice, I wouldn't have thought of that and I forgot how easy foil could be. Packing a knife, DH has a collection, he proly has a foldable camping something that would be perfect, I only need it for tomatoes. "tempted to risk using their pasta pot" - Not anymore since you put it that way! Scrubbing glutened stainless wouldn't worry me, I just couldn't find definitive info about aluminum, I'll buy a stainless one there. I've gone a week eating the same meal when I've had accidental glutenings or recovering from testing, so I'm simplifying for the trip also ( sorries - I proly shoulda mentioned that!) I have pretty limited choices anyway so no biggie. This is good, I lurk often and obviously haven't posted much, when I return, I would like to post more cuz it's comforting to hang out with people who just GET it. More packing awaits, lookie how eager I am to get to it : smirky rolleyes:
  5. Hi all! I'm going to be visiting my parents glutenlicious kitchen and just want to have some reminders of what to be aware of. I'll be there a week, I don't eat out due to multiple food issues on top of gluten-free (casein & fructose). My house has been gluten free for almost 2 years so I'm sure there's things I've forgotten. Here's my plan so far: They said they'd eat gluten-free while I'm there, so it's more CC from existing gluten I'm concerned about I asked them to save glass jars for a bit, so I can store things in those, I'll buy cheapo plastic if needed hand washing a set of dishes (corningware), glasses, utensils etc and keeping them seperated and not in their drawers/cabinets while I'm there scrub everything down with ajax, while wearing rubber gloves, using paper towels remove the toaster from the counter, they can use it in dining room or not at all keeping my food seperated in a box out of pantry clean a shelf of fridge for me also I'll be buying supplies at DollarTree, here's that list: colander strainer chopping knife if theirs are wood/serrated can opener dish brush veggie peeler sponges cutting board I need a big pot with a lid for making rice, my Dad said they have a Spaghetti pot that's aluminum, knowing it's their Spaghetti pot is funny. I won't need the oven, just stovetop & microwave, I'm bringing my own gluten-free VitaMix. My Dad was also kind enough to grocery shop for me, I made him a printable pdf with pics and EXACT specific food to buy, I'm bringing the hard to find items myself. We are driving, so in theory I could bring my entire kitchen, just I'd like to save valuable car space, we always end up with too much on the way home! So if I use a sponge to clean initially, I should then trash that sponge? Is the aluminum Spaghetti pot & lid safe after careful cleaning? (All I have is stainless steel) Any other glaring gotchas, reminders, things I'm overlooking? Kind thanks for any input or reassurance : smile :
  6. Thanks for the warm welcomes and empathy lovely ladies. My disjointed rambling amuses me, impressive that you were able to decipher anything out of it! Could I have chosen a more cryptic title? teehee I sometimes work myself into a tizzy over details or oversights, which is what I meant by variable, maybe I should have said occasional overwhelm. FructMal eliminates smoothies for me : pout : luckily I use my VitaMix for soup, "cheeze", "pudding" and I make my own arsenic rice milk : grin : Wow, I just checked, I posted my recipes so long ago on my blog, I never updated them to the gluten-free versions. I refer to my recipes as "reasonably palatable" to me they are terrific, but to a person without intolerances they are bland or weird. Funny thing, I greatly dislike having to cook or even prepare food, yet this has forced me to have to adapt and get creative. I do truly appreciate you all responding so quickly and enthusiastically, and in trying to reply, I am having this flood of stuff I want to share and I think it would be better if I used the blog feature here for that, I just didn't want to leave yall hanging while I write a novel of my gut history : winkiegrin : [sidenote: For reference, I am a professional goofball, which does not always come across in text, and I have a habit of overusing emoticons to relay that hence I adopted DIY style : likethis : so don't worry that the forum software is having a glitch.]
  7. Hi I'm Christy, long time lurker, first time poster. I've been gluten-free since Aug 2012, self-diagnosed NCGI, sorta doing OK, I also have Fructose Malabsorption and don't do well with dairy, likely casein moreso than lactose. So I'm currently gluten-free DF and have to weigh the limited foods I can eat to stay under my daily 3g free fructose limit, as well as the fructans, polyols and other FODMAPs that disagree with me. I figured out the FructMal in April 2010 so I was mostly wheat-free since then. FructMal is cummulative rather than all or nothing, so it took a long time for me to overcome the gluten denial, thou I had good improvement just from the FructMal adjustments. There was so much detail I had no idea of, so I'm beating myself up for not knowing what I didn't know - silliness! I'm just tired, not so much physically but emotionally. If I look back at how awful I used to feel all the time and compare that to feeling awful now maybe once every week or two, I've made huge improvement. But it's mentally exhausting. There was gluten in stuff I missed for the longest time, like the Bonnie Bell lip blam I used DAILY. At that realization, I got focused on double checking everything again. My frozen green beans said "may contain wheat" so out they went. Uncertain origin of vitamin E in lotion? Bye bye Almost all my kitchen stuff I've replaced, or I make a best effort to make it safer. like my marble mortar & pestle is possibly glutened, so I use the pestle only to crush things in plastic baggies. I haven't replaced my VitaMix container purely out of cost (they're $130), I scrubbed it & soaked in vinegar and since we use it at least 2x a day, I'm hoping that the fact that it's been washed 600 times since last possible minor gluten (cc oats) is enough. Luckily, I gave my husband Wheat Belly to read and he decided on his own to go gluten free also shortly after I did, so that makes it much simpler. My darling kitteh was already gluten free :meow: [said cute kitteh pictured in avatar] So there are things I still need to do, like scrub down my cabinets and replace the shelf liner, I'm getting to them a shelf at a time, I greatly dislike the cheap plastic cutting board I now use, I need a bigger sifter, etc. Most of the stuff left to do is just a time and money situation, so I'm making progress and yet it's frustrating. I think I have a shread of lingering doubt without a firm diagnosis that it's a huge amount of effort when I'm uncertain. I considered EnteroLabs or Cyrex, but would rather buy a new VitaMix 7500 for the same cost as the tests. Sigh. I do want to thank the community in general for all the support and answers I've gleaned over the past couple years, I'm finally posting cuz I'm certain I will benefit from interactive support instead of just lurking. Plus I'm here if anyone wanted to know that a gluten-free DF Caramel Corn rice cake contains 0.056 mg Fructans - I enjoy FructMal nutrient math. Thanks for listening