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  1. KF, the attached link may have a little insight for you: http://www.encognitive.com/files/Celiac%20Disease%20and%20Gluten-Associated%20Diseases.pdf . Go to page 178, left column, bottom of the page to the paragraph titled "External Triggers". This continues into page 179. The article is well written. In this paragraph the term "cross-reactivity" is used, which I understand is a highly debated topic. Being new to this issue I completely respect that, especially since I'm learning what I might be enduring (don't think it's celiac disease but gluten intolerance). I have food allergies and have wondered if the porosity in the intestinal wall caused by the gluten reaction allows those allergies to become even more insidious before manifesting symptoms. Possibly candida may have a similar effect ? Hope this helps in your search.