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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gi Visited - Still Undiagnosed

          Get an IGA/TTG blood test for Celiac. Even if you were negative five years ago you could be positive by now. That should tell you everything you need to know. Just curious, did they do a biopsy when you got scoped? My GI said I was fine and then the biopsy came back positive as well as the blood test. Some of your symptoms seem to match Celiac, but it effects people very differently so you definitely want to rule it out or at least confirm you have it for certain. Good luck.
  2. Have you noticed any link to dairy consumption with the symptoms? I was very slow to go dairy free but after I had switched gastro doctors and he said sorry there is nothing more I can do than what you are doing and the meds you are using and then said a lot of times dairy is a problem for people with Celiac. I tried dairy free and have had good results. Not that I don't have other issues from time to time because I have IBS as well but certainly improvement has taken place. I wouldn't do anything too drastic right away because it takes me longer than a month to feel right after even a drop of gluten accidentally or cross contamination. Good luck. It's a journey and people on this site can provide assistance better than most doctors. Yes I'm jaded, it took the doctors way too long to find Celiac and they didn]t find it till I told them to check for it.
  3. If you are diagnosed with Celiac you will want to take vitamins and supplements. Depending on your insurance situation you may want a full blood panel taken to see where your vitamin levels are. If you do have Celiac your vitamin levels will be low so it is kind of a given but your doctors may be able to assist further if they know how bad it is? I was to the point my bone density was affected and even had to take calcium for a while which oddly was hard because I thought that was for little old ladies. If you don't get much response on this topic, you can always start another one. Sometimes the label is everything.
  4. Definitely get an IGA/TTG test. That's the blood test for Celiac. I don't know that everything you have explained may be Celiac, but the fatigue, immune system problems and possibly the skin issues as well. Healing after stopping the diet will take a while. I always felt hungry because I was not absorbing nutrients. Upon getting on the diet I lost 20 pounds quickly. In part due to the learning of the diet and some temptations being removed. As far as whether you eat wheat between now and the test that is not easy to even give an option on but I will say when I had the endoscopy my wife fed me pizza while I was coming out of anesthesia. After I got my whits about me I wondered if that was a good idea. Did it affect me? I'm sure it did but I was so used to the problems that I did not even pick up on it. That was the last gluten based pizza I ever had so no regrets. I don't know how long it takes for the gluten in your system to go completely out. Good luck! This site is helpful.
  5. I had some improvement almost immediately but other things took some time. Lots of ups and downs. It depends how bad off you were to start and how quickly you can adapt to the new diet. It's hard to look back for me - but it will get better for you. It takes some time to recover and heal. It took some time for my body to get back to itself. Its probably in the months for some symptoms to get better. (So if you are following the diet and still not there yet, that is normal) For me I am still not where I want to be but compared to where I was - almost hospitalized- I'm doing great. Hang in there! The first year is probably the hardest. Good luck!
  6. Welcome to the group. You'll get some nice advice here. I think your decision will have less impact than some who say have been gluten free for a long period of time and then are told to go back on it and be tested. I doubt your results would be affected either way but I'm no expert on that so I will digress and leave that advice to someone more knowledgeable about this area. However how are you going to be tested? That will get you some better suggestions. Blood test? GI scope? Good luck in your journey!
  7. Do you have the specific tests ran and the numbers behind them? Sometimes a "negative" could be headed in the direction of a positive. Some people can give up gluten because they feel better and others want to know for sure. For me I think I needed to know it wasn't optional. I had a blood test as well as an endoscopy. I believe the blood test is enough however. The test I received is an IGA/TTG. I don't know the interpretation of the numbers but I believe it is on this site. With so much family history it is likely the culprit whether it shows that way or not. Best wishes to you and your family.
  8. I Hate Potlucks!

    I hear you. After an ackward attempt or two, I don't go to potlucks and food events at work. Luckily I have boss who is understanding and fights my cause for me. Food is my enemy as well and if I could live without it I think I would. No wonder there are some issues health issues in our country, all social events revolve around food. I didn't even realize it before I had Celiac. Being on this site helps me realize my reactions and fears are normal. Good luck to you!
  9. Sorry, some of them I do not understand. I would find out for sure if you have Celiac via a blood test. IGA/TTG is the test I was diagnosed with. I had half of it years prior but not the other half so there were extra years of misery. I don't understand the others reasons why people do a gluten free diet other than Celiac, but it would find out for sure if you have it. Knowledge is power, so find out all you can medically. There are setbacks even if you have Celiac and are following the diet. I hope I am at the end of one of them. When you are first diagnosed, one is so delicate and about anything can set ones stomach off. It's really a marathon. Hang in there, follow this forum and make posts. It is a great resource. Doctor's don't know all I wish they did but there are many knowledgeable people on this forum.
  10. The short answer is yes. Have you officially been diagnosed with Celiac? There are a lot of stomach issues out there. Unfortunately I have a lot of them. Some of them I understand, some I
  11. Newly Dx - Reading And Learning A Lot

    Coming from someone who had the blood test and the biopsy, I wish I had just went with the blood test. My dad and uncle who are twins have Celiac, the blood test was positive, etc etc. I know there are others who have different directives or opinions on this. I'm just offering my experience. If I hadn't had a tooth chipped while unconscious and not scared my spouse because I was not waking up normally because I had undiagnosed sleep apnea, then my experience may have been different. Some things that you may not be able eat at first may be do-able later. I am gluten free for over eight years and dairy free probably for about a year. Dairy was hard to add, but my health improved. If not medically necessary for me I would eat just about anything. Best wishes to you in this journey.
  12. What Do U Guys Think?

    I had a major birthday a couple weeks ago. After not having had soy ice cream in quite some time and not remembering why I requested ice cream with gluten free cones. I hadn't had a cone in over eight years so I was in heaven and ate 6 of the 8 servings in the container during the day. I woke up not feeling so well and knew something amiss. I'll leave out the details but after reading the label and seeing how much of the daily fiber was in each serving I think about 12% and times that out by the six servings....... I then knew it was the fiber not anything else I had eaten. Now two weeks and three days later I hope to be on the better side of this. Taking Immodium AD after set things the other way and has made a tough go of it. Best of luck to you. If anyone has a magic formula for resetting the stomach please advise. (If I had been more moderate in what I ate, I think I would have been fine.)
  13. Stress definitely does not help my symptoms. As mentioned walks seems to help. I try to leave myself some down time each day if possible, but if your a mom that may be more difficult. Try to let everyone know what you need from them and that if you are having a rough day that they will need to step up their game and be on their best behavior for the day and that you will have a little less to offer. When my kids get that dad is not doing so well they tend to behave better, but if not they know dad has a little shorter fuse when he is not feeling well. I totally get what you mean about thinking you have Celiac under control and then realizing it is in control at the moment. Anything I can do to take my mind off the symptoms or focus on the soul is helpful to me. Best wishes to you!
  14. Waiting four weeks for a blood test result is brutal. Sorry. Until I read twice I was going to say the blood test is quite reliable I would go with those results thinking you would have them in 2-3 days. See what kind of responses you get. I don't think the scope would change that much in 8 weeks. The blood test would change more quickly I think, but that has been done. If the blood test comes back positive I personally don't think you need the scope. (Coming from one to had both but wishes I would have just taken the blood test result since they were both positive it was just a waste of time and money.) I can certainly relate to the fatigue and sinus infections. Those symptoms will improve if you have Celiac and follow the diet. My suggestion is to weigh your feedback and any info you can find and go from there. Best wishes.
  15. I was offering my experience not advice. True I am a stranger but in this forum you have a community of knowledgeable people who have experienced it and are living it. Follow your heart and it will lead you in the right direction. My experience is that the professionals have extremely limited knowledge or understanding of Celiac. I have put out a plea to anyone in the Celiac network in my state more than once if they have a doctor who understands it to let me know and I would go anywhere in the state. I received no response. Hopefully your experience with doctors is better than mine has been. Best luck to you and your daughter. This site is helpful. For me the phobia of getting contaminated at public events is very real and being on this site has helped me realize that I am not alone in that.