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  1. For the past few years I have been dealing with extreme stomach cramps. I can’t seem to even relate the cramping to specific foods (spicy or otherwise). Stomach cramps have been a way of life. I have cramps after I eat, while I “attempt” to sleep, I began to live on Imodium because it was the only thing that helped (Gas-X, must be for baby cramps) diarrhea, inevitably followed. It became a viscous cycle. The first doctor I went to sent me in for a colonoscopy (butt cam), which I thought, was looking in the wrong door. To make a long story short, they found cancer, cut it out, I heeled up, Doc put me on Metamucil, it seemed to help with the cramps to an extent. Does that mean I don't have celiac disease? Anyway, an article was in standard.net yesterday about people that have a disease that has something to do with wheat. Come to find out that this is the same problem that my family has been teasing my father about for years; we called him “Mr. itchy butt”. Thanks Dad for putting two and two together, “Not”. That is if this disease runs in the family. Could this be the missing piece to this seemingly unsolvable cramping puzzle? What do you think? Well, thats why I’m in this web site. No, I haven’t been tested. Yet. Thanks for putting up with my ranting.