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  1. Question About Ttg Iga

    Hmm...I understand what you are saying in the post you linked to. But something about that just doesn't sit right. Still trying to wrap my brain around it
  2. My daughter, 16, was having some extreme fatigue and the doc ran some tests and found her ferritin level to be only 3. I talked him into some tests for celiac since I am suspicious of celiac in myself. Her tTG IGA was 8.6. According to the lab value less than 20 is negative. I have seen other labs say less than 4 is negative and that 8.6 would be a weak positive. Can anyone shed some light on the difference in lab interpretations? We just don't have any explanation for such a low ferritin level in her. Thanks for your help!
  3. Thoughts On These?

    I will DEFINITELY let you know. Thanks so much for all of your help and kind words!!
  4. Thoughts On These?

    I'm doing pretty well. Thank you for asking! I have had some back and forth periods of eating gluten. Had a heart attack in September that took us completely off guard. Turns out it was caused by a tear in one of my arteries. Nothing at all to so with cholesterol and such. In fact my cholesterol is only 80!! Being gluten free does bring me a lot of improvement...no headaches, no bloating, more energy etc. However the diarrhea is not resolved, at least not entirely.
  5. Thoughts On These?

    Okay let's see... She is 9 1/2 with no real digestive complaints. She has been eating gluten for several months (August I think) and was only gluten free for about two weeks before my husband gave her and the other children gluten "without thinking about it". She only threw up once and had a headache for a couple of days. She has always had some problems with what we thought was eczema off and on since she was around 3. For as long as I can remember she has had rough feeling skin on her stomach. A few months back the "eczema" started looking different and was on her stomach which was new. Made her an appointment right after Christmas and she was given the oral steroids because it was too widespread for topical. The steroids helped a little but by no means got rid of the rash. A matter of days after she finished them the rash popped up in new places and was worse looking than in the pics I posted. Those new areas on her forearms and elbows are actually cleaning up right now. We don't have any diagnosed celiacs in my family. The short version of my history is: diarrhea for four years starting right after giving birth on 2009, lifetime of migraines, tired with a general vague unwell feeling as far back as I can remember, perforated colon while pregnant in 2013, told I have Crohn's disease following surgery for the perforation, weird rash started a few months after surgery that comes on when I eat gluten and goes away when I don't. I think I know how the biopsy has to be done: next to the effected area, must be eating gluten, and at least a couple months after finishing the steroids. Is that right? Thank you so much!
  6. Thoughts On These?

    Sorry...it should say she was one of my children who threw up, not threw about. Her primary care doc put her on oral steroids to see if they would help. At the time she only had the rash on her stomach. The steroids helped a tiny bit. When the ten days on the steroids were up, the rash came back worse and in places she didn't have it before...life her forearms and elbows. She is not gluten free at this time. You are right I do call the shots and it is my child. I'm also the mother of a special needs child who was made to feel like an idiot over and over again for a long time. No one would believe me when I knew in my gut there was something terribly wrong from birth. Turns out I was right. Guess I'm still a little sore after being treated like a fool for so long. Thanks for your help
  7. Thoughts On These?

    I posted several months back about myself and concern over possible celiac. I still don't have any definitive answers from a doctor but I DO know for certain that gluten is my enemy Now I have some concerns about a rash that my daughter has. It is different than the rash I have but it's widespread and terribly itchy for her. Wondering if y'all could give me your thoughts on some pics http://www.flickr.com/photos/99968424@N08/12292595433/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/99968424@N08/12292435495/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/99968424@N08/12292863014/ This rash in the pics is her back and just above her rear end. She also has this rash on her stomach, around the underarms on the back side, and on her forearms and elbows. She has an appointment with a dermatologist in 10 days but thought I would ask you real experts first! I don't want to mention the possibility of DH if the doc is gonna think I'm nuts. I just have this gut feeling about her. She is one of my children who threw about after going back on gluten after a gluten free trial. Thanks for any help y'all can offer
  8. Question About Break Outs...

    Thank you so much! One thing I have noticed is that though I haven't really gotten anything new the last few days, the spots that are starting to heal keep getting inflamed again. I also think ibuprofen may have been a trigger for the more severe outbreak as I was taking it every 6 hours or so for a few days.
  9. Hello! Quick question, hopefully I have not been diagnosed with DH, but am very suspicious of it. Started with a strange rash, went gluten free and rash went away. Went back to eating gluten and it came back and I have had new bumps each day since going back to eating gluten. I had one cluster that I recently posted pics of which was far more severe than any others have been. I am still eating gluten but over the last few days really haven't noticed anything new. Does this happen with DH? Can you break out with new bumps every day for over a month and then stop for a few days, weeks, etc?
  10. Dh? What Do You Guys Think?

    Ya know, I may very well need to come here and pitch a hissy fit lol. During our short gluten free trial, all I wanted was FAST FOOD of the gluteny variety I craved it terribly...I really did. I think I may very well just forget the testing and go gluten free. I don't know how much longer I can stand waiting and I certainly don't want to do any further damage to myself eating gluten until money starts falling from the sky for testing! Thank you for your kind support. I've been reading on this board for a little while now and you guys are so amazing. There is SO MUCH information and support here. I don't know what I would do without this board! I plan to stick around...both to learn and to share our experience as we go forward. Thanks so much again!
  11. Dh? What Do You Guys Think?

    Oh boy...the perforated colon. What a crazy story. In January 2009 after the birth of my 7th child I started having bowel issues. Lots of CRAZY noises like I had never heard and very loose stools. Being the stubborn woman that I am, I completely ignored my problems despite urging from my hubby and others that I really needed to see a doctor. Fast forward to January 2013 and I am due March 25 with my 10th child. Mid January I started having some odd burning pain around the top of my uterus. The pain got worse over a couple of weeks. I had mentioned it to my OB/GYN and got the usual "well, the older you get and the more babies you have...the more aches and pains you get" blah blah blah. I knew it wasn't that. I had a couple of episodes that landed me in the ER where they kept insisting on sending me to labor and delivery even though I INSISTED that I knew what labor felt like and THIS WASN'T LABOR. I had an episode of pain so severe that I could.not.move. Then I threw up. That was what sent me to the ER the second time but by the time I got there the pain was actually better. They sent me to labor and delivery and I went home without many answers. My OB ordered a gallbladder ultrasound which did show some stones and sludge so I tried to ignore the pain I was having. What was weird about the pain is that after the extremely painful attacks, I had this remaining soreness that wouldn't go away. My friend who has gallbladder issues said she had never experienced that with gallbladder attacks. I had another attack to severe that my hubby called my OB and he said to go to the ER and tell them HE SAID not to send me to labor and delivery!! My pulse was 139. By the time I got in a room and the doc came in, I also had a fever. They ordered all sorts of blood work and sent me for an ultrasound. Turns out my white count was up also. The ultrasound showed some fluid low in my abdomen but because of my very large uterus they couldn't tell where it was coming from. They sent me for CT and still couldn't really tell but also noted that I had a "lesion" or something of some sort on my colon. Surgeon came, my OB came in...they talked and said they thought it was my appendix. They were going to operate and baby was going to be left in utero. The whole time I had been contracting a little, but I wasn't dilating. I woke up and was wheeled to labor and delivery to recover because they wanted to monitor the baby. They had given me a couple shots to try to stop some contractions when I woke up and was in recovery. That part is a little hazy being that I had just come out from under anesthesia. When I was a little more coherent and in my room my hubs told me that it wasn't my appendix...the surgeon felt I had Crohn's disease, that my colon had perforated and I had severe infectious nastiness floating free in my abdomen..peritonitis, YAY! They removed about a foot of my intestines. The surgeon left a couple areas of the incision open because of the infection which was not only strange, it was creepy lol. They kept trying to monitor the baby and I kept saying I was feeling pain down low in my back. They checked my cervix and I was six centimeters. My OB informed me she was going to break my water and I asked her if she was crazy?! Even the nurse said..." But she's going to have a c-section, right?" Doc said nope. So, I had to deliver my baby (early), naturally, with an open incision, with a drain in my abdomen and a tube in my nose....and he was born face up! He spent a couple weeks in the NICU but was healthy and big for a 32 weeker....5 pounds 12 ounces! He is a precious gift and weighs 20 pounds now! So, that's the story. Haven't really had any further treatment for my Crohn's. It has been my desire to try to treat it with a more natural approach rather than meds. In my search of the internet for help I found this board and started reading up on Celiac. Not long after that I got the rash...felt like maybe God was trying to tell me something Who knows...maybe I have both? Thank you so much for all your encouragement and help. It's nice to have a group of people who get where you're coming from!
  12. Dh? What Do You Guys Think?

    Right now more than ever I am so thankful we HOMESCHOOL! I don't have to worry about what they might get at school I have been considering just going gluten free and assuming that I likely have Celiac disease. I of course would have everyone else in the house gluten free as well...hard enough to cook for 12 people without making separate meals! Plus so many of them seemed to react to going back on gluten... I also have a child (13) with autism and an almost 3 year old who is rather...quirky... so, with each passing day I am more convinced there is a gluten issue in our home and that it needs to go! Thanks so much again for your help and encouragement. My hubby doesn't seem to think I have celiac. I told him to read up on it and then get back to me
  13. Dh? What Do You Guys Think?

    If you click the link and the black screen appears, you should be able to click the X on the right hand side where it says "Close" and then the pic shows up. Weird I know.... As I replied to squirmy above...the rash is bilateral...both elbows and has been on both knees though it is currently only on one and much more mild than what is in the pics. The rash is definitely getting worse though with each new breakout! My GI doc has ordered some blood work which I am hoping to have done very soon...no health insurance. We have a large family (10 kids) so I do feel testing is pretty important in order to clarify but in the end, if a gluten free diet helps us then that is what we will do even if testing is negative. I just have this feeling our testing will be a mess...seems that so many people have false negatives. Thanks so much for your help!
  14. Dh? What Do You Guys Think?

    Thanks for looking at the pics I do actually the rash on both elbows, and have had it on both knees. It is much milder than what is in the pics that I posted. In fact, it has been mild this whole time and not all that itchy, until this new breakout that I posted. My hubby was hollering at me at 3 a.m. to stop scratchin it My GI doc has ordered some blood work. Hoping to have the cash to get it done VERY soon...I have no health insurance. I am also hoping to find a competent dermatologist because I figure the skin biopsy has got to be cheaper than an endoscopy. I'm so ready to go back to being gluten free! I had so much more energy when I was gluten-free and felt like a whole new person in the morning. I also had normal stools for a couple days for the first time in years! Thanks so much for your help!
  15. Dh? What Do You Guys Think?

    I had a perforated colon in February and was told I have crohns disease. Kind of a long story but I've been suspicious for gluten sensitivity in myself and some of my children and then I started getting this odd rash a couple months ago. Ive always suffered with headaches and migraines for as long as i can remember. I have had chronic diarrhea for about four years. We went gluten free for a couple of weeks and my rash, which was very mild at the time, cleared up and i felt so much better in general. We went back to eating gluten to pursue testing and the rash came back. Not only that but a couple of my children vomited the next day, one has been suffering headaches and various ailments ever since etc etc. My almost 16 year old has an unexplained low ferritin level of 3, I have a toddler who has fallen off the growth chart...the list seems endless. These pics are from Saturday, Sunday, and this morning. Sunday it was the most itchy! Just wondering if any of you who have DH think this could be DH? http://www.flickr.com/photos/99968424@N08/9449421611/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/99968424@N08/9449426109/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/99968424@N08/9452212600/