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  1. My youngest daughter who isn't gluten-free got some Bugles original. I was reading the ingredients and I said "they dont have wheat in them anymore". But the futher I was reading down on the bag it said may contain wheat and milk. Here are the ingredients: Degermed yellow corn meal Coconut Oil Sugar Salt Baking Soda Freshness preserved by BHT So what am I missing where is the Wheat and Milk. Could it be a cross contamination issue or do they process Bugles on a wheat line. Could you pleas weigh in on this. Thanks
  2. Well Praise the Lord for this post. My son is 7 and when he was 3mo old he started in with the BIG D and vomitting and it was like everything came through whole. They would ask for a stool sample and I would bring in undigested food and they would say no I need stool and I would say this is all I can get off the diaper because the rest in all asorbed into the diaper. Well I will try to make this post short because I have a passion about gluten-free people and the way it changed my families life. He has always had bad sinus infections and upper respitory infections and it has been bad since he was a baby. He was in and out of the hospital. When he was 1 we put him on IVIG because he no longer had an imune system. When he was 20 months old we put him on a gluten-free diet (no confirmed testing)and he started doing so much better but he was still sick but no BIG D and vomitting. HUGE improvment. So when he was 3 our Dr. from Kansas sent us to Atlanta Georgia to see a specialist and she told me that he needed to go back to GI specialest to see about the celiac because she thought his immune problems were GI related. He was having about 14-15 infections a year. So I went back to Kansas and he told me that he would do a bunch of test and see what he could find. Called back and said he carried the genes for celiac so that must be the problem and that immunolgy dr needed to decide what to do because he is just fine (GI wise).He was still growing very slowly about 1 lb a year and about 1 inch a year. When he was 5 we were sent to a growth specialest and for 18mo we saw 3 different drs and on finally said you need to go back to a GI specialist because all his growth problems are related to his GI problems. I told them we have been there several times and there is nothing wrong other than celiac and all his labs are saying that we have all the gluten out. So at 6.5 years we went back to the GI and the dr said I am going to prove these dr's that these problems are not GI related. So he took 7 tubes of blood and a stool sample..... 1 week latter I got a call and said everything came back normale except he has a Moderate Pancreatic ENzyme Definciency. So we started on Creon which is pancreatic enzyme. In one month of starting on the medicine he gained 5lbs and grew 2 inches. Within 4 months he had gained a total of 10lbs and 5 inches. We also did the whole sweat test but we also did the genetic testing for CF because we were told that 99% of the kids with this desease have CF. But we are very thankful he doesnt have it. Good thing is that it is treatable bad thing is that it is a life long disease. He will never ever out grow it. They told me that because we had put Braunson on the gluten-free diet it had taken the stress off his system but that is why it took them so long to diagnoisis him. He does very well on the medicine we had to add another one to help with some of the side effects. I wanted to write all this to let you know you arent alone. I feel alone at times and I am so happy to know that someone else understands this disease and process. I would love to visit with you about this if you want to.
  3. Taco Bueno

    Is any thing from Taco Bueno gluten-free?
  4. Genetic Testing

    I agree with almost everything. I guess I should explained alittle bit more. I know my son is glutten intolerant and we are not going to take him off the diet yet. He responded very well to the diet. We are seeing if he carries the gene and is more likely to have accually have celiac disease. He is very sick with sinus problems and his b and t cells are low in his immunsystem and since the gi tract and immunsystem go hand in hand then we are trying to ellimiante the posibility of all gi problems (other than celiac disease). The reason we are doing gene testing is because I refuse to put him back on glutten. If it comes back negative that he doesn't carry the gene then the dr said he needs to remain on the diet because of an allergy or celiac disease or glutten intollerance. Then we are also looking for other gi problems.
  5. My son has been gluten-free for over 2 years and he has other problems. We were sent to Atlanta to a dr and the dr wanted other gi testing done. We live in Kansas and we saw one gi dr in KC and he said to put him back on glutten and then test to see if the testing came back positive. I told him he was crazy. So we went to see a different gi dr and he suggested to genetic testing. He wants to see if he carries the gene for celiac disease. He never had positive blood test or biopsy but since being gluten-free he has grown and no more diahrea. Please help me I don't want to put him through unessessary testing. Thanks
  6. McDonalds fries are NOT gluten-free. They now put wheat starch in the grease. Don't eat them. The apples and the dip are fine. Good Luck
  7. Hi since you all are for Ks (I live 30 mi south of Salina) who do you dr with. We had Dr San Plablo at Children Mercy and didn't like him at all. We finally just put him on a gluten-free diet and then had sucess. Please let me know of a good dr because in 20mo of a gluten-free diet we have never had a check up. My ped would like to know if we are on the write track. Since putting Braunson on the diet my 9yr old and my self have all started the gluten-free diet. We still have 3 children not on it and my husband. My nephew last week was started on the diet. With great success. None of us have a celiac diagnosis but all have had postitive dietary change.
  8. Kansas Doctor Needed

    We are from around Salina and we have a good ped. for my children and it helps because her best friend had celiac disease. So she is very knowledgeable. We had to go to Kansas City and see Dr SanPloblo at Children Mercy. My son was 20 mo old when we went gluten-free and our ped never suspected celiac disease but was supportive when I told her we were going gluten-free. But if you suspect gallbladder problems just call a general surgion and he should be able to help you. But if you are interested a Dr Johnson is very good in Salina as an adult gi dr. Good Luck
  9. Hi I know just what it is like. I have a 2 yr old that is grf and 4 other children that are not but from experience it does get better. He has been gluten-free since Feb 1, 2004. He goes to a play group for speech theropy 2 times a month and they feed snack there and if he gets something a little different it doesn't matter to him. But as far as snacks go I was givin a gluten-free graham cracker recipe and it is pretty easy to make but does take a little time about 45 min for start to finish. I don't have time to type it all in today but if you will email me I will send it to you at the beginning of next week. I also agree with the others the enviro kids cookies are really good. We also find a energ cracker that taste like a saltine and aren't to expencive. Good luck once your son starts to feel better he will not want all the glutten poison in his system. Braunson amazes a lot of people in the way he handles himself on the diet.
  10. My son is 2 and 1/2 and also has the esophlic (sp) and he takes singular and zyertc everyday. He is also glutten free. My son has to stay completely away from glutten, ornages and chocolate, cocoanut and seeds. There is so much he can't have but it beats dh and vomitting all the time. He also can't have oral antibiotics because they make him sick and has allergy induced asthma and in allergic to albuteral. We find stuff all the time that upset his gi tract. The dr said he is just going to be one of those kids that we will always have to be very careful with.
  11. My son threw up every time he ate oatmeal. So even before we became gluten-free we had went off of oatmeal. But McCains Irish oatmeal is gluten-free. I comes in a can at most health food stores. It is very expensive but worth it. I cook with it and also make cookies for my son and now my daughter. I didn't know about it untill I went to out support group meetin that we have and they told me about it and I was very excited. They told me that the Irish process their oatmeal seperate and no cross contamination.
  12. I found out with my children. My son was almost starved to death and was having severe diahrea and vomiting. He also had sores on him bottom. After he was 15 mo old I took him to a gi dr. He ran test after test after test and found nothing He tested him for every thing a said that it was all my imagination that he had any problem. So on a Friday after his 18th stool and it only being 3:30 in tha afternoon I called the dr and said if you don't do something I will find another dr. I said what about a glutten intollerance. The dr said do what ever you want because the labs all came back fine. In 4 days my son at the age of 20 mo old had his first solid bm. We have been 11mo to the day gluten-free and he is thriving and growin and doin great. Then I asked the drs to test all my kids and the refused. My 8 yr old has been to gi drs, allergiest and every other kind of drs and they always say the don't know what is wrong with her. She has severe sinus promblems and constipation. 7wks ago I put her on a gluten-free diet and she has been sinus infection free and normal stools every since. We had the challage of there is no family history. I always say parents know best. Also by us not having a paper dx insurance can not deny for any reason now. Some people have to have a correct dx but for me if my children are healthy and thriving then that is dx enough for me.
  13. Hi my son has been gluten-free since Feb 05 and he is 2 now. My son had severe diahrea with the sandy grainy looking stools. My son also could not tollerate whole milk. After going gluten-free my son stools stopped looking like that and after about 6 mo he could start drinking whole milk. My son could always drink 2% milk with limited amouts not 10 glasses a day. He could have may be 2 glasses at first and then slowly I increased it to more and now he has no restrains on milk consumptions. He had the big blisters on him bottom. The only time his stools go grain is if he gets a hold of glutten. I would say go glutten free clear up his bottom and diahrea and then may be try 2% milk and then latter try the whole milk. Good luck as you know from you daughter, life gets better.
  14. Tulsa Ok

    My family of 7 will be visiting Tulsa and would like to know if there are any good affordable restaurants in Tulsa near the Civic Center. We will be a limited budget and would love to eat out a couple of times. We will be leaving on the 18th of Nov. Thanks in advance for any help.
  15. Ugggh!

    We go to a small church about 50-60 people but when Braunson started to have problems our church asked me what snack he could eat. The church went out stocked our nursery with Malt-o-meal Corn Blast. All the children eat a gluten-free snack. That way we don't have to worry about anything. All the children don't mind eating that way and is a cheap alternative to aniaml crackers. May be you can ask your church to change the snack that they serve.