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  1. Hi, everyone. I'm newly diagnosed, and on my second day of gluten free. I know this thread is over a year old, but it's still giving me hope. I was about ready to think I was going freaking crazy. The first day of no gluten was great. I had energy, I felt better. I wasn't all bloated (well, not as much) and looking like I should be the poster child for UNICEF. Today, however, I feel like I'm going nuts. Certifiably so. My stomach has been a wreck all day, from bloated and constipated in the morning to a veritable fountain now (sorry to be gross). I have zero energy, and I feel like ripping the head off anyone who asks me even the most innocuous request (like, "Tell me how your day was?"). I also feel seriously out of it. I was driving earlier, and luckily, made it home without driving into a telephone pole (that would have been interesting. Officer: "Ma'am, have you been drinking?" Me: "No, just going through some major gluten withdrawal."). Thanks for this thread, old as it is. I feel a bit less nuts just knowing I'm not certifiable (at least not completely). Oh, how I hope this doesn't last for months, though!