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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. The endoscope is way worse for us a parents. The just go to sleep and it only takes about 15 mins. It really is not bad
  2. Miralax but I know this from iron and pregnancy. It doesn't make you go just easier to go.
  3. We had similar issues and were offered straight to endo so we did that. < Easiest thing for him and he got a popcicle He has intestinal inflammation , minor damages and been diagnosed an odd "borderline celiac" We have been taken off gluten and did a celiac pediatric panel which came back negative but I haven't seen the results. At least this point we have to wait and test wait and test... Not everyone fits the cookie cutter I guess. I personally would req an endo and rule out damage and inflammation first. Mine isn't 3 yet and had some. It isn't bad for them at all.
  4. Or diverticulitis comes to mind... Also diet change Nothing with nuts or seeds like strawberries
  5. Have you had other things tested? This was how my friends Crohns started. Just an idea.
  6. Should I even worry about it or press it... or just go gluten-free and forget about it? Did they even run right tests before?
  7. My PA ran tests on me 5 years ago because I had requested it having GI symptoms and bloating pain. They called me then and told me it was negative and I just said ok. Well since my son just got diagnosed I wanted to see my actual test. I realize just now when I got them it says Celiac Disease Comp Final, infant. ttg antibody, IGA <3 *<5 neg glaidin anti IGA 6 *<11 neg IGA, serum 340 81-463 normal Why would they do an infant test? Should I ask for a retest now since he has been diagnosed now? I still have major symptoms. I went gluten free a few days ago when they diagnosed my son and put him on gluten-free diet. I am already feeling a tiny bit better as far as bloat goes.
  8. This is where I get confused.. They recommed to go gluten-free bc after the endo testing is basically done until they are older. So your saying keep giving them gluten until they retest?
  9. These children are tiny and not all positive blood work means celiac however our kids may not have damage either since they are so little which is what they use to confirm in endo and genetic testing is an only could be test also so just all puzzle peices as I have been told. Unfortunately only time will tell. What confuses me most is going gluten free skews the results but you need to for their well being so they have you do that and diagnose a lot of times on results from that in conjunction with those findings.
  10. I got my 2 year old's endoscope Wednesday and everything "looked fine" Biopsy results showed different. So you never know. I know it takes longer there in Canada but we had full biopsy results Friday afternoon.
  11. Is it possible at the softball event she just had a virus? I can't comment on the sleepover but maybe there was no messup at the event and she was just sick? Not being sarcastic but that could happen too, gluten-free doesn't stop virus. I'm new so I am wondering myself here.
  12. Salax- I think you nailed it. I think it is hard and like I said he told me he never has to make this phone call.. it is either "he is or isn't" I guess in some cases although rare it can happen. Just like in a pregnancy you can be "pregnant" with a Molar pregnancy which isn't really a pregnancy just acts and mimics a pregnancy and the embryo is random unidentifiable tissues most time and was never a baby.