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  1. The vidio say's it all Squimingitch, Our prayers and thanks go out to the family that donated the organs that saved lives. Our prayers continue for Eloise and her family. It will be a great day when day can again post on the forum. God bless everyone who has kept Eloise and her family in prayer...
  2. Many prayers are going up to the heaven for you, Eloise. Please God Stay with this lovely child, make her well and protect her family. Peace be with you always, come back to us soon.
  3. DITTO GEMINI. What a girl!!!!!!!!!
  4. I have used them, with no problems....My husband and 3 or 4 friends have used them with the gin. IT DOES WORK. Good luck!
  5. I am not really an expert on labels but, I do not buy anything that is made in a facility that process wheat. I feel it is safer not to take chances, your children are so young they cannot tell you if they have minor problems. Stay with whole foods or certified gluten free. At least that is my opinion.
  6. I have eaten the Gluten Free rice chex with no problems, I am a little afraid of the clusters, maybe I will try them and see if they are a problem..I bought some corn chex for my husband gluten free of course. I have not tried them yet, so cannot judge. I am not very brave when it comes to new things. Arlene I laughed at your post.. i am like Colleen I like to think the larger companies are more carefull.
  7. I was diagnosed at age 70, I had problems for 47 years, iam now 72 and feeling much better,I do work out as much as I can, I go everyday to the gym but sometimes just do the bikes or treadmill. If I am under stress I feel very tired and will rest as much as need be.(right now I am feeling off. My mother just died in her 90's). I wonder if you might be having trouble with polymyalgia..I know that can cause pain all over...But for sure keep working on finding a solution.....Hoping you will feel better soon. I know it is a struggle.
  8. You made a sick man very happy, his kitty too. Congratulations.
  9. My heart aches, Eloise please know that your sister loves you very much. Love never dies. Melissa now has no pain or illness, her soul is at peace and free. Each night before you go to sleep, look to the heavens and say goodnight to Melissa and tell her you love her. You will feel her spirit suround you with love and warmth. God bless you and your family. What a wonderful sister an daughter you are. Please stay in touch with us.
  10. God bless you eloise for keeping in touch......We are all praying hard for Kerrygirl and for you . Please tell her we love and admire her, she is such an inspiration to us on c.com.. Many prayers are being said for her to be at peace, whatever happens we will always be thankful to have known her, May the blessings of the lord shine upon you and your family. Many people on this site, (including me) are much older but, we have learned so much from your 22 year old sister.
  11. So sorry about your Grommit, many hugs to you today.
  12. Kerrygirl: Whatever decision you make will be there right one. I will add you to my prayers,, and ask God to give you strength. Bless you.
  13. I had all those things happen to me. Still do if I get gluten in my system, I have learned not to panic but still wonder if it could be a stroke. The first time it happened was years ago, I could not figure out how to start my car and had to sit for a while and think of whereI was. MRI came back normal also.
  14. I also have migraines aura's and am unable to read words or remember names of simple things, very scarey. I don't get them real often since going gluten free. If this happens again I think you should mention it to your Dr. just to be on the safe side. Also I found that I could not eat chocolate,banana's . It could be you need to keep a food diary for a while. Good luck