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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you for the replies. I defiantly have to decided to not use them anymore. The ick feeling lasts about 14 hours or so and then I feel better, until after I take the fruit chews. So I can only relate it to them. It's not a "knock me out" for 3 days that I normally get when glutened, but enough to make me not want to take them anymore. I can't believe it took me about 5 days to relate it to the fruit chews. Yes, there is both natural and artificial sweeteners in them. So far I haven't run into issues with either. However I know traveling down this road can cause changes in what seems like a blink of an eye. Thanks again for the replies. When/if I hear back from the company I will share the reply. I'm learning, it's a slow process, but I'm learning
  2. Hi there. Brand new here, brand new to all of this. I have been gluten free (except for accidental glutening) for about 2 months. Last week I purchased Alka Seltzer fruit chews for my occasional heart burn. I've taken a couple just before bed for the last several nights. For the last several nights I've had horrible nausea, headache, body aches and sweating. I've woken myself up with the miserableness of it all and my moaning and groaning. Tonight after I took 2, within half an hour it started again and a little light bulb went off. So I read the ingredients again. No wheat or other gluten foods mentioned. However there are two different modified food starches. So I began to search the web. Only found one "entry" that said not gluten free. It was on a personal blog. I didn't find anything else. I did send an email and hope to get a response quickly. However, I am impatient and wondering if anyone here knows or if they've had a glutened like reaction from taking them. If its not the fruit chews I need to dig deeper and figure out what is causing my nighttime sickness the last several days. Thanks