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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Also, how long after being glutened do you get your reactions? A few hours? Less than that? That's another thing I have trouble with. For example when he threw up a few days ago it was around 8:30, we'd had dinner around 6. I guessed it was supper, but could it have been from lunch? What he threw up was definitely his supper, but maybe it was because of lunch?
  2. Thanks guys. It's great getting all this different input, it gives me a better idea of what I need to watch out for. I have been keeping a food journal for over a month now. I know it has not been a long time and we still need to adjust many things in our diet, it's just so hard Plus no one around us had ever heard of gluten before so basically we're on our own, AND my doctor is not so skilled in the "gluten intolerance" field so she doesn't really know what she's doing. I absolutely REFUSE to have my son tested for celiacs because when he eats this tiny bit of gluten he gets super sick, so there is no way in heck I will have him eat gluten for 3 whole weeks in order to do a test that may or may not be accurate. Dilettantesteph, where do you find out how many ppms of gluten there are in gluten free food? I looked on the pasta package as I was making supper and didn't find any info...I don't usually keep packages so all my gluten free food is in tuppperware now, so I have no way to know. I'll google it tonight
  3. That's a very good point kipenzi, thanks a lot. I am going to ask his doctor to prescribe a more thorough panel of allergy tests, I think. We are still getting used to the gluten free diet but I think after 2 months we are getting pretty good... Thanks a lot guys!
  4. Thanks for your replies, The sitter is my mom, she is very careful with CC, so I don't think it could be that. The first time he was sick, he had cod (fish), potatoes, tomatoes and corn (both canned), and a gluten free cookie for dessert. The second time he had homemade vegetable soup (homemade chicken broth, brocoli, carrots, celeri, canned tomatoes and gluten free noodles), gluten free ham, red and green peppers, cucumber, avocado, a piece of laughing cow cheese, a gluten free cracker and a piece of cantaloupe for dessert. Do you see anything that could possibly contain gluten or eggs? Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi everyone, I am new here, I have been reading your posts almost everyday for the past two months but I decided to join today. My son has been gluten-free for almost two months, and egg free for a month and a half. Now, my question today is the following. My son has had two gluten reactions in the past two days from (I think) Aylmer's diced tomatoes. The ingredients only say tomatoes, water & salt, no spices and no tomato paste... Has anyone here ever reacted from these tomatoes? My son was so sick during the night, he threw up multiple times (this was the first time he would throw up from being glutened) and he ate some again the next day at the sitter's and he had a very "gluten" poop. Could he be senitive enough that he reacts from cross-contamination? Thanks a lot for your input!