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  1. So I have still not found an answer for my sons digestive issues. He is doing alot better gluten free except for 2 days ago he had a bout of diarrhea then a day of pale poops following it. ( maybe some unknown source of gluten) as I am new to gluten free. Anyways I found this article about parasites interesting. About them raising IGA levels.... "14) Immune Dysfunction Oftentimes, when you have a parasite living inside of you, it will leech vital nutrients from the body, forcing the immune system to operate with a poor supply of vitamins, minerals, and energy sources. Parasites also stimulate the production of immunoglobulin A, which is a defender against foreign substances. Over time, this over stimulation can exhaust the body’s supply of immunoglobulin A, leaving the body susceptible to attacks from bacteria, yeast, fungus, virus, and other foreign invaders. " http://www.parasite-cleanse.com/intestinal-parasite-symptoms.html
  2. Thank you so much for the response. Sorry for spelling errors. So his test results for stool sample came back negative. Go Figure! It has been 11 days off wheat and finally a almost normal poop. The last week he has had almost white colored bm's which were freightning. The GI doctor took more blood for infections, bacteria and such, wants me to get and ultra sound and HIDA scan. We are refusing the HIDA scan. She also insists we keep giving him wheat because he needs it in his diet and that is not what is causing his issues. I disagree. When I originally wrote my first post here it had been 5 days, off wheat. After 2 1/2 wks diarrhea and 6 days off wheat it started to subside. Then his bowels movements went to pale color gray white, and the color of butter. They thought it was his liver! I am thinking it just took 11 days off wheat for his little body to heal. Still no one else is sick, and all the test they have ran are so far negative. Since the doctors won't test for celiac I plan on keeping him off wheat for a while then tring it again when he can handle it. If he gets symptoms, I will have to demand a test. That is if I want proof on paper, otherwise we will be fine gluten free. I read alot about Celiac being hereditary. I was wondering if perhaps it skip a gen. or not? My mother has always had lots of stomach issues and kidney stones. She has Graves disease, (hyperactive thyroid) and this causes her kidney stones, her kidney stones are composed of oxilates, and when recently trying to make a connection I found that their is a connection between thyroid disease and celiac. Also, wheat cantains oxilates. I am thinking she might have celiac, and this is what caused all her stomach isssues her whole life and the thyroid problem and her never ending kidney stones. Doctors cant seem to figure out why she continues to get no matter what treatment. I told her to discuss this with her new doc, who she says is great, she is skeptical, but says she will.
  3. Hi everyone. I am new to the forum and joined to hopefully get answers. Ok so my son just turned one a month ago and soon after he started to get diarrhea. It progressed from just loose to yellow mucous several times a day. It has been over 2 wks now. He has been to the er 3 times, his pcp and a gi specialist. They all are throwing different things out there but are not fully listening to me. There are too many personal opinions on this. I started to worry greatly after a week when his diarrhea got worse instead of better. Of couse the first diagnose was a visus! Which is doctors answers for everything. I knew this was not it simply because no other symptoms, fever, fatigue,nothing. Second time in ER different hospital next day I made them do a stool sample. It came back with c. diff, but they said my pedi would have to retest because false pos. in infants. My pedi repeated the stool test. Still waiting. I have gotten things like... Too much juice, too much milk, Neither the case. My issue is he recently started eating more table foods, but he only likes to eat dry food like crackers. I noticed he would have loose stool after eating alot of it especially grahm crackers. I told them this but they act like it is impossible for toddler to be celiac? They told me to just keep his diet the same. He is starting to be weak from all the b.movements. He has no other symptoms but the bm's and tummy aches. I also had to convince doctors to test for parasites they act like there is no such thing! It is just strange that it started after eating crackers. Crackers, and goldfish are the only new foods in his diet. I stopped wheat abount 5 days ago if it is this how long for symptoms to dissapate? (Sorry for long post) TIA