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  1. Thanks for your advice. I'm going to bring this to my OB later this month when I see him. I'd rather run a celiac panel than the genetic panel. And if it is celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, it's a much easier fix than a chromosomal disorder. I can barely think of going through another miscarriage again.
  2. Hey Northern gal, Did you ever get a conclusive result from your doctor with a diagnosis? Are you still on a gluten-free diet? Any more miscarriages? After reading your post and several others, along with recent journal articles, I feel like I've had a lightbulb go on over my head. I've had 3 early miscarriages in the past 10 months. My doctor wants to test me for random genetics disorders and the like. But of course, why didn't I think of gluten issues before this!? My mom has celiac disease and I've had random GI issues almost my entire life. Gluten sensitivity seems like a much more plausible solution.