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  1. Symptoms Improved But Haven't Gone Away.

    Sorry, I meant blood test. I've revised my post.
  2. Symptoms Improved But Haven't Gone Away.

    Nope, I'm not sure. I tested negative for celiac in a blood test, but after cutting gluten and eating better overall my symptoms have been reduced. From ages 0-20 I had about one episode of severe lower abdominal pain coupled with diarrhea, nausea, sweating, malaise, and fatigue per month. Beginning 6 months ago, I began to have four. My symptoms quadrupled and I couldn't figure out way. No changes in diet or stress. After awhile I got so sick of it that I went on a gluten free, mostly dairy free diet coupled with high doses of probiotics and acupuncture. After that, it dropped back down to one per month, and now I'm here. That being said, I've accidentally ingested gluten 5 or so times since I've been gluten free with no ill effects. My dad has the same thing I do and so do multiple members on my Dad's side of the family. All have reported symptom reduction after cutting gluten. After my aunt went to the doctor for the same thing, they needlessly removed her gallbladder, so I'm not keen on seeing anymore doctors. I've talked to my primary care physician about it once and he just said "it's probably IBS", did a few blood/urine tests which came back negative, and sent me on my way.
  3. Symptoms Improved But Haven't Gone Away.

    I've been eating both Glutino Bagels and Udi's Granola for the better part of a month without any issues though. Udi's bagels definitely upset my stomach, but I'm pretty sure glutino is safe.
  4. Hi guys, So here's my situation: my entire life I'd have about one "episode" of severe abdominal pain and diarrhea per month or so. Then, beginning spring (6 months ago), I began to have an average of two per week. They were very painful and felt like someone was inserting a balloon into my intestine and blowing it up. The pain was right at my belt line in the center of my stomach and was followed by diarrhea. My dad has this exact same thing, and his symptoms improved when he stopped gluten, so I did the same thing. Now, I'm on a gluten free and mostly dairy free diet. My symptoms have improved in the sense that I'm back to about one bout of abdominal pain and diarrhea per month, however I'm still having issues. I still frequently have discomfort and gas, and I don't know what's causing them. I know I have problems with dairy, but the thing is I've accidentally ingested gluten numerous times and haven't had any problems. Then other times I would have a serious stomach episode when I'd know for sure I haven't had any gluten. So, what else can I do? What else can be causing this? This is what I ate in the 24 hours leading up to my latest stomach attack in order from soonest to latest: This morning (morning of attack): Breakfast: Glutino bagel, peanut butter, Jelly (yesterday): Snack: Glutino bagel, 3 slices of ham, mayo before bed Banana Udi's Gluten Free granola Dinner: Chicken and brown rice Snack Immune support emergen-c vitamin supplement Lunch: Gluten Free pasta and Prego sauce 3 beef franks Banana Breakfast: Glutino bagel with pb and jelly Coffee Everything in bold on this list I know for sure I've eaten before and not had any stomach problems. Does anyone have any insight on this? Psychological factors are not an issue at this point, I'm convinced it's something I'm eating. How can I pinpoint what's causing this when there are no obvious culprits?
  5. I love Glutino bagels, so maybe try those.
  6. Hopefully it's nothing too serious. I've had it since I was born and it hasn't killed me yet. Like I said, it's gotten much better after cutting gluten a month ago but has not gone away entirely. My impression of celiac was 100% better forever as long as you don't eat gluten, but I don't know much about this so I could be wrong. I'd say I'm 80% better since cutting it out. I was also under the impression that celiac was "eat gluten -> get sick", where I'm not really like that. I'd had plenty of gluten and been fine for days. There is simply a correlation between gluten and symptoms and a history of gluten intolerance in my family, but no direct link. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences with what I've described and how they manage it. I guess I'm waiting for someone to say "Yea, I had that exact same thing. All you have is a Vitamin XYZ deficiency. Take these vitamins and you'll be 100% in no time." The image of a infantry soldier in a fox hole with nothing to eat but an MRE generally does not hold true to the aviation side of the military. I've spoken to a few friends who are currently flying for the Air Force and they said it wouldn't be much of a problem. I've been flying for two years now and can function well under stress, stomach ache or not, so I'm really not too worried about that.
  7. Hey guys, So to make a long story short, I tested inconclusive for celiac as a kid but suspect I may have it now. I'm male and 21 years old. Prior to the last few months, I would eat tons of gluten and only have symptoms once a month or so, which included very painful intestinal spasms/inflammation (or what feels like it, I'm actually not sure) and "D" that came in waves and lasted anywhere from 1-3 hours. Starting at the end of March symptoms got much worse. I started to have these attacks every week, sometimes twice/week. I began to loose weight, miss class, etc. My Mom has these EXACT same symptoms. Once she stopped gluten, they got much better (but still didn't go away). So, last month I deciced to completely stop eating gluten and lo and behold my symptoms got much better. I've only had one minor attack since I stopped. Initially after I stopped, my intestines still felt uneasy all the time, however after treatment with probiotics they began to feel a bit better. Now I'm doing alright, much better than before, however I'm anxious about another stomach ache hitting me. My "celiac" has quite a few anomolies: First of all, eating gluten doesn't automatically give me problems. Cutting out gluten just reduced the frequency of them. There is no direct cause and effect relationship between gluten and what I'm experiencing. Secondly, some gluten free products give me the same symptoms that gluten does, for example Udi's bagels (but Glutino bagels are fine). My symptoms are an anomolie, there is no direct link to any food, life event, or environment that triggers them. They're completely random, and it's frustrating the heck out of me. Going gluten free is the only thing that has impacted it. Here's the kicker though: I can't see any Physicians, GI doctors, etc. about this or get any prescription drugs. I'm a civilian helicopter pilot and will be applying for military pilot slots after I graduate from college. Anything on my record about celiac, stomach problems, etc. will automatically disqualify me. I'm not going to get desked over my weak stomach. My symptoms must be managed quietly with OTC meds, alternative medicine, and/or diet changes. Which lead me to my question: any idea what I have? If so any other tips for managing it? What can I take for the pain? Immodium, Pepto, etc. do nothing for my symptoms.