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  1. My DS is being tested for a Celiac panel in two months. His Gastro doc recommended putting him on two slices of bread a day for two months to get his gluten levels up. I'd really like to ramp up the gluten but this would be when school is starting. When DS does any medium to large amount of gluten foods (especially bread) his total thought process\behavior changes. He's out of it for days.....no where with us. I'm worried about doing that at the beginning of a new school year with new teachers and aides. That being said, do you guys have any suggestions for foods to put back into rotation before Gluten panels? PS Yes, DS still has his neck swelling\goiter\croup\Asthma attacks....his ENT suspects Celiac and Hashimotos but we can't get in to an Endo for months and his Gastro really didn't care about pursuing the connection further.
  2. Huge Hugs to both of ya'll!! Thank you for the great advice and an understandable ear! First as for the goiter: docs *feel* an larger than normal thyroid, and see swelling *in front* of the thyroid...but a CT scan and Ultrasound say that it's just fine. What the hey! A Vibroscope (as in an imaging tool that there are only 2 in Houston) found the subglottic edema, but the CT scan and Utrasound on the same day found zero. Our Pedi did a "Celiac Panel" that I have not seen (and need to get) which came up negative. As for thyroid labs, they've been done by Pedis and Rheumatologists - all fine. I'd love to have all these labs run again (with an Endo and Gastro running them) as well as an uptake scan of his Thyroid. I swear his thyroid flares up. As for Celiac....good Lord the boy has just about every symptom you can name: low iron (also low Vitamin D); constipation\diarrhea; he can and has cleared a classroom with his gas (for years); sees PT for Balance issues; loads of behavioral diagnosis (ADHD, anxiety, etc.) and stomach, back and joint pain. If I let him eat bread or anything with lots of gluten in it, it's like he turns into a junkie....he'll cram as much as he can as fast as he can. Then his behavior goes off the chart for 3-4 days. Same with sugar. Any of that sound familiar? Heck....if and when we EVER get an Endo or Gastro appointment, I'm hitting that kid with eggs, dairy, bread...you name it! And we're still having ugly croup issues at night. This makes a solid week. The boy's 12! I'm really glad you guys took the time to write (and hoo ray I'm not the only one out there trying to figure Celiac and Thyroid out together). Hugs again!
  3. Thank you!!!!! I'll see about getting copies of the latest round of Thyroids labs to post. All we ever hear is "nope, they're all normal." Docs and I have been putting off the biopsy for years. Even our ENT said that half the time the biopsy was negative. Sooo..what is ya'll's experience with that? Heh..just got a call from ENT doc saying that the Endocrinologist they were trying to get me into doesn't see anyone under seventeen. Yeeees...we knew that five days ago. Kiddo was up last night with the barky cough part of croup and a breath output in the red zone. No ER. I'll check out that post and thanks again!!
  4. Hello! We truly need your help!!! My son is almost twelve and we've been fighting *this* particular fight for the past two years, and I really hoping *someone* out there recognizes this!!! I'm also hoping someone is located in our City (major Southern Metropolitan Medical Center in Texas ). Here's what's up (and bear with me as, for a while, you're going to go...umm.....we're all here for Celiac......?): Kiddo has had long, long medical history of immune insufficiency; drug resistant Strep\ENT infections (which required loads of antibiotics); drug induced Tardive Dyskinesia (Parkinson's) brought about by interaction between anti-viral medicine (for stomach yeast [Autism protocol - son **was** diagnosed as HF Autistic\Aspberger's....but that's another story] and Seroquel XR); serum iron deficiency and Vitamin D Deficiency; years of high positive ANAs and anti-Double Stranded DNAs. And that's the highlights...lol. Soooo.... Kiddo has had croup every few months since birth....even until now...and he's almost 12. Here's the kicker: his neck swells up with swelling in front of his thyroid, and the subglottic area of this throat swells and constricts. He gets inspiratory stridor with it as well. Sometimes a croupy cough, sometimes not. This "attack" comes and goes....sometimes for a day or two, sometimes for a few days. I first noticed the neck swelling out like a tire when he was five and in the hospital for emergency tonsil surgery (they were closed together). The docs at [very large downtown medical center hospital in a well known Southern Texas hospital] saw the enlargement and said "meh...must be part of the tonsil problem" and did zero to investigate....and discharged him]. Then came Autism and Parkinsonian movements (tardive dyskinesia) and I just got used to seeing his neck out like that. So, I've been to every specialist you can think of and we've done every single bloody lab you can think of......Endocrinologists (who said "hey you've got big neck muscles....everything else is just fine"); Rheumatologists ("hey labs are fine but you have muscle contracture!"); one ENT ("yeah you've got subglottic edema...go see a endocrinologist! Bye!"); Pedi said "hey....what about Celiac...let's do a lab." Negative. Thyroid labs, done quadruple times by different docs, perfect! So, here we are at our most recent incantation of the croup\neck\stridor\hoarseness thing, and we get a second opinion at another, brighter, ENT who goes "What the hey!!! I see it!!! We need to figure this out! This is crazy! Hey....there's some new research out there about Celiac and Hashimoto's...here let me print off some of that research for you at PubMed so you can read for yourself." Ahhh, the heavens opened and the angels sang. "Oh, and let me try to get you in with my wife's Endocrinologist...who typically doesn't see kids." Of course, I haven't heard anything back from ENT's nurse on Endo appt. See, you were wondering when I'd get around to Celiac, weren't you? The smart ENT thinks it's Celiac *with* Hashimoto's as he said recent research has found a high incidence of Hashimoto's with Celiac and vice versa in kids. ***Is this ringing any bells with you guys???*** We actually have a Gastro appointment for July 31st and we're on the call list (as it's technically still active). We do not have an Endo as of yet. We're at the "celiac panel your pedi did came back as negative" stage...which I've found in our city means no doctor will do anything until you have positive labs. And yes.....we've considered Celiac for some time as my kid has just about every single marker\symptom for Celiac. If any parent out there has experience with this, or with Hashimoto's with Celiac I've love to talk to you.