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  1. I searched for Simonella's challah bread but couldnt find it. Im not using mixes at the moment, just recipes on the internet. Just made a multigrain bread and this seems to be a bit better then the white bread.
  2. Hey guys, Thanks for all the suggestions. My husband is still really craving the white sandwich bread, so I shall persevere. Should I find anything that works I will let you all know. We have been trying the tortillas and next to try is the hamburger buns. Thanks for the brand suggestions, we shall try and see
  3. My husband has recently been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance, subsequently I am now making our own breads etc. The issue im having is that, despite following all the recipes exactly, the bread all have a cake like quality, and not like bread at all. Does anyone have any tips? I know that the bread will never be the same as store bought wheat bread, but any tips are most welcome.