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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you seezee! It's so good to have support, and have someone tell you that you're right to so what you're doing, even if it's just over the Internet. My husband is deployed right now, so while he supports me, it's not the same as when he is home. My daughter has a rash, which started as just a few dots. The ped thought it was molluscum (it doesn't look like pics online of molluscum), and the ped GI asked if she had a rash, I said yes, she didnt go any further with it, didnt even look at it. Now the rash is much worse, so I called her PCM yesterday. They put in a referral to see derm and also a second opinion with a different ped GI. I'm thinking about having myself tested for celiac, as I've noticed my bowel habits don't seem right, and I feel "sick" after I eat, tired a lot, plus some migraines.
  2. Ped GI was just as unhelpful. Says she "senses that it's just stool withholding" and need to have her on enemas and stool softeners to get her over the anxiety and then she'll get better. She ran a CBC, thyroid, kidney and liver function, and checked vit d levels. No further testing. We go back in a month. An enema a day for 3 days in a row, plus 1/2 cap of miralax in 4 oz of fluid, drank in 20 minutes, twice a day. After the 3 days, continue the miralax. She wants her pooping daily. If she doesn't, then increase the miralax. If that doesn't help, or she won't take more miralax, then an enema daily!
  3. KGCeliacmom, that sounds like us too! I "joke" that my 2 y/o is bipolar because of how moody she is. I realize that some of it is normal 2 year old behavior and frustrations, but this goes beyond that!
  4. There isn't a ref range listed on the paper.
  5. There's no ref range on the results paper for the IgA. Oops, I wasn't clear, the GI appt is next Tuesday, the 30th. I'm hoping for answers, and more testing. She's not even on the growth chart for weight. She lost a pound since her appt a month ago. The ped said he wondered of it was the poop that came out. If it was, that's good it came out, bad that she's still not growing.
  6. Yeah, there isn't a ref range provided on the paper for the IgA.
  7. I have the results in hand now. Ped GI appt next Tuesday. The ped acted like gluten intolerance didnt exist and said "gluten is a ht topic right now". :/ TTG IgG 1 ref range (11-26) TTG IgA <1 Endomysial IgA negative Gliadin IgA 1 ref range (0-20) IgA 29 Gliadin IgG 2 ref range (0-20)
  8. I have the results in hand. TTG IgG 1 ref range (11-26) TTG IgA <1 Endomysial IgA negative Gliadin IgA 1 ref range (0-20) IgA 29 Gliadin IgG 2 ref range (0-20)
  9. My 2 year old (tested negative on celiac panel, bit has a lot of symptoms) gets these sores on her tongue. They seem to bother her, because she'll stick her tongue out a lot, and put her fingers in her mouth a lot. They almost look like burns or something, but obviously aren't since she hasn't hd anything hot. They come and go, sometimes so quickly that one day her tongue has spot and the next day it looks like a normal tongue. How can I post a pic?
  10. That's exactly what I'm worried about with using enemas! The problem with miralax is that you have to drink a lot of fluid with it, and she doesn't drink or eat much because she is always "full". Or at least, she doesn't eat/drink a lot predictably. I've never heard of lansoil. What is that? Is it prescription?
  11. Ped GI appt for July 30. Not too far away. I'm feeling really stressed out though, because she has decided she won't take the miralax or the lactulose at all. I hate having to give an enema every 4 days for her to poop at all. She's gotten to where she doesn't go unless I give her an enema. :'(
  12. Thanks! I'm not sure what was included in the panel. She sees the ped for a follow up on Monday and I'm going to ask for a copy of the results. What test *should* she have gotten? She'll be 2 on Friday; I'm wondering about the possibility of a false negative. The ped is suppose to put in a referral for GI. I'm keeping her on gluten for now, until we see the GI, in case they want to do other testing/scope. Sorry to hijack your thread, OP!
  13. Goodness! No pet cats or animal jobs for him! Yeah, too late to call now today, but I'll call tomorrow afternoon after my morning meeting. I'm assuming it'll take a while to get an appt with GI, so I want to call ASAP! It is awful to think that it's possible that what I'm feeding her is causing her pain and constipation. She's a baby (2 on Friday), she should be able to poop on her own! And also not be so cranky and growing is also a good thing.
  14. Yikes, mommy2krj, hope your guy is feeling better soon!! I'm thinking I'll call back tomorrow and ask for the GI referral to go ahead be put in. The sooner I have the referral, the sooner I can make the appointment. I don't know if I should try going gluten-free and see what happens, or if I should wait until we see the GI, in case they want to do more tests that she would need to be consuming gluten for.
  15. Wow. This is SO us! I'm sorry you're going through this too, but it's nice to know that someone out there understands! Unfortunately, my daughter just tested negative for celiac. So I have no idea what the cause is of her pain, constipation, etc. :'(