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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I think that being unable to tolerate it and having an immunologic reaction to it are two separate things. I'm under the impression that the people who go on to be able to digest dairy are not the same people who had the immunologic reaction to dairy in the first place. They simply had a hard time digesting it before the intestines healed. Can anyone verify that?
  2. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong, and I certainly hope that I am, but I thought that the Enterolab casein sensitivity test being positive meant that you should be casein free for life. I tested positive for this also and I am absolutely dying for some cheese! I think it means that your body is experiencing an immunologic reaction to casein and it should always be avoided. This is different than celiacs who simply cannot properly digest lactose because their villi are so damaged. Once the villi heals they will probably be able to digest it again. Please, someone tell me that I'm wrong and that I'll be able to eat cheese again!
  3. Enterolab

    I want to have my kids tested through Enterolab as a preventative measure because my results came back positive (my kids don't show symptoms). I carry one copy of the gene that predisposes to gluten sensitivity and I am reacting to gluten and casein. I'm looking to spend as little as possible and so was wondering if the gene test is necessary for my kids? I mean, if I have one copy of the gene and I have antibodies to gluten, did they get a copy of the gene from me and they should be gluten free, too? Maybe I don't even need to have them tested? My husband is mexican and so is statistically less likely to be affected. Does that play into this at all? I am so confused I hope someone can help. Can you tell that I didn't do very well in biology?
  4. Thank you, again. I can't believe that my dr. has no idea how to test for this. I'm going to go to someone else who I found recommended on this site. He had the nerve to tell me that if my chronic diarrhea is bothersome that I should just take some immodium since he could find nothing wrong with me. Um, thanks for helping me solve my problem.
  5. ok, I got my results back and I'm confused. My numbers don't look like any that I've seen mentioned here. The dr. said they are fine. Here they are: IgA--normal is 81-463 and mine is 170 IgG--normal is 694-1618 and mine is 1479 help! doies this make any sense?
  6. You guys are so helpful, thank you! I'm so disappointed that I specifically asked to be tested and my dr. didn't know which tests to order. grrrr. I'll be requesting these tests when I go for my follow up. Thanks again!
  7. After poking around a bit on this site, I suspect that I may have celiac disease. I went to a regular md who agreed to test me for it, but since it seems that everyone has such a hard time getting a diagnosis, I wanted to double check on what is being tested. He ordered these blood tests: CBC T4 TSH Serum iron, TIBC Serum calcium total protein albumin And checked my stool for fat content Of course, the day I took my stool sample I had the first solid stool that I've had in months. Does that make a difference? Thank you!