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  1. Sorry it took so long reply. I forgot I made this post. I've been tested for diabetes and it came back negative. I will do a little bit research on it but the foot pain associated with diabetes does not seem to match what I have. As for your foot pain the symptoms you describe sound exactly like plantar fasciitis. Have you looked into that?
  2. I have either gluten intolerance or celiac diease. Removing gluten from my diet has helped me a lot. My family doctor has asked me to do a gluten challenge before being tested for celiac disease. Having 10 bowel movements a day along with pain/bloating/fatigue is something I would rather not have to deal with again.... I am fine never eating gluten again but the reason for the test is because I have excruciating foot pain on my soles and outsides of my feet when pressure is applied ( I'm been to many doctors about this and have gotten no answers. This pain is not plantar faciatis and does not seem to match the symptoms for anything else). According to here: http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/9746-loss-of-padding-on-feet-and-bottom/ my foot problem may be due to celiac disease. The problem is my doctor didn't even bother looking at my feet to see if I may have this problem or not. Basically my questions: 1) What kind of specialist could help diagnose my foot problem (whether it is related to celiac disease or not)? (podiatrists haven't been very helpful in the past). Could the GI doctor do this? 2) In order to see a GI would I need to test positive after the gluten challenge? I really don't want to have to go through it ( I don't even know if I will be able to force myself through it).