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  1. I should have also stated that I have celiacs and her 3 older siblings were genetically tested. She was not born yet. We all carry the DQ8 gene. I asked for a copy of her lab reports. Her ttg iga was 21.4 which seems to be pretty high. I've been to a couple GI specialists myself and I think they know very little about celiacs. It's frustrating not having them explain it very well to me. I felt like my daughters allergist knew more about it than the GI specialists
  2. Thank you everyone! She was tested by a pediatric allergist. I will call & ask about further testing or being referred to a pediatric GI specialist
  3. My daughter who just turned 2 was tested for celiac disease. The blood tests came back positive. She also had some kind of immunity test done and her dr said her immune system is weakened and she won't be able to fight off infections very well. He told me to take her off gluten completely. I'm just wondering if there are ever false positives with the blood tests. I know some people have endoscopies as well. Her dr didn't mention having that. I was a little overwhelmed by the diagnosis that I didn't ask very many questions. Thanks