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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I had canker sore type things before the blisters. They would go away after 3 days or so. I couldn't eat even 2 cherry tomatoes without getting them. Never had b12 checked but yes to low iron. My feretin levels were still below normal despite a prescription iron supplement I'd been on for three months.
  2. Very interesting!! I was also curious if there was a connection. My doctors have ruled out celiac so I'm guessing I have ncgs. I'm pretty sure I've had this for at least the last 10 years or so. Two years ago I found out at 26 weeks pregnant that my son had a multi cystic kidney. There is no more blood flow to it and it is non functioning but his other one is great. This last summer when I started getting really sick I was having sharp shooting back pains in the kidney area. They were pretty random and didn't last very long. But went away after going gluten free. None of my blood work had ever indicated anything abnormal.
  3. i "do not" have celiac according to doctors/(had endo/colonoscopy/ bw) so i assume i am ncgi. i am currently gluten free again after taking a month off. long story i didn't know what was going on with me and neither did my doctors after 4 months of gluten-free i finally got my period back that was mia for 3 years and stopped having D. STUPIDLY thinking that i was cured i went back on gluten for about a month and ever so slowly things have gone to s$#& again. literally. during those 4 excruciating months i got blood blisters in my mouth. sometimes they were fluid filled and sometimes just black spots on the insides of my cheeks like i'd bit them, even though i hadn't. NONE of my drs could explain this to me and im wondering if anybody else has had this. needless to say im gluten-free again.
  4. I''m 28 and I feel like I'm crazy! My blood work came back negative, (but I'm anemic now) and my Doc recommended I do an upper G/I endoscopy. So. that's scheduled for the 15th. I have D everyday several times a day, it's not always urgent but it's never normal and lately always undigested! ( i know, sorry) but WTH is that? I was diagnosed with IBS 2 years ago. I have been feeling worse since January. Slowly but steadily worse and worse. Depression, no period since aug. 2010 when i got pregnant, low testosterone low progesterone, night sweats so bad im soaking through the sheets, tingling arms, hands and feet, to the point it's waking me up cause it hurts so bad, weight gain, headaches, joint pain in hips and knees, mouth ulcers, blister rash on my stomach, severe itchiness, mood swings,severly bloated to the point of looking 4 months pregnant, no stomach feeling(never hungry/never full) and im so tired. lately after i eat gluten it feels like I've been drugged, that''s how tired I am. Like I have to take a 3 hour nap right now and then still sleep 8 hours that night. I was currently diagnosed with c. diff (first time) and have 3 more days of metro. What a horrible antibiotic!!! Makes me so sick! So now I , cry everyday and I'm excitedly counting down the days till my endoscopy/ last day of gluten.
  5. yea I stupidly went off before and now the doctor says two weeks back on gluten till I get checked. i was only gluten-free for 4 days and noticed a huge change. i had an appetite for one, depression lifted, my joints didn't hurt. im back on gluten but limiting it because im having worse/new symptoms now. i had one beer a couple days ago and was almost drunk, only got two hours of sleep for the night and horrible joint pain the next day.
  6. stomach problems for 5 years, diagnosed as IBS. lately I don't feel hunger pains. I could go all day and not feel hungry. I eat though because I should but then I never feel full either, even after a huge meal. Is this a celiac symptom? I have a ton of other ones.