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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Cheers gluten-free Lover, My doc said that I 100% don't have a thyroid problem and called be an obsessive mental case and said I should go back on benzo's which is quite an achievement considering how hard it is to get a script for them in the U.K. Serum TSH level - 2.2 mU/L, Normal range - 0.27-4.2 Serum free T4 level - 21.8 pmol/L, Normal range - 12-22
  2. Can anyone give any insight into my test results? Thanks. Serum TSH level - 2.2 mU/L Serum free T4 level - 21.8 pmol/L
  3. Any Tips On Controlling Anxiety And Depression?

    I think you are completely missing the point. I too question your ability as a moderator and furthermore, whether you are a responsible adult. You seem to be putting words into my mouth, In fact, I am extremely disheartened by your argument towards me. I have not said 'do not take drugs'. I have however said, that they should be a last resort. If Johnny Q is freaked out and contemplating suicide; drug use is an option. You seem to be missing the fact that these drugs often make things worse, fact. I hope that some people can see the value in my posts.
  4. Any Tips On Controlling Anxiety And Depression?

    If Johnny Q seen posts promoting drug use without any knowledge or warning of the negative consequences that they can have and then ended up committing suicide; I wonder if you would have the same opinion? All my statements are backed up by fact. It's a fact that benzos are highly addictive, It's a fact that the longer you take them, the less effective they become, It's a fact that the longer you take them, the more likely you are to experience withdrawal, It's a fact that the withdrawal is often many times worse than the original condition the person started taking them for, It's a fact that many, if not most medical professionals offer drugs as a first line solution rather than spending the time to find the root cause of the problem. I offer all these facts together with my own experience. I was that person who did not know or did not care to find out the facts before I started taking benzos. The only thing I have said that is my opinion, which is an opinion that is shared by many people, including medical professionals that I have spoken too, is that benzos are the most evil thing made by man and that drugs should be a last resort. As for ''trying to intimidate people'' you are very far off the mark, which makes me question your ability as a moderator. If people find that short term benzo use is helping them then that is great. I would advise them to be careful that benzos do not become a crutch for them to participate in life events. As long as everyone enters the situation aware of all the facts, then I am happy. From there, it is the individual's choice whether they take drugs or not. Kareng, please do not misconstrued my posts as trying to force my opinion on people. If you are telling me that the report button is not for the purpose of making the people that run this site, aware of posts that I feel could be potentially dangerous to someone, then I will seriously consider whether I want to be a part of this community.
  5. Any Tips On Controlling Anxiety And Depression?

    I think you will find that all people who go through benzo withdrawal (or any drug withdrawal) will give you the same advice including many medical professionals. There is a huge problem in today's society where often the first line of defence is to prescribe drugs instead of trying to find the root cause of the problem. I have yet to see any evidence that drugs can give you positive effects without any negative consequences. Often these drugs cause more harm than good. You offer advice without any real basis other that your opinion which I feel could be detrimental to someone who is less informed or desperate to find a 'quick fix' for their problem. It's not my opinion but fact that the majority of drugs will cause more harm than good to most people. There is a massive difference between coffee and soda, and the drugs that are prescribed for anxiety. I strongly recommend that people research benzo withdrawal before starting to take them. Here is a video from someone going through benzo withdrawal :- www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlA-qMeyJFw If you want to offer drug advice then I suggest you back your opinion up with evidence that suggests that drugs can affect someone positively without any detrimental effects. Please think before posting any drug advice or I will have to resort to reporting your posts.
  6. Any Tips On Controlling Anxiety And Depression?

    I think this is terrible advice without any thought to the outcome or consequences that taking drugs can have. Only take drugs if it's the final resort imo.
  7. Any Tips On Controlling Anxiety And Depression?

    I've had anxiety for the past 10-12 years. I've not left my house for 4 years except for when I must do food shopping. Even then I have to go at stupid o'clock in the morning when it is less busy. I've tried most meds and nothing worked. Living in the UK it was very difficult to get my doctor to put me on benzo's (clonazepam). I had to resort to making threats that I'd kill myself and even tried ordering them online which was a scam. I got ripped off for £170. I thought benzo's would be some magic solution and nothing or noone would have convinced me not to take them. Massive mistake . Benzo's are the single most evil thing created by man and I seriously advise everyone to stay away. The withdrawal has been the single most traumatic experience of my life. I had a few weeks where my anxiety wasn't so bad, still bad enough for me not to want to leave my house. I only took them for ~14 months. It took a further 6 months to wean myself off them, It's been ~8 months since I completely stopped and I'm still having bad ringing in my ears (Tinnitus). The paranoid delusions were awful, almost hallucinations where my mind would jump to conclusions, mostly about aliens coming to abduct me, scary stuff. I'm a firm believer that depression and anxiety are symptoms of something. Finding the cause and correcting/fixing it is the only real way of controlling anxiety. Best of luck, JMT.
  8. Can't Take Much More!

    Well, I woke up this morning from a horrible nightmare and my mouth was very dry/sticky, my tongue was covered in a white coating and I felt so ill I went to the hospital. The doctor prescribed Nystatin for yeast infection. I'm now thinking that what I experienced in week 2 and 3 was a Candida die off and not Hypoglycemia. It would explain why I felt better after eating more fruit and fruit juice. I felt okay on week 4 and then I think I had a massive increase of yeast from all the sugar I added to my diet. Any ideas why this happened? Is it possible that I've had a yeast infection for the last 12 years and not celiac? Is this common for people new to a gluten free diet or maybe a weakened immune system? Any help and/or ideas would be great. JMT.
  9. Can't Take Much More!

    Okay, It's been 3 hours and now I feel really depressed and I just had a poo and my housemate said it smells like beer. I haven't drunk any alcohol for weeks. Any Ideas on this?
  10. Can't Take Much More!

    I think I may have had my first glutening today. I can't be sure, I'm not even sure celiac/gi is my problem. Can someone please post if they experience the same when glutened? Hopefully it will ease my mind. I had corned beef hash which was cooked in a pan which my housemate cooks pasta in. The pan was washed well and I did eat some yesterday with no effect but today I finished off what was left and scraped it from the pan. Immediately after eating I had heartburn followed by a more serious pain in my chest which lasted a few minutes, then I had to lay down, after an hour I felt okay. About 6 hours later I went to the shop and experienced the worst anxiety possible without having a panic attack. Now that I've got home, I've got a mild headache and just feel weird.
  11. Can't Take Much More!

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll request a copy of all my results as soon as my celiac blood work results get back which I'm hoping is Monday.
  12. Can't Take Much More!

    Thanks for the reply . Well FML. After 2 weeks of the worst time of my life, I finally realized I was suffering from hypoglycemia. I couldn't figure out why my symptoms were worse at night. I was getting paranoid delusions about aliens (beam me up scotty). I was eating a fruit smoothie for breakfast, meat and veggies for lunch and meat and veggies for dinner. Anyways I've balanced out my sugar intake and I'm having glasses of orange juice throughout the day. I'm feeling much better. I'm convinced that my problem is caused by malabsorption after feeling how bad low blood sugar can make me feel. My stools have improved from before I went gluten free and it's really clear now to see that my stool are full of raisin sized lumps of fat. I just got some cod liver oil so I'll see if that makes any difference . I'm still waiting on my celiac tests but apparently my thyroid is normal. Any comments or/and questions are welcome. JMT.
  13. With the risk of sounding like a broken record . Everything you describe I suffer from. To me it sounds like anxiety. A panic attack does not have to be a full blown episode where you freak out. Very often when I get an anxiety attack I find it difficult to breathe/shortness of breath and feel weak and clumsy. This is not meant as a personal attack to you Renegade but rather a general observation of cannabis users. It always amazes me when someone complains about anxiety problems when smoking cannabis then there is a 100 posts following from pro-cannabis smokers suggesting it's the strain or the cannabis is cut with flour or something (Cannabis forums are the worst). You have already said that you get panic attacks when you smoke weed; weed affects the chemicals in your brain. Smoking also cuts the amount of oxygen supplied to your brain. We already know that celiac can have neurological effects on the brain and it makes sense that if there is an imbalance caused by malabsorption of nutrients or whatever then taking a drug that affects the brain is going to cause a problem. Whether cannabis or celiac is the problem, I wouldn't brush this off and say it's not anxiety. Hope you find the answer. All the best, JMT
  14. Yep, what I'm describing is psychosis, I have also had diarrhea with lumps of fat in my stools which started around the same time as the panic attacks. I can't tell you if weed caused my psychosis or if it just aggravated symptoms of celiac or if it is totally unrelated altogether. All I know is that some people with schizophrenia have gone into full remission after going gluten free. You've already said that you have started getting panic attacks and I'm just trying to make a connection between cannabis and celiac/GI. If you think that your panic attacks are unrelated or because weed makes your heart rate faster then no problem. Sorry for the derail .
  15. I was the same. I smoked for years before I got my first panic attack. After that I never felt the same while smoking. I'd get panic attacks, most of the time they weren't the classic idea of what a panic attack is. I'd get a very uncomfortable feeling, paranoid thoughts, twitches, I couldn't speak because I'd stutter and mix my sentences up which lead to more paranoia and a tight chest/shortness of breath. After a year of continued smoking I developed body dysmorphia and would look into a mirror and think my hands were too big etc. Then came the mania and I used to argue with myself in my head (all voices were my own but like split personalities of myself arguing with each other ). Then delusional thought that people could hear what I was thinking.