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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you for all your responses. nvsmom- I will look up those books. My doctor suggested the paleo diet too. 1D-I had a ton of bloodwork done (and saliva)-nutrients included. Everything the insurance would pay for plus $1200 out of pocket. I was desperate to figure out what was causing my anxiety. I was low on a few things and have gotten supplements for all of that-one of them is Adrenevive for the adrenal thing. Dr suggested glycine at my last visit-gonna pick some up tomorrow. Mom-of-Two-thank you for giving me hope! I'm lucky in one way because he's in middle school and they don't do birthday treats anymore. But most of the teachers allow them to eat snacks in class and they like to share. The don't have any way to heat lunches, so we will be on sandwiches, but that's what we're used to, and so far he has liked all the breads we have tried. He actually told the GI doctor that gluten free is not that bad and he'd rather just stop eating gluten than have the scope done. :-) We'll see when he's back in school and surrounded by kids eating all his favorite things that he can't have. Fortunately, there are gluten-free versions of a lot of what we like, so he won't feel too deprived. We may go broke buying the stuff, but...;-) I did request a Health Management plan (or whatever our school calls it) when I completed his registration. I will also speak to his teachers, just so they are aware in case he does have any problems at school.
  2. Thank you, Mom-of-Two. He will eat sandwiches with just cheese or just peanut butter. I haven't seen the brand of bread you mentioned. I have bought Kinnickinnick and Udi's (or Rudis-always mix them up!) I'm just worried about him getting contaminated and not making it to the bathroom. Though the doc did say since he didn't have stomach problems before that it probably wouldn't happen. We did see the GI doc today, and he did push for the scope. What I really don't understand is that he said he's fairly certain from the tests that my son is positive, but if they don't find any damage that he could still eat gluten unless he starts having stomach symptoms. Does that make any sense at all??? I'm picturing my gyno saying they found precancerous cells on my exam, but let's just wait and see what happens before we do anything. It sounds crazy to me to let him keep eating the stuff when it will certainly eventually cause damage. So for now, my husband and I think no scope, and gluten free with the help of a dietitian.
  3. Sounds familiar. I originally went to the doctor looking for help with my terrible anxiety. I had no stomach issues before going gluten free. I've been off it for 3 weeks now and have had everything from constipation to diarrhea, to my stomach feeling like it's tearing itself up, nausea, gurgling... I went to the doctor today about it-it was the first time I left the house in 5 days because I have been feeling awful. Still having days of bad anxiety, and a hard time sleeping. Doctor thinks my anxiety might be causing the stomach issues and I just have to give it time. I have been taking magnesium, 5htp, probiotics, Adrenevive, progesterone (mine was low), and she wants me to start taking Glycine because I tested low for that too. Sorry I can't help with how long it lasts-I'm still waiting to feel better too.
  4. thank you. I am 3 weeks in to eating gluten free. Really hoping I see an improvement soon. Doctor found nothing else wrong with me in all that testing, so if it's not the celiac making me feel mental, I'm in trouble!
  5. Thank you for your answers. Gives me some hope that maybe they won't push for the scope. I'm sure that getting a diagnosis is a relief for people who have been suffering with stomach problems, but we weren't. I went to the doctor b/c my anxiety had gotten crazy out of control. The doctor ran a ton of bloodwork and a 24 hr saliva test. I had no idea I was being tested for celiac. So this was a huge shock, and it really hasn't helped the anxiety level! I'm really worried about how we're going to handle back-to-school being that we are so new to gluten-free. It was one thing for me to have it- you know it's a whole other thing when it's about your kids!
  6. Hi, I was diagnosed with celiac a few weeks ago based on positive blood tests. My doctor said I could do the endoscopy/biopsy, but that it wasn't necessary because my tests were very positive, it's an invasive procedure, and even if they didn't find damage yet, I needed to get off gluten. I had my kids tested a couple of weeks ago and my son tested positive. The pediatrician referred us to a specialist (we're going on Tuesday). I am afraid they will want to do the biopsy on him and I'd really rather not have it done. I have read, and read, and read, and I haven't found a good reason to do it other than confirmation of what the blood tests showed. His results: His numbers Ref. range ttg ab, iga >100 <4 immunoglobulin A - 51 70-432 ttg ab igg- 39 <6 iga Positive negative endo. ab titer 1:40 <1:5 So, with those results, I'm wondering-what else could it be? Whether or not they find the damage, he needs to be off gluten. So I'd really like to spare him the procedure. Is there another reason for the biopsy to be done? I don't know if it matters, but he had absolutely no stomach issues, sleep issues, behavior issues, or anything we could think of, other than his growth has slowed down over the years (he's 13). The only reason he was tested was because I tested positive. Thanks for any advice or opinions-