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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Your reactions do sound like the same reaction I get when I eat either oats or dairy. Hmmm! Hope you feel better soon.
  2. I love chicken and dumplings too. I did try the Betty Crocker recipe, but I used the recipe on the box for biscuits (I like my dumplings rolled out and sliced into strips). While the dumplings did fall apart to some degree, they tasted great. I'll try adding a bit more flour next time to see if that helps.
  3. Wanted to ask about the aches and pains associated with celiac. My aches and pains are getting worse and I am worried I may have something else in addition to it and Hashimoto's. Have always had general aches and pains (I call them zingers...the sharp pin prick type of pain) that I have associated with my celiac, but it has really gotten much worse lately, instead of better: It started with much greater stiffness and aches in my hips and feet in the mornings for a longer period of time. Then, my right elbow started aching and it is visibly inflamed. Both thumbs ache and are stiff at times (I know it sounds crazy). Now, the right forearm aches and feels tight...sometimes down into my wrist and the top of my hand can feel that way as well. I've even had sharp joint/tendon pain where my leg attaches in the front, as well as almost daily headaches and neck stiffness. I have had some facial tightness on my right side as well, although I am used to having this off and on with a migraine headache...you know, where you feel one side of you head is in a vise grip with tingling and numbness. I'm used to pain in the right TM joint at times too, but it has been almost constant of late to some degree. I seem to be retaining water as well, particularly in my hands. I also have some dizziness and gait problems at times. Does this sound normal for celiac, or should I start checking on other possibilities?
  4. You guys are all so great! I thought I was really humming right along with my gluten-free practices, but you've given me a couple of other things to think about now. I definitely need to redo the chips bag practices and had not thought about washing the dishes, or drying them for that matter, separately. Thanks so much! Still struggling, but was able to go hiking a bit with my husband yesterday for the first time in months. Was shot for the rest of the day, but it felt so good to get out.
  5. Icelandgirl, So glad you found this site. It has some great people that give great advice. I don't know what I would have done if I had not found them last year when I was looking for answers. Just wanted to comment on a coupe of questions you had. Don't let anyone convince you what you are going through is all in your head. The gluten withdrawal is real. Like has been posted, mine lasted about 3 weeks. After that, I had a noticeable lift in spirits...that's not to say it doesn't go there again, but it will get better. I also wanted to address your questions about what to do with your diet while you have three kids and a husband to worry about too. I have had some difficulty with that. I have found that I cannot cook both ways at the same time. I end up tasting the gluten version if I do. I usually find what works for me best is to take a Saturday morning and cook a couple of casseroles for me that I can freeze part of for later. There are lots of straight across simple replacements in dishes that can help you too. Many times, my husband can't tell if it's gluten free or not. I know it's one the newbie thread, but one of the first things I did for myself that made a huge difference is I got an inexpensive toaster just for me. You can make toast (my favorite breads are Udi's), waffles (my favorites are Vans), and English Muffins (Glutinos are great). I can find all of those at Walmart. The other thing that helped me was finding Udi's muffins...I love their Blueberry and Lemonpoppyseed. Pop them in the microwave oven and they are great for breakfast. My favorite pancake mix is Pamela's...and I also have a great recipe for mini donuts that my husband and grandkids love made with the same Pamelas flour. I bake them in the oven. I will send it if you like. Gluten free mushroom soup will be your friend. There are many simple recipes that use it. I just made a very good roast with carrots and potatoes for my mom and dad to have in the crockpot...so simple. I always make extra pancakes so if I need something quick to take with me (I teach and need something I can take on field trips or to the zoo with grandkids), I can eat them just like a slice of bread with fruit or carrot sticks for work too. Same for gluten free pasta. I keep some so if I need something and just don't feel like having to cook, I can add some butter and parmesan cheese (grandkids love this too) or some gluten-free marinara sauce. Udi's also makes a great gluten free pizza. Costco in my area sells gluten-free pizza in a larger size and sometimes has gluten-free bread. They also have some pretty good gluten-free tamales. One place I have had good luck with to eat out is Chilis. Outback Steakhouse is another good place. They even have a gluten free dessert. PFChangs gluten-free menu is terrific. But most of us don't eat out much due to fears of cross-contamination. One of the best places I have found for gluten-free recipes is Pinterest. Hope this helps and you're feeling better soon.
  6. Anybody else get a chuckle out of "public area"? I'll blame it on brain fog
  7. Just rechecked the Trader Joe's box...I actually says may be processed on equipment that processes wheat and nuts...Aww. Darn. How'd I miss that before? I thought I checked all of that. Maybe that's why they're on the list?
  8. After being in a gluten free diet for 6months and not getting a sinus infection for any of that time, I was put on levofloxacin for a sinus infection that I had been fighting for about a month. Caused immediate major muscle and joint pain, headache, exhaustion. Has anyone else had a problem with it? I only took two pills. My doc changed me to cefuroxime. Symptoms not a bad, but still struggling daily with different headaches than for the sinus, jaw pain (I have a weak joint there from tumor removal in my parotid gland a few years back and jaw can be easily pulled out of alignment with any tension, causing a vise-like gripping and migraines in that joint...yuk!) My joints, particularly in the right elbow and base of both thumbs are so tight and achy. My right forearm from the elbow toward the wrist feels tight and inflamed, even the top of my right hand at times. The left side aches , but not to the extent of the right. My feet are very stiff in morning...sometimes need to walk flat footed for a while. Muscles in front part of calves feeling it too today...as is the joint where my right leg joins to my pubic area. The achiness was there to some degree before taking these meds, but has been awful since. I have really been trying hard and have not knowingly glutened myself. Am wondering about rheumatoid arthritis. Besides celiac disease, I also have hashimotos. Other than that, have low vitamin D and glucose rising, but not at concerned level yet. B12 is about mid range according to latest blood tests. I am totally exhausted most of the time, even after sleeping...more than I was 3 months ago. Any suggestions?
  9. I wondered if it was the cream of tarter, but from what I could find, it shouldn't be a problem. I did notice several gluten free meringue recipes don't have it in it though.
  10. The unsafe foods list on celiac.com's own site...that's why I asked. I've recently been having some major joint and muscle pain issues and thought I'd look over the list again...and it was there.
  11. One of my favorites from Trader Joes is the meringues, but I noticed meringues are listed on the unsafe gluten free list. Does anyone know why?
  12. Gonna check the lotion my dermatologist gave me. ..... It's ok....cerave.
  13. Doesn't drink beer and tries to be careful if he's ingested gluten. He loves ribs and those worry me a bit, but he tries to clean it out well . You know, I have tried to keep all of my soap, shampoo, makeup, etc. gluten free, but you caused me to think about something...I teach and the soap at school I have no clue about. I need to remedy that. I'll take some of mine from home to school. Thanks much!
  14. Hadn't thought about the chips bag. I don't eat them often, but will have to watch that. I may need to put my utensils and pans in a totally different area. I have told her, but haven't marked the frying pans. I have my own toaster, pans, utensils, and plastic storage containers. I label most things in the fridge. I had to stop trying to cook things for everybody else because I had a tendency to test things without thinking. They just have to eat what I eat. But I do sometimes cut things up for my mother in law. May have to cut that out too. Two questions...husband has a mustache. Could that be a problem for me? I know it sounds silly. I use the same silverware as everyone else. Could that be a problem?
  15. My doctor took these two tests: TSH w/reflex to FT4 .16 lab range says .4-4.5 T4, Free 1.4 lab range says .8-1.8 Thanks.