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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Am I Crazy?

    Thank you!! In this forum there are a very fantastic people!!!! So, today I've been to another doctor: I'm anemic, and I think one of main causes of gluten sensivity-intollerance is anemia! For 28 years of my life (I'm 28 y.o.) I've been a little anemic..the trouble is: why? I usually eat meat, steak, orange (iron and vit. c), eggs..all.. Maybe now there is a motivation of my anemia..
  2. Am I Crazy?

    Thank you very much! I think, the GP isn't very clever, but now I have just this.. Next week I want to do Coeliac Genetic Screen - HLA DQ2 / HLA DQ8 (blood test) and maybe I can discover the problem. It's a little bit expansive but I think it's necessary..
  3. Am I Crazy?

    Thanks for your answer. Three years ago I did a biopsy (negative) and IgA (anti tissue transglutamitase) negative. Last week: IgA (anti tissue transglutamitase). I've already done (last week): - serum TSH level (0.35-4.5) = 1.44 - estimated GFR (60-150) = 90 - creatine level (62 - 106) = 79 - urea e electrolytes (blood) (135-145) = 143 serum sodium - (3.5-5.3) = 4.1 serum potassium - (2.5-7.8) = 5.0 serum urea level - liver function test: (10-41)= 23 serum ALT level (30-130)=32 serum alkaline phosphatase (0-21)=15 serum total bilirubin leve (35-50)= 48 serum albumin (0-37)= 19 AST serum level (60-80)= 66 serum total protein - fasting glucose (3-5.5)= 4.3 and full blood count all ok but: - red blood cells (4.5-6) = 4.1 haematocrit (0.4-0.53)= 0.384 Now I'm 182 cm for 54 kg. I've done the phsycologian test and I'm ok. I tryed 5 days without gluten and I felt better.. I can't understand.. What do you think??
  4. I did 10 days ago the IgA test and was negative. Doctor said me: "You can eat gluten without problem maybe you are depressed" but my problems continue. And I'm not depressed, I'm happy but I continue to lost weight and my problems coninue.. Did you hear a similar story or AM I CRAZY?? thank you mauri
  5. Thank you.. Unfortunately it's in USA and I prefear do the test in Uk because I want to have a quickly results..
  6. and..what do you think about coeliac disease stool test? I don't know if is better the genetic test or this stool test..
  7. Thank you very much.. I hope in the doctor but.. I think is difficult to convince he about whatever i want.. (genetic test and blood test for gluten).. Monday I have an appointment and.. I hope!!
  8. thank you.. I don't understand the last sentence " maybe you could start a new thread about any of your symptoms/concerns."
  9. Ok, I think healt is very important... If my GP won't, I can pay for this test, because I want to resolve this situation very quickly.. I can't continue in this manner, it's awful for me..
  10. Thank you, unfortunately this test is avaible only in usa, not in UK..
  11. Thank you very much.. In Italy the situation is very complicated and doctors haven't a good knowledge to gluten sensivity.. Anyway, next week I'm going to my GP for ask..do you know how long do you usually wait for the results of the test? (hla) And also, how much does it cost? Thank you very much
  12. nobody say nothing in UK...
  13. Good evening, I'm Maurizio and I'm Italian. At the moment I'm in England for study English. Anyway, for 3 years I have had the typical symptoms of coeliac disease but my blood test was negative (I did the test in 2011) and also endoscopy was negative (2011).. A few days ago I read some articles about HLA DQ2 and HLA DQ8 test. Now I want to do these test but I don't know if is it possible in UK..is it? Or, are there other possibilities? Do you know laboratories which I can do these exams (in USA are quickly?)? Thanks for your answer..