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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Nutritionist On Long Island?

    I have been to see Linda twice. She is a weight loss counselor who uses the gluten-free diet for her clients to loose weight. She sells great prpackaged meals that are all gluten-free. She has some knowledge of Celiac. She suffers from colitis herself.
  2. Hershey Pa

    I stayed at the Hershey Lodge in May. They were great. They have a few restaurants within the Lodge that all have a gluten-free menu. The staff was very helpful (much like Disney). They knew what a gluten-free meal was and how to serve it safely. The park itself did not a gluten-free menu. Some stands had Utz potato chips,that's about it. I just ate protien bars while in the park. I would definitely go back again. I had no problems there and I am VERY sensitive. Enjoy your trip.
  3. Great gluten-free Vacations - Besides Disney

    HERSHEY PARK in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is great. They have a gluten-free menu at all their on-site restaurants. Staff is knowledgeable too. Willow Valley Resort also in Lancaster, PA also offers gluten free menu.
  4. Has anyone been to Pollace's in the Catskill mountains? They say they offer gluten-free
  5. Just wanted to pass this along. Please be careful when children are wearing crocs and riding escalators. This story was on Good Morning America. Crocs Can Pose a Danger on Escalators Some Parents Have Reported Kids Feet Being Sucked Into Escalators By KATE SNOW Those big, bold gardening clogs that come in bright colors and mold to the shape of your feet seem to be everywhere these days. The company that makes one kind of rubber clogs, Crocs, sold 6 million of them last year. In some online chat rooms and blogs, however, parents are sharing stories about kids having accidents while wearing the shoes. Some people have reported that kids wearing Crocs have had their feet sucked into the side of escalators. Related Problem With Rubber Clogs? E-Mail UsSome businesses have even posted warning signs near their escalators saying if you're wearing Crocs, be careful. Chloe Johnson, 10, from Kansas City, is one of those kids who had a frightening experience while wearing the shoes. She loved her Crocs. "I wore them almost everywhere," she said. Last year on an escalator at the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, she had a huge scare. "Chloe said, 'My toe, my toe,'" said her mother, Kay Hopkins. "And we took the Croc off and seeing the blood and seeing her toe -- it was frightening." The escalator was crowded, and the toe of Chloe's left shoe was sucked between the escalator stair and the side wall. "To have this happen with your child standing right next to you ends up being pretty shocking," said Chloe's father, Neil Johnson. Chloe's foot recovered, but last month, two children wearing Crocs in Arkansas had more serious injuries. "Imagine that you are taking a child shopping and out of the blue their foot is mangled, trapped," said James Yuen, a plastic surgeon at Arkansas Children's Hospital. "Can you imagine a child stuck for almost an hour? It is a very traumatic event." It's not just Crocs that pose a danger -- any soft, pliable shoe, even flip-flops, can be dangerous on an escalator.
  6. I have been enjoying this cereal without a problem and I am very sensitive. I have found the gluten-free labeled ones in Target. It is nice to finially find a gluten-free cereal for $2.00 a box.
  7. Hershey Park, Pa

    We went to Hershey Park for Memorial Day Weekend. It was an absolute gluten-free sucess. We stayed at the Hershey Lodge on site. All of their restaurants on site have a gluten-free menu. The waitstaff was very knowledgeable too. They offer gluten-free breads and pastas along with gluten-free entrees. I felt very comfortable there and I am very sensitive to the smallest amount of gluten. I am also dairy free and they were able to help me with that too. Hershey Park itself does not offer a gluten-free menu. You are able to bring in food if you have celiac disease. They never asked me for any proof at the gate. I did see UTZ chips at the food stands. All in all a great trip. We plan to go back again next year.
  8. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is on the cover looking great. In the article she mentions celiac disease but, calls it an "ALLERGY" to wheat, rye, barlety, and oats. Too bad, she could have gotten the correct information out to the public. http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/health/supe...beck-interview/
  9. Long Island Doc?

    I have been seeing Dr. Serer for 3 years now. In the beginning I really liked her. Now she seems to busy. She likes to blame every GI symptom on Celiac when it could be something else. I'm now looking for a second opinion out of this practice. I also saw Dr. Pearlman in this group, he hasn't got a clue about Celiac. He said I was "cured" because my blood work is now normal. Go figure.
  10. That's great to get the word out about celiac disease. She unkike most of us, has her meals prepared for her. I do like her, but I don't feel she lives her life like the rest of us.
  11. HI, I hope you start feeling better soon. One of the good side effects of Tylenol 3 is constipation. Maybe this will help you D. It helped mine in the past when I took it for my Fibromyalgia. Donna
  12. It's good-bye to Christy tonight. She'll probably end up with a country career like Kellie Pickler. I hope she does get her horse back.
  13. David Cook stole the show tonight. The guys were much better then the girls doing Mariah Carey.
  14. Hershey Park, Pa

    We'll I have answered my own question. I was able to speak with the restuarant manager at Hotel Hershey and she said they will happily accommadate the gluten-free diner. Angie: Thanks for your help too:)