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  1. Hello! I am new here! We just found out my 3 year old has Celiac Disease about a month ago. Positive blood tests and positive biopsy, etc. We have been gluten free for around 5 weeks now. The reason we even found out she had this was because I could not get her potty trained. After 7 months I complained to my pediatrician who ran a ton of tests and we are glad she did! Sorry if this gets graphic, but I need help. So my daugthter has bowel movements up to 10 times a day. It is not loose stool, more like the consistency of clay. We have her on miralax daily because she is just always full of stool otherwise. However, her going all day long in tiny increments is not ideal either. She is now in preschool and I had to get a dr's note for her to even attend because they are supposed to be potty trained and she is clearly not. Any ideas? She is 3 years and 3 months and we have been potty training for 8 months. It's really just the bowel movements that are the issue, but I am losing it here! Last night we went to a baseball game and I had to change her 3 times in 4 hours and she does not even fit well on those diaper changing tables anymore! Will this get better as her system heals? or is this just something that comes with the territory?
  2. Yes she was out of control. I am talking severe tantrums daily, she was always upset about something, etc. A month in I have seen positive improvements, ,but I also have to remember that she is still 3 and full of drama. I honestly did not know how to parent her at all. I would have never guessed it was gluten all of this time making her so miserable!
  3. I could have written this post myself! My daughter has the exact same behaviors. She was diagnosed a month ago at age 3 with Celiacs. We are a month gluten free and I have seen changes in her behaviors. Her tantrums are much less and less intense and she seems to be happier, etc. I had NO idea she had Celiacs. My dr. ran the panel because I had so many complaints about her behavior and lack of potty training. I seriously was convinced she had a mental disorder due to her mood swings and rages!