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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. How Often Is Too Often?!

    @Gemini - thanks. This makes a lot of sense! There is only me and my boyfriend in the house and he's a chef who is VERY aware of CC and conscious of it both at home or if I (rarely) eat at the restaurant. It's baffling both of us and with my skin being so bad as well, I'm just generally worried. The doc didn't mention that, but then again I guess it's hard because they can only go on what you tell them. I got told I had an eating disorder for years because I lost so much weight - it wasn't until I have become in my late 20s that they don't put it down to that and tested me both biopsy and bloody test for celiac. I was told to go dairy free because the villi are apparently basically flat. However, I do still worry that this amount and frequency/urgency to go to the bathroom isn't normal. I'm not anxious about this condition, and doing the job I do I make sure to take a step back and evaluate, so it's not a nervous response, it is certainly very physical particularly as my food is for the most part undigested but there is an awful lot of water/mucus which shouldn't be there. I eat primarily protein and vegetables and fruit and stay away from all the processed gluten-free products. I've not yet entertained any grains because I think at this point they'll only add to the problem rather than lessen it. I also stopped drinking coffee and more acidic things etc and upping my water intake. I take Vit B12 as a supplement as I've been told I'm very low on that, and also calcium as I'm not having any dairy at the moment (and was never really eating as much as necessary to prevent osteoporosis). Baffling!
  2. How Often Is Too Often?!

    Hi Sorry should have explained more - I was diagnosed earlier this year with celiacs and then was told by my doctor to try cutting out dairy as there has been no improvement in my symptoms since being gluten free. I haven't been tested for anything bacteria-wise as far as I'm aware. I did wonder about also having IBS - I know my dad had stomach issues for many years before he passed away and I'm sure he had IBS (I'd have to check with my mum) although I'm not sure that's hereditary/genetically linked in any way. My concern is obviously that I'm not getting adequate nutrition from what I'm eating, even though my diet is good and I always cook from scratch. I also get very very tired and lethargic, but maybe that's due to the frequency of dashing to the bathroom and being dehydrated perhaps? Thanks Heather
  3. Dunkin Donuts In The Office Today :(

    Aww I feel for you! I just cope by knowing how awful I'll feel if I eat one. Sad, but true. How long have you been diagnosed? It just gets easier with time I guess - I think eventually you learn to associate certain foods with bad experiences and believe me, they're not half so appealing then! H
  4. Hi I have a question regarding symptoms I'm experiencing and wondered if anyone has experienced anything similar. I've had constant diarrhea now for months. Literally months - each time I go to the bathroom its undigested food. Also whenever I eat I have an immediate urge to go and can't ignore it. This isn't necessarily after a meal, it could be a few bites into whatever it is I'm eating. My question is where to go from here? I've cut out gluten, wheat and dairy but something is obviously still very wrong as it can't possibly be normal to have to tolerate this. I'm job hunting at the moment and already worrying about this, as I'm a psychologist by profession so can't exactly leave in the middle of a therapy session! Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks Heather
  5. Tonight: gluten free smoked salmon and dill soufflee with a side of blanched asparagus
  6. I didn't think of those - thanks. Yep I'm still in the process of trying to replace everything. Considering how sensitive my stomach is at the moment, it's quite difficult to know what the problem is as most things seem to be due to the extent of the damage I've done. The doc said I'll probably never have kids which is a bit sad and has got me down the past few days. I guess all I can do now is try to do the best I can in terms of what I'm eating. My boyfriend is a chef so most nights he eats at work and I eat at home, that makes it much easier for us in terms of cross contamination etc. Last night however he had the gluten, wheat and soy free soup I made (loads of veggies and chickpeas) and loved it! I was really pleased I know what you mean about eating out - we've kind of put a stop to that until I get a bit better because I'm having the same issue. Everytime I go out anywhere it seems to be either a problem for the place, or they don't take it seriously. I think people just think I'm being fussy, or it's a 'fashionable' diet. Believe me, right now I'd kill for a toasted cheese sandwich! H
  7. Thanks that's really helpful Yep I'm really tired of feeling constantly fatigued at the moment, all I can put it down to is not getting enough/the right mix of vitamins and also traces of soy in things that I'm not aware of. I didn't know about the lecithin so that's one to look out for. For now I'm on the 'eat as plain and boringly as possible' diet haha. Oh well, onwards and upwards! Thanks H
  8. Hi I joined - I'm in Yorkshire in the UK I was diagnosed 8 months ago whilst I was away in NZ. I also can't eat dairy or soya which is giving me a bit of trouble finding things. I've just come back from being overseas so getting used to the UK supermarket choices (I ate gluten-containing foods before). Shame about the food fair - how silly for them not to have allergen free foods in the coffee shop!! Heather
  9. Hi I was diagnosed celiac 8 months ago, but have been accidentally getting sick - I think mainly due to cross contamination as my boyfriend is a chef and sometimes brings things home, and eats a lot of things in the house containing gluten. Our kitchen is really small so it's hard to be 100%. Yesterday I saw my doctor as I keep being ill with lethargy, headaches, diarrhea and bloating/pain and she said to eliminate any dairy and soy from my diet as well. What I'm asking for is ideas for a basic shopping list or meal ideas as it's quite hard to eliminate all 3 (e.g. dairy free cheese substitutes have soy in them). Do you have any go-to things to make or that you always buy? I'm a keen cook so being adventurous isn't a problem. Unfortunately/fortunately (depending how you look at it) I'll eat anything and everything so cutting all this out is frustrating and confusing for me - although I have to get used to it for my health. Thanks in advance Heather
  10. Hello

    Hi and welcome - I'm new too I was diagnosed 8 months ago in New Zealand and had an endoscope and also the blood panels - also had a colonoscopy as nobody knew what was going on. All good fun (not!!). I hope you get some answers as I know the symptoms are not very nice and make day to day living challenging at times. Are you eating normally at the moment or gluten free? Hope you find some useful things here, I know I have H
  11. Glutened In Restaurant

    Wow that sounds awful... you have my every sympathy! As for your friend.... well, lets just say if they were in the same position they'd probably think twice before being so mean as to not talk to you or contact you afterwards. I had something similar at a restaurant - I had a steak with a peppercorn sauce and they assured me it was 100% gluten free. Not so - the drive home (around 45mins) had me vomiting violently and had to pull over on the motorway. Really really bad. There have been a few times my boyfriend has seen me hugging the toilet bowl and me desperately trying not to look a complete washout. Luckily he understands and said yesterday (after a situation the other day) that he never wants to see me like that again - we have to try to sort it or just not eat out. I'd be interested to see how the restaurant responds. My boyfriend emailed the restaurant I got sick from and we never heard anything back - so much for being professional! In the mean time don't be too hard on yourself. It's tough enough as it is, so do something to cheer yourself up and that puts a smile on your face H
  12. Hi My name is Heather and I'm 27 years old, living in the UK. I was formally diagnosed with Celiacs 8 months ago, although have been having big problems for a number of years now, starting from post-puberty. I had a few years of not eating anything containing gluten aged 18-20 but then started eating gluten again as doctors thought I was wasting their time and the problem was in my head. I then moved to New Zealand and that's when real problems started. I had severe diarrhea and fatigue, headaches, joint pain and bloatedness and finally got diagnosed over there via biopsy and by blood testing. Since then I have been eating gluten free and very careful to read labels etc. I've made the odd error as I'm sure most people have, and the result has been for me to be incredibly ill - intense diarrhea and vomiting as well as abdominal pain and bloating. Basically it had me laid up in bed for days. My question is how long does it take for the stomach to start to repair itself? I'm still having severe diarrhea (around 10+ times per day) which is both painful and embarassing and I'm worried that my body will be dehydrated and not be absorbing the required vitamins and minerals. I'm scared to eat out, as last time the place thickened the sauce with what I'm sure was flour, as my reaction was very extreme. My boyfriend is a chef and he is convinced this was the case. I have intense urges to go to the bathroom which I can't ignore - I'm worried that I've permanently damaged my stomach and will never be able to use the bathroom normally, or to be able to eat regularly and safely. If anyone has any advice I'd be truly grateful. It was by chance I stumbled across this forum and am keen to use it and contribute where I can. Also do others find they have issues with other problems such as lactose intolerance etc? I'm wondering if cutting out dairy should be my next step. Thanks, A very fed-up Heather