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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi...(Recently Diagnosed)

    I love Elana's Pantry!!
  2. Hi...(Recently Diagnosed)

    I just googled "what to eat if you don't have a gallbladder". Pretty much it's just "Watch your fats and other foods that required more bile to digest since now you don't have reserves of bile on command".
  3. High And Low For The Day-Family Still Isn't Getting It

    You don't say. Whereabouts? I grew up in Lititz. Heart attack on a plate? Yeah, pretty much. It's worthless without a stick of butter thrown on it. :-)
  4. Question About Weight Loss

    In November of 2012, I set out to lose weight. I overhauled my diet. I attempted to work out. I weighed 217. I weigh 167 now. I have no idea, in light of my recent dx, if that weight came off due to malabsorption, due to my dietary change, or due to medicine I am on for a completely different condition. But I keep telling myself that even if it didn't end up coming off the healthy way, who says I can't keep it off the healthy way, especially now that I have the knowledge to help my body heal and recover? I heard a saying when I joined the gym: "Eat healthy, and you will BE healthy." Food is fuel, not emotions. <---that was hardest for me...I am a compulsive eater.
  5. Am I Hurting Myself?

    Oh my god. I need to show this to...lots of people. I don't go to church often, but when I do, it's a Unitarian church, but Mister's family are all like hardcore old school Italian Catholics.
  6. How Do I Use Multiquote? Help Please.

    I wondered that too... Now I know! :-) Yay!
  7. Struggling As A Celiac:(

    Lexi, that's how I was. I thought I had a gluten intolerance, and once in a while, I deemed it worth the pain. I misunderstood that fried chicken meal to mean you'd willingly ate it after your celiac dx. I completely understand the anger and frustration. I'm going through it too...except I bite people's heads off. I just want to throw a huge temper tantrum, especially when a couple of friends make comments like "Hey, let's go to Maggiano's" and then we get there and they decide they want to do family style and order a bunch of things that I can't have, nix anything without pasta, and then wonder why I sit there in stony silence at my favorite restaurant, setting them all on fire in my mind as they shovel their faces full of the foods that used to be my favorites, eating nothing myself. And then there are wonderful moments, like when my Mister overheard me say to a friend of mine "I'm dying for some good Chinese but I can't trust there not to be any gluten or cc'ing going on", and took me to PF Chang's, who are really, REALLY vigilant about allergies/celiac/intolerances. Sorry for biting your head off. I misunderstood, and flew into a hissy fit because I couldn't fathom why anyone would choose (not talking about accidental stuff here) to do that. :-(
  8. Struggling As A Celiac:(

    I do love Velveeta. I've found a pretty acceptable corn pasta, but when I reheat leftovers, the mac and cheese just turns into this corny mush. But that was made with shredded white cheddar and a roux-based cheese sauce, so I tossed some olive oil in a fry pan, coated little balls of the mush with seasoned (seasoned by me) gluten-free bread crumbs and fried up those bad boys. Eased a craving I had for fried mac 'n cheese...and then I hit the gym, lol. My next pasta to try is this rice spaghetti. I have plans for that for an Asian twist on Spaghetti and Meatballs. :-)
  9. Hi...(Recently Diagnosed)

    I'm finding that it's just easier for me to shop the way you described. I've always made my own salsa, just came out tasting so much better that way, and my own guac too. Probably a lot healthier than pre-packaged stuff too. I also am trying to eat foods that are good for someone who doesn't have a gallbladder. I'm upset that broccoli is on the "Not too nice on you if you have no gallbladder list", but I'm still learning about that too. I'm guessing it's a moderation thing. But I like a lot of other veggies too, so I have options. Reading through the newbie 101 thread still, trying to just take it all in and move past the anger (at time lost/unnecessary surgery/etc). But I'm slowly starting to feel better emotionally.
  10. Hi...(Recently Diagnosed)

    Sorry for my wording...I didn't mean that it hides out, unlisted... It's more that I'm still learning what ingredients have gluten, etc...I never would have thought that soy sauce had gluten in it, but I found a good gluten-free substitute. And I may be 'young', but I know what a broken record is. :-) (I don't feel young, well, mentally I do...)
  11. Struggling As A Celiac:(

    I'm sorry, but this makes me really mad. As Adelaide said, you willingly sat down and ate that meal. Willingly. And It wasn't a bite of bread or other gluten goodness. It was a meal. Adelaide is right, how on earth can you expect your parents to take you seriously when you willing made a choice to eat that meal? It isn't just "Oh I'll be feeling crappy later". If you are a celiac, ingesting gluten tells your immune system to attack your digestive tract and destroy it. I have made yummy meals for my kids containing gluten (taking proper precautions to safeguard my own wellbeing), and I want to take just one teeny tiny bite. I want to, so very very badly, and I cannot. To do so is irresponsible. To do so is to tell my body to stop healing, get wrecked, and start to heal all over again. I have thrown a temper tantrum over a stupid Belgian waffle. I cried, broke down in tears and cried (I rarely cry.) for two hours when it occurred to me that I will not ever be able to ingest the Christmas cookies my grandmother has made me every year for the past 26 years. She can make me gluten-free ones, and already took it upon herself to learn everything she can about baking gluten-free cookies, just so I can have a plate of cookies from my grandmother this Xmas, and they will probably be AMAZING, but they will not be the exact same cookies she made me before. I cried over freaking cookies. Because not even my grandma's cookies are enough to make me willingly poison myself, go through the agony as my body attacks me, and restart the healing process all over again. Your seemingly flippant approach to your celiac disease is frightening, and infuriating. The mac and cheese might have been worth it?!?!? I would kill for some freaking mac and cheese made with Velveeta cheese sauce drenching some elbow shaped semolina pasta. And don't even get me started on fried chicken. I just want an entire bucket of KFC Original Recipe. I'd annihilate the entire thing. But to indulge that would be stupid of me. Is any food worth the pain I had after my CC glutening? No. I have stuck to a strict fruits, veggies, fish, meats, etc diet. I am so afraid of that pain again that if I can't see how it's prepared, or if I haven't prepared it myself, I won't eat it. That you would know the lousy feeling, the pain, etc., and consciously make a choice to eat something that triggers that...is mind-blowing to me. I hope that mac and cheese was worth it, to you. It will never be worth it to me.
  12. Struggling As A Celiac:(

    I'd like to know too. I want to avoid ingesting gluten for the sake of a biopsy.
  13. Struggling As A Celiac:(

    I was completely wrong. The deli meats used were Dietz & Watson. In all likelihood, the source of my gluten came from cross-contamination. Don't beat me up! I'm still learning, lol!!! But I did some more research apparently some uber-processed deli meats have hydrolized vegetable protein or modified food starch as fillers, and some sausages have bread crumbs as fillers, and then some turkey and chicken cuts are injected with broth or stock. One of my former classmates has celiac disease as well, and he said to be really careful about anything with modified food starch, that sometimes they will list what their source of that starch is, but sometimes they won't. I guess if anything, calling the company or visiting their website would be best. I still have so much to learn.
  14. Hi...(Recently Diagnosed)

    That's what we narrowed it down to after further investigation, as her deli uses Dietz and Watson lunchmeats, and they are, from what I've read, generally safe. Whoever made my salad did not wash their hands after working with gluten, and I can probably bet money that my salad was prepared on a countertop that had not been cleaned in the time between being used to make hoagies and prepping my salad. I have been told I need to watch out for deli meats and lunchmeats that have fillers/binders/etc, as gluten can sometimes hide out in there. Also, did anyone else go gluten-free and then accidentally get glutened, and the reaction was far worse than before dx? I spent many years in moderate to severe pain, but other than the two extremely painful episodes (June 2012 which led to GB removal and July 2013 which led to celiac disease dx), until my accidental CC glutening, I have never reacted so badly...did anyone notice a more severe reaction to gluten after going gluten-free?
  15. I was feeding my son some spaghetti and he knocked a noodle onto my arm. I went to eat it off, as my hands were busy, and it was my 8 year old daughter who yelled at me to stop. I have to conscientiously think before I lick my fingers, grab a bite of anything... I've been told in time it will become automatic and I won't have to think so hard about it. That is good news to my ADHD mind.