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  1. I have actually, but I am extremely gluten sensitive now that I've been diagnosed and finally cut gluten out of my life. If I get cross-contamination at all now, we are talking huge patches of painful blisters and my face and entire scalp full of bleeding blisters. Up until the diagnosis I was getting what I thought was "strange acne" starting around my nose and mouth and sometimes my hairline. If I was stressed maybe my neck by my lymph glands. They hurt, they would ooze, they would NEVER heal. Within the first week of my gluten free diet they diminished with my scaly patches and the big blistery rashes I had. Now, they reappear every time I am exposed. After taking a closer look one day I realized they are actually more like isolated blisters than acne. I occasionally use a prescription antibiotic on my face. It has been helpful. (Accidental miracle ) I hope that helps a bit.