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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Still Not Taken Seriously?

    I agree with this! We have found some reliable restaurants near home, some with gluten free menus and some without (but thoughtful and careful, know what gluten is). Away from home, its a complete unknown. Getting to the point of knowing the trusted places near home took a lot of glutenings (at places we won't eat at anymore) to find the good ones. It took time. Out and about, reviews can help some, but I am not usually in a position that being glutened would work out so well (does it ever?) in the travel so now try to avoid it as I can. In the end, near home or away, restaurant visits are now much more limited, always more risky than homemade.
  2. Duck Eggs

    We used to have ducks and chickens. The ducks were much more consistent egg layers. I didn't care for the eggs straight up. As mentioned, the whites have a rubbery texture compared to chicken eggs. But I thought they were wonderful in baking. Back in those days I baked with wheat flour still. I have never used duck eggs with gluten free baking. I am confident they would be as good if not better!
  3. I see many people here use or would use this. However, I will avoid it. Blenderly, you saw possible reaction to this, others say they have not. It seems some people may react even when others do not. I would be cautious about waiting for a noticeable reaction. That is, many don't exhibit a noticeable reaction to gluten. But what is happening really in your body? I am very sensitive myself. While many things can have a risk of cross contamination, when I see that something is made on equipment shared with wheat especially - not worth the risk! A reaction for me is a horrible experience! I tend to avoid processed foods as much as possible except where specifically gluten free (I prefer the companies that focus on this). I know this is a challenge for parents. I would be particularly careful if my child was sensitive though. I apologize if that sounded preachy. I was just surprised at the posts. Usually in this forum I see everyone being extremely cautious of any risk, even when obvious symptoms are not present. I love chocolate, but will avoid Nequick.
  4. I second this. Big batches to use during the week. Eggs, nuts and fruit are also staples, quick and easy, portable. For variety we have a few fall back meals for busy nights - Gluten-free Hamburger Helper-like meals, spaghetti, Gluten-free pizza (who'd have guessed at dx that there are som many Gluten-free pizza options?) and fruit and veggie night with meat, cheese and crackers for when we are really feeling like we don't have much time.
  5. For eating away from home with family, it sounds like you are in a good position with supportive and aware people. This past summer my family visited my husbands parents, away from home for a week. I was scared to death of cross contamination. They put so much effort in to avoiding cross contamination and they were successful. That is better than when my own parents visit us. I agree with the poster that said take a part in the prep if you can. That may help take some of the anxiety out at the table as you will know what happened in the prep and ingredients.
  6. Hi. I'm Catholic too. I know this thread is a bit old now but I wanted to reply anyway. I have been afraid the low gluten host will make me sick and haven't tried it. In retrospect this may sound dumb, but when I went gluten free I though I'd just take wine, no problem. Wow, did I get sick. It actually took a bit for it to occur to me that there was cross contamination with the wine! So now I just sit while my kids and everyone else participates. I feel awkward and kind of lost. I also have to say I kind of wonder that people that don't know me wonder why that one person is not participating as everyone else. My faith, church, communion have been an important part of my life and I feel it's just been pulled away. I spoke with the priest. We have one other in the parish that uses the low gluten hosts without problem. But I just can't. It's wheat! I wonder what people with wheat allergies do? I know God doesn't mind, but now church just feels incomplete. Another thought that I have regarding the low gluten host is that if I did try it and I didn't feel sick, the gluten may still be doing damage and I wouldn't even know. Or maybe I'd start to get a little worse over time, just gradual enough that I would not recognize the change. Though, when I get CC to this point, I sure notice! Anyway, I don't take communion wine or host anymore. But I still go to church.
  7. It sounds like you have been posting on this site for a while. I have only read this string, so only know your situation as posted here. I notice that many people with celiac and gluten intolerance also have other sensitivities.Symptoms can be very similar. I apologize if this has already been discussed. As mentioned in an earlier post, it can still take weeks to months before cutting gluten out will find issue resolving. This is my experience as well. Some struggle with finding the other sensitivities they have. you can imagine if there are multiple sensitivities and an undefined time before they go away, and all the many ingredients in foods - well, its a challenge! Limiting your diet to a smaller number of foods, cutting out sources of common troublesome foods for a period of time to see if anything gets better, then reintroducing one at a time to find out if any cause problems is something that you could try. I understand that soy, corn, milk, eggs can cause problems, just as examples. Finding packaged or even baked foods with out these is a challenge.We went through this with my daughter. At the time we didn't know nearly what we do now and so we did not do it right the first time! I should mention that the sensitivities I am speaking of are not the same as allergies. Another thing I have noticed is that while healing, it did help to cut down on carbohydrates. I don't know why. This is just another observation from my experience. While the issues you are experiencing may have nothing to do with food, so many people on this forum can relate to your symptoms. It isn't easy to figure it all out. I hope that someone's thoughts or experiences shared here might help you.
  8. I have been using Folgers Special Roast coffee without any issues. I haven't tried any of Starbuck's since going gluten free. I hope that is of some help.
  9. I am always worried I will do something similar with some kind of food . I have been gluten free for a year. I am also very sensitive to contamination. My reactions are very violent GI symptoms at first and fade away over the course of a week. I get this pain just below my stomach, it really hurts and nothing makes it better but time. Lots of really substantial belching and stomach flu-like symptoms. Before I knew gluten was a problem and went gluten free, symptoms were similar, but I don't think it seemed as as painful or that I felt as sick, though I was suffering from severe D when I'd eat anything and lost lots of weight. I just think I was used to it. It's a million times better when I don't have any gluten, but yeah, I think it's tougher now when I encounter any.
  10. Thank you. I recently refilled a prescription I have taken for years. I have not previously had any problems but the last two times I it was like I was glutened. The first time I thought it must be something else. After the second one I called the pharmacy. The pharmacist said it was the same pill (manufacturer) as before. I thought maybe they had changed a formulation of the filler ingredients. Cross contamination from the trays makes sense! I will need to address this too. I hope my pharmacy is a cooperative as yours sounds like it is.