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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Third Week On Gluten Free Diet

    I am also on my third week, and I feel absolutely wonderful (even though my blood tests were also negative). Stomach cramping, bloating, and diarrhea are mostly gone (slight cramping here and there), my headaches are gone ( I have lived with those since I was about 21, now 40). I too seem to have more productive evenings, and am feeling much better. Sluggishness is improving too. I am amazed at how normal feels, as it has been awhile since I did!
  2. Definitely get the test, I got tested, but my doc only did the 1st 2 tests, which both came back negative. I have already started the gluten free diet, and am feeling absolutely wonderful (I guess what most people would think of as normal), but I wish I had been on here first, and known to ask my doc for the full panel, now I don't know if its actually celiac, or just a sensitivity. I know for sure it is a problem with gluten, as I just got gluttened a few days ago, (without knowing it) and knew right away the next morning exactly what it was. Sure enough, I found out the marinade for some fish I had had, had soy sauce in it. And I do not want to do a gluten challenge to get an official diagnosis, at least not yet, I feel to good to go back now:(
  3. I was just going to ask the same thing, bout the enterolab gene testing.....or do i need to go to my doctor and request the gene test? I dont really care for the doc i am seeing right now, and if the enterolab is accurate and ok, then i might go that route Anyone have any opinions on the enterolab testing? (gene specifically)
  4. I got a copy of my test results, here is exactly how they read: TIS TRANSGLUT AB, IgA.......<1.2 TIS TRANSGLUT AF, IgG.......1.2 thats it, just those 2 tests also another question, i am lactose intolerancet, but used to be able to eat small amounts of the harder cheeses without an issue since going on the gluten free, its seams that my lactose intolerance has kicked up a notch, is that normal at first? i am going to go back on gluten next week and see if my stomach gurgling and diarrhea come back......if so, maybe i need to research NCGI?
  5. I had had bouts of diarrhea that were painful, but the worst for me was the constant gurgling in my stomach. because I was lactose intolerant, my husband would always say, are you sure you didn't eat anything with milk in it? Then I would second guess myself. At this point, I am enjoying feeling normal, but I may go back on gluten in a few weeks and see if the symptoms return
  6. because the diarehia and gurgling had been so bad i was not eating anything except rice (gluten free), a nice bland food for about 2-3 days before the test i am going to get my test results and see if i can post them here i have not been tested for chrones, or thyriod (spelling may be off, late at work) but i do have acid reflux not so sure that i want to go back on gluten for tests though, but i read that the stool test does not require you to be on gluten to get results, anyone know if that is true?
  7. I was tested last week for celiac and blood test came back negative (just got results today) Doc thought I have the disease, so started me on the gluten free diet......I feel wonderful!!!!! I don't know what tests out the 5 were done. I have had these issues for about 4-5 years, never knowing what the hell was going on:( I am also lactose intolerant, so I know it is not that as I don't eat dairy. Do I go back to the doctor and ask for the endo, do I research the online stool testing, or what do I do now? I cant believe the negative results.....I haven't had diarrhea or any stomach cramping or "gurgling" for about a week, the best I have ever fealt! and I am starting to feel better with regards to the tiredness I was having also