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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. So I have been to so many doctors and specialists and have had no answers to my 2 years of symptoms. I had the celiac panel done yesterday and results were negative all the way around. I will post later when I have access to them, but they were definitely negative from what I saw. It's so frustrating I was honestly hoping I had celiac so I would have an answer to my problems. Just want to say thank you to everyone for taking the time to help me and I wish you all the best!
  2. Morning

    I feel worse in the morning definitely. I'm weak and my legs ache. I feel nauseous and frequently have D upon waking up. I'm getting my celiac blood tests today!
  3. That's great to hear! I forgot about the sweating, that happens to me too. Glad you're feeling better!
  4. I have the same as what you both describe. I'm not diagnosed but am having the celiac tests on Wednesday. These attacks are horrible! It starts by me not being able to feel my legs or arms, blurry vision and I almost feel like I'm not breathing. It's different than a panic attack for sure. Mine happen when I'm active so I went to cardiologist and after testing they found no abnormalities. After I eat I have minimal discomfort in my stomach, but I get tingling and burning sensations in my legs and sometimes my face. I get super foggy brained after I eat and extremely tired. But I haven't been able to pinpoint a certain food. Lactose intolerance runs on my dad's side of the family and I have that to some extent. I also can't do eggs. The neurological symptoms are the worst I have been dealing with them for years. Update when you get your tests results please...it would be nice if we could connect these issues to something.
  5. Hi All! I had a lot of blood tests run recently and discovered that I'm deficient or low in almost every vitamin. I have not been diagnosed with celiac but I am waiting to get the blood tests done. I know that malabsorption can cause deficiencies and I'm wonder which vitamin deficiencies are most common in people with celiac? Thanks!
  6. Yes at least they don't think I'm crazy that's true!
  7. H. Pylori?

    Yeah the ulcers healed both times, but every one and while I get that feeling again but it usually passes. Aside from labor it was the worst pain I ever experienced. Good luck I hope you get some relief!
  8. H. Pylori?

    Hi! I had H. Pylori when I was a teen. I found out because I had horrible stomach pain and I could't walk or sit up. I just laid on the couch curled up in a ball crying. The doctor felt my stomach and then took some blood tests to find it. I had 3 ulcers at the time and supposably that's how I got it. I took several antibiotics for weeks and it cleared up. Then I got ulcers again a few years later but no infection. Hope this helps! Robin
  9. Just an update if anyone is curious. I got the results for my SED rate and ANA. ANA was negative and SED was 11 with a range of 0-20 so normal. My doctor suspects now that I may have Fabry Disease. I had not heard of this one so I googled it and bam sounds like it could be true. So I go next week to have my petechiae reviewed and possibly the blood tests done. While this is definitely not what I hoped for I am anxious to have answers so I can cope and hopefully find ways to feel better. If anyone has heard of this or has anything to share I would love to hear it! If these tests come back negative I am going to more or less demand that they run the celiac tests on me. Thanks for listening as always. Robin
  10. Hi! Yes I've heard the same things about the TSH range, but how do I get my doctor to understand this? It's so frustrating. I'm miserable everyday and they won't look past the result falling within the normal range. That site is great!
  11. That's interesting. So you don't feel like that anymore? Are you gluten-free? Robin
  12. Fatty Stools And Confusion

    Can someone explains what constitutes a "fatty stool". My son has gray colored poop and it always sinks. I however have what I believe to normal color but mine float and always have. As far as the fatty part...how would I know? Sorry if that's TMI but it seems to be the norm here.
  13. Just saw my GP today. He didn't seem concerned with my eye, although most times it looks normal. When it looks larger is when I have pain with it which I wasn't having at the moment. He is testing me for vasculitis and inflammatory issues since I have petechiae. It's not what I wanted, but I'm happy if he wants to test away and let's get to the bottom of this. I mentioned my thyroid levels and he said all your tests so far have been perfect. He said, "you're the healthy patient I have". Okay that doesn't change how I feel inside. If these tests come back normal I'm going to see an endocrinologist. If it is my thyroid I think I am swinging back on forth. Because I also have extreme fatigue and weakness. I will let you guys know what I find out. I'm really appreciate all the support I'm being shown here especially considering I don't have celiac (at least not that I know of). Robin
  14. Wow...thank you so much for all the info. I need to write this stuff down because when I get to the doctor I like totally forget all my reasons for being there. It provokes so much anxiety in my. I keep telling me my mom to go back to the doctor but she said she's fine. Talking to you all has made me feel so much more calm about this whole situation. Answers will come eventually. I have a question though about stomach bloating/cramping in celiac...I have had what I would consider minimal cramping ever since I can remember and bloated oh yes when I was younger. Now I'm overweight so if I'm bloated I really don't notice it. Honestly I thought it was normal because it's never caused me more than minimal pain. So I asked my boyfriend about it just to get another idea of what someone else feels after they eat. He had no idea and he said he never gets cramps or anything. I have almost constant sensation that I have to go #2 even if it's hours before I actually feel the urgency to go. So now it makes me wonder if this is a symptom. I should also mention that my stomach makes noises all the time. Again pretty painless but quite embarrassing if I am in a meeting or something. Any thoughts. Orange - I'm curious to hear the results of your celiac tests. Robin