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  1. I have a 17 year old daughter with fatigue and 2 stress fractures (different legs and different locations) in less than a year. No GI symptoms. Diagnosed 2 months ago and have been gluten-free since. I noticed some improvement in her fatigue in week 3, could just see it in her face. She noted a little improvement in week 4. We are still working on it - she also has insomnia which could be due to celiac. The back pain could be due to osteoporosis. I'd get a DEXA scan to verify. Very new to this, so not a lot to offer, but always helps to hear of others that could be similar. Prayers for him and your family to see some improvements soon.
  2. Just checking in on how things are going for your daughter. Megan is less fatigued now and it is nice to see a bit on energy in her again. Have they done the 6 month DEXA yet?
  3. They are not even planning at looking at it until a year because it takes quite a while for a measurable difference to show up. They talked about Calcitonin, but her rheumatologist was not in favor of it due to not enough evidence that is helps bone density. They have not talked about the biophosphates and I am unsure what the right thing would be to do in that situation. Those are not studied on young people, so there is no reliable data to interpret. However on the other end, as a PT I see a ton of people in there 30s with autoimmune related issues and back pain and they are pretty miserable. I will pray she gets some good results on her next DEXA. Megan is going to be a senior this year and I am just thankful we found this out now and not next summer as she is getting ready to head out to college. She has been gluten-free for 3 weeks and a couple days now and says she hasn't noticed anything. I can't wait to share all your info with her! Thanks again so very much!
  4. Thank you so much for your kind reply. She was off running for 3 months this time and just got to start last Monday. Her mood is definitely improved! Good luck and I hope you heal quickly. It's going to be finding that balance of just enough and not too much for both of you.
  5. Thank you for sharing. That makes me feel tremendously better to know there is someone out there with a similar story, but I am sorry that your daughter and your family are having to go through this. Her spine t-score was -2.8 and her hips were -1.5. No teeth issues (yet). She is smaller than everyone else in the family but only about an inch shorter than they predicted her to be. She would love to have that inch. I am also a PT and have some medical understanding of the calcium issue. Calcium is a very important mineral in bodily functions and to maintain the correct balance the parathyroid gland goes into action and releases parathyroid hormone to pull calcium from the bones, thus causing the osteoporosis. But I would expect to see fluctuations in calcium and parathyroid hormone if they did more frequent blood tests. Trust me when I say everyone wanted to look at her and say osteoporosis, distance runner, teenage girl...she must be anorexic even though she is the opposite of what most runners look like. She is not super skinny and I would know - I watch her eat all the time and her sister would tell on her. So we were referred to a dietitian who determined she had no food issues but suggested the celiac test. So back to the dr. and low and behold she was right. I can't wait to share this with my daughter. How long was it into the gluten free diet before she started to feel a change in her energy?
  6. My daughter runs cross country and track. In the last year she had a stress fracture in her left tibia and this year in her right femoral neck. When I questioned the ortho. about why 2 in one year he sent us for further work ups. At that first appointment they did a bone density scan and determined she had osteoporosis. Many blood tests later they determined she had Celiac and Sjogren's. Her MD recommended she go gluten-free and see if she felt any better. She didn't feel bad to start with, just had the osteo. She also has fatigue, acne and muscle soreness, but these are all fairly normal for a teenage runner. I know celiac can cause osteoporosis, but all of her vitamin and mineral levels were normal and her iron was a little high. Vitamin D and calcium were on the low normal side. No endoscopy. Is it possible for osteoporosis to be her only symptoms/sign?