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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Significant Other To Celiac

    I think everything you have said is pretty stupid. and everyone else agreeing with you. i am not looking to break up with him did it ever occur to you i just wanted some advice and i got some great tips and advice and i am taking the good advice but i think you have deep abandonment issues and you shouldnt assume everyone is a piece of s$#& who doesnt have celiac disease. and i know its difficult for me sometimes to deal with this so i can only imagine how difficult it is for someone who actually has the disease. I see the way it affects him when he gets sick, he is very disoriented in his thought processes and he cant eat after he has been sick so he is hungry and his body is exhausted I have seen what it is like and the damage it has done to his body and because i care about him i have changed my habits and diet so he doesnt have to go through that nearly as much as he used to. I legitimately never meant to offend anyone or anything of that nature, i am simply a person in love with someone who has celiac disease and i am now seeing the complete lifestyle of a celiac because now we live together. And now im justifying my relationship and my morals to a complete stranger, kind of a jerk of a stranger so high five. we all got problems. lets all just stop stop saying anything further i got the advice i wanted so thank you to those with the good positive vibes and good feedback other than that stop
  2. Significant Other To Celiac

    when you go to the store and bring things home other peoples gluteny hands have touched that package and now its on my counter its on my cabinet. http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/91020-does-anyone-know-how-to-kill-or-inactivate-gluten/ he has had it for years and only really understood the severity of it 3-4 years ago. You havent given me anything but attitude actually, all of these other nice people have given great tips and advice you however have been quite the opposite of helpful and positive. so please keep to yourself because you are not at all helping my situation.
  3. Significant Other To Celiac

    well we are on opposite schedules he works mon-fri 7-330 and i work thurs-sun usually nights or all day so its been really tricking finding time
  4. Significant Other To Celiac

    He willnot go get a drink, he knows that bartenders put straws in drinks and those straws are touched by gluteny hands and its like he is embarrassed he has celiac he wont tell them to not put a straw in it, he will not get coffee because of a similar situation and also alot of coffee syrups have caramel coloring and that makes him sick, and I think it is what someone on hear said previously its a lack of effort. I always want to do things and he either is to tired from work or just doesnt want to go. How do I get him out of his celiafunk?
  5. Significant Other To Celiac

    is it you that is celiac? if so do you get sick from cross contamination from your husband kissing you after he ate a waffle and from ordering pizza?
  6. Significant Other To Celiac

    Pretty sure you are misunderstanding me. I have changed my diet so he never gets sick, i sanitize the whole house with vinegar once a week to kill all gluten particles so he doesnt get sick, and asthma and celias disease are way completley different things in severity, so all i was asking dr.phil were activities celiacs do because he is letting his disease define him and the fear of getting sick is keeping him and I from enjoying activities together. so your bluntness was irrelevant. thank you.
  7. Significant Other To Celiac

    I have adopted a gluten free diet and i am lactose intolerant so we have been getting creative with food and thats been fine but lately he is just letting his disease rule over him hence we dont go anywhere and i mean its understandable because its a fear of getting sick but when all you do is go to work and be home... its not living and i cant handle being a slave to the american economy and not doing anything fun. what fun things do celiacs do that they do not get sick from and are inexpensive?
  8. Hey everyone, I am new to celiac.com but not new with celiac disease. I have been dating my boyfriend of 1.5 year(s) and he has celiac disease. At first I did not at all understand the seriousness of this disease, so he was sick all the time from cross contamination and he wasn't as serious as he is now about being gluten free. Over time we have taken steps and precautions to avoid cross contamination. I know I do not have this disease, but being a significant other and trying to be supportive is pretty difficult at times. Celiac disease obviously limits the places we can go to eat and the things we can do and I just want to know how other celiacs go about travel, and doing activities? I have changed my diet to a completley gluten free diet as we live together, and i clean the house at least once a week with vinegar to kill most of the gluten particles, he is that sensitive. I just feel right now he is letting his disease define him and monitor the things he does in his life and I think celiac disease has killed his spontaneity and I just want to help him and have fun and do "normal" things that other couples do for the most part. I think I really phrased this wrong earlier so I edited. Thanks for tips!