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  1. oh my god that is so terrible. I just had to reply to this to say I'm sorry to hear that I know my ex boyfriend's family didn't understand it at ALL and would call me anorexic because of it! How heartless. Makes me sad people can be so cold.
  2. I am moving in with my boyfriend and I need some advice. He is a gluten eater but is going to go gluten and soy free for me as I am very sensitive. I have celiac as well as a soy allergy. Well when I moved into my current apartment I spent almost a week straight cleaning and recleaning the kitchen and dishwasher, oven etc to try to sanitize it as best as humanly possible to reduce my chances of cross contamination. So what I would like to know is: 1. what are the best ways to absolutely scrub the living hell out of the kitchen that was full of gluten so it's safe for me? 2. best way to really clean the dishwasher? When I lived with my parents I was constantly very ill from cross contamination from the dishwasher, so is there a cleaner or something I can run through there to really strip it of anything dangerous to me? What about the silverware rack if it has nicks and cuts from knives? The one in my current apartment was like that so I completely tossed it so I wouldn't even have the risk. But I would hate to do that to him if I could just deep bleach it or something. I just want to get everything as safe as I possibly can because CC is something that really hits me and I cannot afford to live with that.