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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I haven't found any of those items to have gluten in them yet, but its always safe to just ask to check out the labeling when you arrive. =)
  2. Anyone Ever Been To Disneyworld?

    Thanks for posting all that! I haven't been there yet with Celiac, but mom has assured me that they are very accomodating and their chefs are very aware of all the health issues out there and special dietary needs, and will bend over backwards. Makes me look forward to my trip even more! =)
  3. Tony Romas

    I emailed Tony Romas about their menu and this is the response I just got back: The following is a list of products that DO NOT contain any gluten/wheat/malt ingredients: All flavors of Tony Roma's Barbecue Sauce All salad dressings Cole Slaw dressing Ranch Style Beans Potato Skins (CAUTION - potato skins are deep fried in the vat where the onion loaf is fried which could contain trace amounts of flour) Ribs/chicken (CAUTION - marinade may contain trace amounts) Hope it helps someone! Its one of my fave places to eat. =)
  4. Before I would start the diet, I would see a doctor. Talk to your parents about what you've found about Celiac and see if they can get you into see a gastro doctor. They should be able to do the blood tests quickly and find out if it's something you might have. Good luck to you!
  5. I am attending my first conference this month since being diagnosed and it's a huge pain to find out about food. Its being catered in, and there won't be an opportunity to leave to get food or to have access to a fridge and microwave. I may just tell them to not worry about it and bring rice cakes and peanut butter. I'm dreading it... the food at those things are always so good! What do you do when attending those kind of events? Esp when they're out of town and you're "stuck" there? (working lunches, etc). Do you contact the staff ahead of time, have you found them to accomodating to your needs? Do you trust them? I feel like such a thorn in their side... but on the other hand, I deserve to eat something too! I also feel like I've paid the same cost as others, and if I dont get the benefit of the meals and have to spend my own money on it, then I'm getting ripped off... Should I just get used to this now? THANKS!
  6. Anyone Ever Been To Disneyworld?

    My mom works at Disneyworld in reservations. She has been doing research on the restaurants there for me becuase I'll be visitng her in May for the first time with Celiac. Disney is WONDERFUL about making accomodations for guests. They are used to having visitors from all over the world with various dietary issues. SInce most of their nice restaurants heavily suggest reservations, when you call to make those, the reservationist will ask if you have a special dietary need. They will accomodate anything from gluten, to vegan, to kosher. So far, she hasn't come across a restaurant there yet that doesn't offer a gluten free menu to guests. She has also been told that they offer gluten free rolls and such at the fast food places. When always planning a trip, I would call ahead and find out more details, esp if you might be eating lots of fast food. They will be able to tell you which of those places can accomodate, if not all of them can't. Our impression has been that they all can and all are prepared and taught aout the gluten free diet. Theres a 1-800 number on their website concerning special dietary needs. If you have any more questions, let me know and I'll see if my mom knows =)
  7. Not always. I bought some cereal bars right after my diagnosis in the health food section of my grocery store that said "wheat free"... before opening and eating them, i checked the ingredients and they were full of barley. i think most items that are wheat free and gluten free will say it on the box, check the ingredients if they don't state they are gluten free.
  8. From my understanding, gluten is found in alot more items than just bread and pasta, so even though you may have been adhering to an Atkins diet, you probably were ingesting *some* gluten of some sort. Its amazing the kinds of things I've already found that contain gluten... I'm new to this, but I've found it to be true so far... So you may not have been as free from it as it would seem, but maybe so. To answer your questions as well as I can. I have had unbelievable stomach pains as well, even after going gluten free, they are still there. I have read it can take weeks to rid yourself of the side effects once on a gluten free diet. My symptoms dont always stay the same... like, my bones ached for months, then I became really gasey, etc etc. The abdominal pains seem to be the flavor of the month =) So I don't know if things would change in 2 weeks or not... I don't really know how much you should eat to not get a false negative, to be honest. My doctor told me 2 weeks ago that I could begin the gluten free diet even though I was having my biopsy two weeks later, and he said the damage would not reverse that quickly. He told me he even found enough damage to confirm a patient of his 6 full months after they went gluten free. Your doctor can answer these questions for you when you go see them. I am slightly overweight (15-20 pounds?), I suppose, though in the last month and half when things really got bad (to the point of not eating anything), I began to lose weight (25 pounds and counting). I have read that some people don't react by losing weight. I suppose because some people don't get diarrhea and flush things (I dont), and even though the nutrients may not be being absorbed, doesn't mean the fat is? Good question. Ask your doc and let me know what s/he says =) I didn't have to do anything before having the blood test done. Matter of fact, I didn't know what he was testing for... he just told me he wanted to do more labs. I just had my upper endoscopy done on Monday. I have had one done before to find an ulcer, and both experiences were the same (diff doctors, hospitals, etc). I went to the GI Lab at my hospital, they hooked up an IV, put me to sleep just using sedation (keeps you out about 30 minutes or so), and they did the procedure. I felt nothing, remember nothing. I do know they spray your throat with something to numb it in order to combat that gag reflux =) My docs office had me watch an information video on the whole thing before going through with it. There are people who opt not to be sedated, I didn't take that route (though my insurance co believes it to be elective and doesn't pay for it. Money worth spending as far as I'm concerned). Once you're back awake, they let you go home. I went home and slept another 6 hours or so. Piece of cake =) I hope that helps some... My best advice is to see a doc. Do some research yourself, arm yourself with questions, and see a doc about it all. =)
  9. Grieving

    Boy, can I relate. I have only been on this diet one week, and I feel like I'm in the beginning of a grieving process. I, too, read that article last night and immediately identified with her in her grieving process. I woke up several times this week and thought "its all a joke right? I mean, come on, gluten? Who ever heard of such a thing! This is ridiculous!" but then I walked into my kitchen, looked all all the new gluten free items I bought, and was snapped back into reality. I think its healthy to go through a grieving process, esp if food is a big part of your life. Food is linked to so many things to me, and its hard to seperate those thoughts... Like food=time with friends. Food=holidays. Food=family. Food=romantic evenings with hubby. Etc. I have to change that mindset, somehow... Amercians just get together over food all the time!! I found one of the best things I did was send out a mass email to friends and family explaining Celiac and what it meant. I have received nothing but encouragement and curious questions since. I also wanted to educate more people about it. I am confident my family and firends now know the facts and will make situations re: food easier for me in the future. You're not alone! =) Aimee
  10. Mine was diagnosed by a blood test, and then the doctor said that they wanted to biopsy my small intestine to absolutely confirm things and assess the damage done. It sounds like it quite possibly could be Celiac from what you've described. I also read somewhere that a traumatic emotional experience could spark it as well, which could explain why it showed up immediately following your brothers death. Mine showed up immediately after a surgery, to the day almost. I'd let the doc run the tests, esp since you've been so sick and miserable for so long. If they come back positive, I'd also opt for a biopsy to see whats going on and confirm things. I hope you find some answers soon, it sounds like its difficult to function and you shouldn't have to live your life like that. =)
  11. Fast Food

    Found McDonalds has one too. You can find it at: http://www.mcdonalds.com/app_controller.nu...uten.index.html They even have a printable one you can download. Updated last on 1/20/04, so pretty recent! =)
  12. Fast Food

    I'm not sure if this has been posted before, but I was reading Chick-Fil-A's site and they have a gluten free menu as well... The link is http://www.chickfila.com/gluten.asp They also list other food allergies on their site, if you have others. These are the items they say are safe (boy, I'm going to miss their nuggets): Entr
  13. Hi! I have recently been diagnosed with this, and it seems that mine didn't come to the surface until I had a surgery last May. The surgery was one in which the wound is left open to heal from the inside out (supposed to be 6-8 weeks) and at 5 months, it still wasn't, so a Wound Care Center was brought into help. It was my wound care doctor that discovered Celiac. I am now seeing a gastro guy and will have my biopsy in two weeks. My question is, how soon will my protein levels go up once the gluten is removed, and therefore my wound heal? It is still not healing at all, but I have been told its because I have no nutrients to heal it because of the Celiac. Anyone else have a simliar issue, with a wound not healing? Did yours arise after surgery? How soon did you see your protein levels and such go up? I would LOVE to have this thing healed before my one year mark!! Thanks! Aimee