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  1. Hi I have tried this way of making mac and cheese before. Its good, no need to make a roux, and there is less dishes to wash up after. http://www.kitchennostalgia.com/pasta/civil-war-macaroni-and-cheese.html
  2. Hi, I have been gluten-free for just over a year, and am really starting to see a few improvements. My nails are getting stronger. I have a horizontal ridge across them, and you can feel the difference in the thickness of them. My hair is starting to grow back. I have a fair bit of regrowth especially in the frount, which was looking very thin at diagnosis, it is mostly grey, but hair is hair, and I will gladly take what is given. My brain fog is getting better. I still can't think of the words that I want at times, but these times are getting less. My mood is a lot brighter overall, but I still have bouts of depression when I get CC. I still have pain in my muscles and joints and pins and needles all over, but this is slowly improving. I still trip and fall over and still walk into things like door frames. My headaches are better, and my sinus infections are a lot less frequent. Diet wise, I am still on suppliments, multivits/mins, probiotics, calcium/vit D, fish oil and glaucosimine. I find that I just can't eat eggs, they make me feel sick just looking at them. I also feel ill at the sight of chicken. I have cravings for other meat though. I remain lactose intolerant and have also reacted badly to codex wheat when I reintroduced that. I went on a juice fast for about 3 weeks, and after the first 3-4 days felt really well and full of energy. My skin really improved too. I was thinking about going grain free, like paeleo, but without the cream and butter. Has anyone tried this, or have any suggestions as to how I can keep on improving my health. I know that I may still be healing, and maybe need to give it more time, but I would like to help nature along a bit if I can.
  3. I know how you feel. I have been a stranger to constipation all my life. Just recently I flew home from a family visit, and got a bit dehydrated. I was fairly delighted when I suffered my first real episode of constipation. I cured it with a celebratory bowl of icecream. As I am lactose intolerant, it was not pretty, but it was effective.
  4. This is happening to me too. I have been gluten-free for just over a year now. I have lost about 30 pounds, and have another 70-80 to go. I didn't really start to loose any weight till about 6-8 months in, and at the moment I am loosing about a pound a week.
  5. Thank you for this post. My brother has moved to Wassenar recently. I visited him in May, and did have some trouble with the Codex wheat in some goods. The list that you provided of terms will be very useful when I return to visit, which I hope is very soon, as I love Holland.
  6. I am usually very happy to talk to people about celiac disease. I find that the vast majority of people that I interact with have no idea about what celiac disease is, or what it does to the body. I see it as a way of educating people. I keep the explination brief and try not to use medical terms if possible. I first explain that it is an autoimmune disease, and that it causes your body to attack itself, that your body sees gluten as it sees a virus or bacterial infection. That it affects the part of the gut that absorbs nutrients, and this can lead to lots of different symptoms. I also explain that it only takes a small amount of gluten to trigger symptoms. Some people leave it at that, some ask more questions.
  7. I have coeliac disease, and I react badly to codex wheat. I'm not sure if it is the wheat or the small amount of gluten in it, but I get the same type of reaction from both.
  8. Hope you enoy it. I noticed a couple on the paleo diet as well for those who follow it.
  9. I saw this book available free on Amazon for download to kindle. http://www.amazon.com/Gluten-Free-Coeliac-Disease-Intolerance-Allergies-ebook/dp/B00BF1NCM6/ref=sr_1_170?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1390190022&sr=1-170&keywords=free+books
  10. Hi do you use rock chrystal deodorant. I have found that this cuts down on the BO smell. It works by stopping the bacteria that causes the smell multiplying. The brand I use in the UK is Pit Rock. It is a little more expensive than a normal deoderant, but the chrystal lasts ages. It is also a natural product. No aluminium in it.
  11. Hi all, thanks for the replies. Sorry I have not replied sooner, but I was digesting your suggestions and doing a little research and thinking. I have had a vit/min blood test and thyroid pannel done when I had my celiac bloods done, and I am due to have them repeated in about 3 weeks as I have my repeat dietitians appointment in October.. I will ask for a blood lipds to be done. I have been having some problems with eating meat fish and eggs since I started going gluten free. It is really odd. I just can't eat eggs at all. I feel sick when I put them in my mouth. I am starting to feel the same way about meat and fish. I dont know if this is my body's way of telling me to eat more fruit and veg. That is why I was thinking of doing a juice fast. I enjoy cooking. but really only if there are others there. If it is just me. I don't tend to bother to much, so tend to eat a lot more unhealthy food, Not me, this is the film I was talking about. The transformation of the men are remarkable. Especially Phil the american. So. I will keep on taking the multivits and mins, add in probiotics and digestive enzimes. I know that I have to start exercising, so will start walking. I live in the country, so it won't be difficult. As for diet, I think I will start on a juice fast for 10 days. If it doesn't suit me. I will just go back to a normal gluten free diet, I didn't know that I could do a blog on this site. I wll look into that,
  12. Hi just joined the forum but have been lurking since May. I'm a 48 year old female from the UK who got diagnosed with celiac disease in May, but I suspect that I may have had this disease for about 30 years. As I am not one of the skinny type of celiacs, my symptoms have been put down to eating too much, eating the wrog diet for many years, and , to be honest, I rarely went to the doctor, after a while, as it was dispiritif to be dismissed like this. Finally, when I finally was so bad I had to do something about it. I went to the doctor and mentioned that I felt much better on the Atkins diet, and asked if it could be celiac disease. the doctor did the tests, and yes, I do have celiac disease. It was such a relief, It meant that I could at last do somethig to get better. The first three months have been a bit of a rollercoaster for me. The first 2 weeks I felt so high, unable to sleep, and then I had my first chrash. I ate gluten free oats.(I now know this is not recommended) The next 8 weeks saw me accidently gluteing myself regularly.due to not reading lables. I discovered that Milk is evil, and codex wheat is the work of the devil. The past 3 weeks or so, I have been on a more even keel. I have had no more accidental glutenings. I am still tired as I have anaeia,amd other vit/mineral deficiencies. My GI tract is still doing the fandango more often than I would like, but the terrible brainfog is starting to lift, and my indigestion and aches and pains are better.. At the moment, I am keeping glute free taking multivits.minerals, extra calcium/vitd3 and iron/vitc. I also take slippery elm and aloe vera. I am thinking of adding probiotics. I am also thinking of going on a juice fast like in tne movie Fat,Sick and nearly Dead. Any comments or suggestions as to i.mproving my lifestyle would be appreciated. Thanks.