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  1. Dapsone will destroy the blood. I have the same effects as you and need 100mg of dapsone daily to control my DH . after seven years of dapsone my rbc is low, my hemoglobin is low, my blood platelets are low.dapsone is a powerful drug and if you are having relations to it ... Stop the medication.
  2. I was diagnosed with DH seven years ago. I have taken dapsone since. All of my skin issues are healed while increasing my dosage to 100mg. Any Lower dosage does not work. Topical dapsone does not work. I am now having severe blood problems. I knew of the side effects. I now have low blood platelets, low rbc count, low hemoglobin . Dapsone is a powerful drug and has zapped my energy. Is there a substitute drug for dapsone. Following a GLUTTEN free diet with my work schedule is virtually impossible.