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  1. Okay, so I have been gluten free for several years. I was the first to need to in my family. Shortly after my first blood test which did come back negative, while my electrolytes were badly falling amid a host of symptoms including digestive, it was recommended to me to try a gluten free diet (by a nurse practitioner whose daughter had diagnosed celiac, and who recognized the symptoms), and so I stopped short of getting an actual Celiac diagnosis. Though, later, another member of my family on my dad's side did get an official one, and I have another relative who I suspect would, if she would get tested. So probably, it is very likely that I actually do have Celiac and had a false negative. Anyway, for these years, I would have these random days that I might get once every few months, where I had energy the whole day, and my brain was just "on" and I could never find the missing link. And then, also, along the way, I discovered that I would get occasionally really depressed, and for some reason taking a B complex really helped with that. But at this point, I didn't really regularly supplement. I did start regularly supplementing B's and calcium this summer, when I got really bad and extreme energy loss, and that helped. It wasn't those wonderful odd days like I talked about, but I definitely felt "better." And then this fall. I have asthma as well, and I got bronchitis this September. I had to be on a medication that glutened me for several weeks for my breathing. And that is really when it all started. I think I must have sustained more damage in the area that B vitamins are processed, because I would take two ( and I calculated each of the values and made sure I wasn't going to receive a toxic dose by doing so on the off chance that I was absorbing fine) a day, and for a magic hour or two (and on some really lucky days, three) I would be great. Cognitively clear, mood fine and memory good. And then my body would process through the little that I had absorbed and I would crash. My mood would become severely depressed, my cognitive and memory skills would massively decline, I went on like that for weeks (I remember that though my B vitamin levels were barely above the low mark before I went gluten free, that they were and the doctor's didn't think anything needed to be done there, so I didn't think tney would be much help), just trying to supplement enough on my own. But I was basically a useless bawling mop on the floor for most of the hours every day. And then just about three/ or maybe four now, weeks ago, there was this wonderful sign on wall, an advertisement that my gym had put up for B vitamin shots (both b 12 and a b cocktail shot). You can bet everything I hauled mine in to try that. And it was a bloody miracle. For about four-ish days straight, my mood would be perfectly even, my mind really clear, my memory on-target. Now, unfortunately I can only get these shots at certain days and certain times because of when the doctor who does them is actually in. And if I miss the window, I'm back to being the cognitively and memory impaired limp bawling dishrag on the floor, and often when I'm like this, the whites of my eyes have turned a funky greyish yellowy sort of tinge, until, of course, I can get the shots again, and then I am good for several days again. I mean, what is going on here? Does anybody else have any similar experiences?
  2. I really wish that I could help or offer solutions. All I can do is sympathize, as I'm suffering a lot of energy issues and fatigue as well. I hope you find some answers.
  3. I was diagnosed in 2009. The problem I am having, is trying to figure out my lingering energy issues. Most days, I really don't have energy (I am not depressed). A very few days out of the year, the stars will align right (because I can be eating the same things, doing the same amount of activity etc...on many of the days I don't have it), and many days I am so depleted (almost a feeling of a negative energy balance) that between my aching muscles and fatigue, it is extremely difficult to do the things I need to do. Since my diagnosis, I know from my doctor that I do need to continue to supplement magnesium and my b vitamins (2 of the things that went down, leading to my diagnosis). Things I know the energy is not, Thyroid (my levels on the TSH, T3 and FT4 were all smack in the middle) anemia low electrolytes (at least of the main 4 that they test for) mono (I was actually exposed recently by my ex boyfriend) I will say, that my symptoms other than the energy loss, including thinning hair, cold hands and feet, etc.. seem very thyroid like, just apparently, it is not that. Has anybody struggled with this? I am so tired of having to kick my butt every morning to get things done, when on the days that I do have energy, everything is so incredibly effortless. Any advice would be really welcome and appreciated!!!