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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Can anyone answer this...

    Ahhh, that makes sense. Thank you!
  2. I'm curious about something... in a gluten-free person, why would it take several weeks (months) of eating gluten to cause a rise in ttg, yet even a slight amount of gluten causes a physical reaction? What causes that physical reaction? I thought it was the body's immune system reacting to the gluten, but doesn't that imply that auto-antibodies are being produced (i.e., ttg)?
  3. I take the generic made by Zydus and mine is gluten free. Ive been given other generic brands before and always call to check. They have all been gluten free so far. But I would call the company just to be safe. 😊
  4. I was browsing the University of Chicago celiac page, and came across this post. The math doesn't seem right to me. If the ttg test is 97-98% specific, doesn't that mean that out of every 100 people who have elevated ttg, 97-98% do have celiac, and 3-4% do not have celiac? The way they explain it, the specificity would only be 25%, which is definitely not right.
  5. I finally found a phone number and called them. They just confirmed no gluten. I wish medications had to be labeled, it would be so much easier!
  6. I was just switched to a new generic brand of Effexor. My stomach has been bothering me since I started it. So I emailed the company (Zydus Pharmaceuticals) to ask if the product was gluten free. This was their response: Thank you for contacting Zydus Pharmaceuticals. As a matter of company policy, we do not answer medical questions via email. Please find the below link to the Prescribing Information for Zydus' venlafaxine HCl ER capsules. I didn't ask for medical advice, I just want to know if there is gluten in the pill! I'm so frustrated. I looked up the ingredients, but I can't tell if there is gluten here. What do you guys think?
  7. @jean9v Thank you! All good suggestions that I need to try. It can be so difficult at times! I am so furious right now... I just posted on the medication board about how I emailed a drug company to see if my medicine has gluten in it; they replied that they "can't give medical advice"! I didn't ask for medical advice! They sent me to a list of ingredients, but I can't tell if there is gluten in there. Ugh!
  8. @SLLRunner I've thought about counseling, but figure that will give my husband more reason to think this is all in my head. I guess I should give it a try though.
  9. That is so sad! I thought I had it bad, but I was in tears reading your story. It sounds like you are very strong. I hope you continue to improve and feel better. Thank you everyone for your support - it truly lifted me up today.
  10. Hi everyone, I am suffering terribly right now. My husband is totally unsupportive of my diagnosis, which makes it hard both physically (because he's not careful) and emotionally. I have always had GI issues (even as an infant I was sensitive to everything), but 2 and a half years ago I started having more severe problems including pain in my URQ that I had never had and greasy loose stools. My uncle had just been diagnosed with celiac so I suspected maybe it was that. I used an at-home TTG test that was positive and also had a DNA test that was positive for the main celiac gene. That was enough for me, so I gave up gluten and started feeling better, but not completely great. The URQ pain went away and has never come back, but I continued to have loose stools (not watery). But overall I felt better... my headaches went away, my tingly feet got better, and my moods leveled out. Fast forward a year and a half, and I started to get headaches again, so I went to an allergist/immunologist who ran a bunch of tests for autoimmune diseases and allergies. They were all negative but I did react to wheat and other grains on my skin prick test. She also checked my TTG and it was mildly positive even though I had been gluten-free for 18 months. She officially diagnosed me with celiac and said that I must still be getting gluten somewhere -- she referred me to a GI and nutritionist. I didn't go (I'm terrified of getting a biopsy). My problems with my husband started then.... He said she wasn't a "real" Doctor (???) and that he would only believe me if I had a biopsy. I am NOT going back on gluten to have a biopsy! It's been 2.5 years off gluten now, and once in a while I have a reaction. I seem to be sensitive to so many foods that I don't eat much of anything beyond fresh fruits and veggies and grilled chicken. I'm very careful. Well 3 days ago, I decided to have a gluten-free pizza from a local restaurant and yesterday I had a Luna Bar that has oats in it (I think I'm sensitive to oats so I don't eat them). Within 2 hours of eating that bar, I had very loose stools, joint pain, crushing fatigue, and I was SO irritable and emotional. Today my hands and feet are tingly and I have a terrible headache. Sometimes I get so depressed because I feel like I can't eat ANYTHING and not having my husbands support to deal with it is awful. There are days I don't even want to keep living. Today is one of those days. If it wasn't for my kids... My question is, do you guys think I have celiac - positive blood test, positive gene test, family history, positive results with gluten-free diet? If I go to a GI at this point, will he tell me I need to go back on gluten to have a biopsy? I cannot do that.