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  1. Seattle Area Anyone?

    I'm live in Bellevue...just moved here with my DF three weeks ago. I'm not officially gluten-free yet (tried an elimination diet, found some positive results, but waiting until I have Enterolab or similar to go off officially), but I would love to hang out and talk with other Seattle-area gluten-free folk. I have had eczema since I was an infant, IBS since 17 or so, and after I moved to Russia for six months, an explosion of systems, mostly related to pain/cramping/heaviness in legs and arms, breathlessness, bloatedness, and anxiety. Getting an EKG in Moscow....quite the adventure! I also have a family history of GI problems, anemia and infertility. I like the idea of drug-free treatments, so if the tests turn up even suggestive of gluten intolerance...I'm done with it. I'd love to stop by these groups. Thanks for letting us know about them!
  2. I’m a 25-year-old female who’s living in Moscow, Russia, and will living here until January. For the last few weeks I have been suspecting a gluten intolerance. I had eczema as a child. I’ve was diagnosed with IBS when I was 19, noticeably for the stomach cramps and constipation and bloating (I don’t even know what a non-bloated abdomen is like, except in the morning!), though sometimes diarrhea. Four years ago I had a bout of colitis, though it was never determined what caused it. Six weeks of diarrhea and pain, it went away after I changed my diet. Five months ago, I got an outbreak of eczema on my heads and feet (palms are the worst, though its not too bad), and for the last two months, since coming here, I have felt terrible…bouts of diarrhea, stomach pains, joint aches, tiredness, heartburn. The diarrhea and heartburn was first, now subsided some, but now the achiness, nausea, depression, abdominal pain, and eczema are worse. I thought I had everything from traveler’s diarrhea to B12 deficiency to pregnancy. Found out about celiac by Googling all my symptoms. And the veins in my legs have been bluer, more pronounced and spider veins. Common knowledge says that my body should have adjusted to the water, food, etc. in the last two months unless something else was going on. Regarding our diet, we eat more bread and pastries here (so good!) and more sour cream (smetana). Both my little brothers have acid reflux, rosaea in their cheeks, and had eczema as young children. My youngest brother has migraines as a child and was told he couldn’t have artificial sweetners and Cheetos (artificial cheese). Why those foods specifically, I’m not sure. But, I’m here in Russia, and have insurance, but it certainly won’t cover a trip to the allergist! Also, I can’t always read food labels properly, if they even report all the ingredients. Does anyone have any advice? I want to go on a gluten-free diet to test it out, but I’m not sure how accurate I could maintain one.