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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you everyone. I went ahead with the endoscopy today, so now I'll just wait for my biopsy results
  2. Well I didn't suggest an appeal. I said that my insurance wasn't going to cover it. I was originally told that it wouldn't be a problem & I would just have to pay a copay, so now that I found out I will have to cover the full amount I'm just wondering what people would do. I'm torn as to whether I should go through w/it or just take my blood results & vitamin/iron deficiencies & just assume to go gluten free to see what happens.
  3. They said it was because I hadn't reached my deductible for this year yet. I thought an endoscopy would fall under a different category but it doesn't so I'm not sure if contesting it will do any good.
  4. I have an endoscopy scheduled for this Wednesday but was just told that my insurance won't cover it. It's going to set us back probably more than $700 in the end. I'm so completely nervous that I'll spend the money only to get negative biopsy results, which would just frustrate me even more. I already tested positive on the deamiated (sp) gliadin iGa blood test, negative on the others. So I know there's a chance the biopsy could go either way. My question is, what would you do? Just assume you have celiacs, go gluten free & cancel the test, or fork over the money just to know for sure?
  5. Thank you everyone! Yes, I'll definitely be chowing down on gluten before my intestinal check! Now that I look back at my labs, my Ttg levels were very low, in the .7-1 so perhaps I just didn't have much gluten in my system? Either way, I feel more at ease with my blood work and will just try and be patient during this last testing phase.
  6. A week ago my Dr called me in for my blood work results. I was severely low on vitamin D, iron & b12. Plus I had a celiacs blood panel done and I came back positive for only 1 of the 4 tests (the deamiated gliadin iga). So off I went to the specialist to schedule my endoscopy. (Also I should note that I have hypothyroidism and have been dealing with that for almost 20 yrs, I'm 26). Anyways, my normal Dr had me feeling quite confident that I had celiacs, I had all the deficiencies, the other autoimmune disease, most of the physical symptoms, but my specialist Dr left me second guessing if I really do have it just because only 1 of my blood tests came back positive. He seemed to think that unless the ttg tests came back positive, then it probably was a lab error, getting my one positive. I'm doing the endoscopy in a week & I know that will make it official either way, but I'm feeling pretty defeated. I honestly was hoping for an end all "cure" (aka just go gluten free, etc) to my situation, but now I'm convinced my biopsy will come back negative. Anybody else go through this?